Wednesday, October 1, 2008

good bye

I have moved! I am sure by now most of you have gotten my new addy. If I missed you please let me know and I will send you the link.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

so much for saving

So I had a few people ask me to keep everyone posted on my savings is going. Actually it is going good and I thank God for that.

Friday I had to take one of the cats to the vet. That made us $160 lighter. I am just glad that we had the money in our checking account. I guess really watching our spending helped there.

Sunday I went down. I was having so much pain. I swear that I felt like I was having a toddler clawing it's way out of my body.

We get to the e.r. Our poor nurse had such hard time just finding a vein. I guess that hole no fluids and puking up all the fluids that went in did not help much.

Once they got the iv started and got some pain meds injected into me I felt better. I had a ct scan and an ultra sound done.

The conclusion is I have a mass growing on my  uterus that is leaking. My right ovary is 10 cm. It is only suppose to 2 cm.

I was admitted to the hospital Sunday night and I got released Monday night.

I need surgery to remove everything, but I have no insurance. I guess we are the working poor.

I was sent home with some massive pain killer's, two forms of estrogen and some stuff to stop me from vomiting.

Rusty took yesterday and today off. So today we had to go get all of my meds. Thank God I had some money stashed. Those set us back another $122.

So here I sit trying to not be in pain and trying to figure out what my next step is. I filled out all of the paper work to get state aid, but I will not know about for another week.

I need to find a doctor that will accept state aid, and then try to get all of this useless stuff taken out.

On a lighter note, I did tell everyone that while I am in there they can take part of my liver because I can grow another one. I also wanted them to check and see if my is made of stone.

Today while we were out getting my prescription's fill Rusty was such a big help to me. He would walk around to my side of the truck and help me get out. I said you know we can act like a little old couple. You will be walking real slow just trying to hold me up. While I walk all hunched over. Yep that was us today.

I love Rusty. He is so good to me. Rusty sat with me for two day's. He helped me shower, helped me ... well he helped with everything.

I am now on very restricted duty. There will be no heavy lifting for me. No more driving for a while, and no more of not taking care of myself.

My dog, Butter is doing better. I swear  I was going to have to get him something if I did not come soon. He did not eat for two day's and all he did was sit at the door and cry. Now I am home and he finally ate something, but he also will not leave my side and is now sticking even closer to me.

Tonight one of the ladies from the church is bring us some dinner. I am so thankful for that. I don't wait, I know that I do not have the energy to cook and I know Rusty is worn out as well.

Well one of my pain pills is kicking in, so I better go lay down before I fall down.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I am the rock right now

Last night I was standing in the kitchen getting everything ready for dinner. The my phone rings. It is Barry. So I answer it and say "Hey you how is that baby of yours?"

Barry just said "mom"

I could tell by his voice that something was very wrong. Oh my gosh did something happen to that baby?

Well it turn's out that his wife beat the shit out of him and then kicked him out of the house. This is not the first time that she has done this.

Now you may be thinking that Barry is a big bad marine and he let a women hit him. If Barry fought back he would have been the one arrested.

So for now Barry is staying in a hotel room. When I talked to him this morning he said that he was thinking about going up to his parents house in Pa.

If this crap had happened here in California, I would have gone down to base and snatched that baby up and then kick the crap out of her. I swear to you.... don't mess with my marines!

Then Amber called me last night and she was just crying her eyes out.

After I got her to calm down, Amber was able to tell me that her teacher suggested that she drop her English class before she fails it.

Amber has been trying so hard and yet she is still failing this class.

Rusty just said "you know some people are not cut out for college" I know this is true.

I feel for Amber. I struggled all the way through school and I had to work my ass off just to get a c. However I am going to do exactly the opposite of what my parents did..... throw me out.

I am going to just encourage Amber to keep taking college classes. I don't care what she takes. I just want Amber to keep learning.

I hope that by encouraging Amber to keep taking classes that she will find a niche and then I know that she willexcel at it.

My shoulders need to be big today. I have Amber and Barry counting on me.

Today I do no have any major chores. I do have to go get dog food and take Nikki to fill out some more applications. I would love to get my dinning room table cleared off, so that I can start another quilt. I saw this real easy pattern in a quilt book, so I thought I would give it a try.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

grand total

Well the grand total on the quilts that we are donating to the veterans home is 29!

Next year I am going to start my blanket drive earlier and I will reach the goal of 50.

I did take a picture of all the blankets stacked up, but I can't get the darn picture to load. So goes my life with a slow crappy computer.

Right now I am the only one up, except for the kittens that I swear Rusty fed caffeine this morning.

I have super cleaned our bed room, got all of my laundry put away, and bleached out the litter box. Soon I am going to start to wake everyone else up and finish my cleaning.

I have a question for the universe. Why is it that I cleaned out my dresser drawers and get rid of stuff, but I still never have room in my drawers 2 months later? If my clothes are breeding then can't they breed into something new?

Last weekend a Reader Digest article caught my eye. So I bought the magazine. There is an article in there about a family that went on a zero spending diet for 30 day's. They did pay their bill's, and they set aside a certain amount for fresh fruit and vegi's, but once that money was gone it was gone.

The family in the article saved $2,000 a month. I know that I do not waste $2,000 a month, but I did wonder how much I could save if I really tightened down our spending.

The week that Jolynn was here I must have had Starbucks four time. Well heck that is $20 I just wasted. I have since washed out those starbucks cups and I am reusing them for my coffee to go.

I think that this is going to be a very interesting experiment, and I can't wait to see how much I do save.

I also hope to gain some new insight as to how I can reuse what I have. I hope to have to get creative with our food, instead of running to the store to buy one item to finish making a meal.

Ido know that by stretching my mind and by really thinking about every purchase, I know that I will walk away from this experiment a better person.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

glad not to be 19

Last weekend Jolynn and I had the pleasure of meeting a wife of one of the marines. I do use the word pleasure very loosely.

After this gal left Jolynn and I have a very interesting conversation about how to treat your husband. We then continued to laugh and we are both glad that we are not 19 any more.

At 19 I did not know shit about being a wife. At 38 I am still learning, but man my relationship with Rusty is so much better then if we had gotten together at 19.

At 38 I know better then to run  my husband down in front of his peers. At 38 I know better then dress like a tramp when we go out. At 38 I know better then to get drunk and make an ass out of myself.

Now that I am older I know that there are little things that I can do to make my husbands day's a little bit brighter.

I know that by packing Rusty a lunch,.... well, that free's up some time for Rusty.

I know that when my husband is having a bad day hamburger help will make him feel better.

I know that by making sure that his laundry is done and folded for him, that he will be set for his work week.

I know that by sending him a simple e mail to say I love you, well..... that just make his day.

I know that by holding down the fort and taking care of things at home well..... that is one less thing Rusty has to do and worry about.

Jolynn and I have both learned that treating our men like kings will reap us huge rewards.

Our husbands are more attentive to us and they worship the ground that we walk on.

I told Jolynn that it was after our conversation that I realized why Rusty does some of the things that he does. Rusty did not have to rush home and go get my meds and buy me all the food for the brat diet. Amber could have done that.

But instead, Rusty left work early, came home and went and got my meds. Rusty made sure that there would be no penicillin any where near me. Rusty really showed his love for me that day.

Another reason we do not want to be 19 again is because our sex life is great. At 19 you can not paint each other with chocolate body frosting and then laugh because your bodies are stuck together!

I so wish that when I was a young wife that someone would have told me several things to do and not do. However, I have lived and learned and because of that, I think that I am a much better wife.

I better get off here and got rape my husband before he goes to sleep.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Belonephobia is the fear of needles. I have that. I will avoid going to the doctors for fear of seeing a needle much less getting stuck by one. Rusty has to hold me down anytime I have needed a shot. I went through natural child birth so that I could avoid ...... needles. So if you ever hear that I got a tattoo, please know that I am dead. LOL

Nikki is at her first day of classes at her new school. Nikki only has to go once a week, Tuesday's are her school day. I also need to make an appointment, so that we can go register for Nikki for college classes. Next semester I will have two children in college. Now that is a scary thought. However at least I will not have to pay for Nikki to go to college, but I will still have to buy her book's. I am kinda hoping that Nikki and Amber end up in the same classes, at least then they could share a book or something.

Tomorrow is the end of our blanket drive for the veterans home. I am not sure how many we have in total yet, but I know that whatever we have will help out. I will try to get a picture of my stacks of blankets. I will do this again next year, but I think I am going to start earlier and next year I will reach my goal of 50 blankets!

I meet people all the time. Everyone of them leaves an impression on me. Recently I met a veteran that just made me miss my father in law. I was in the fabric department looking at all the fleece and I noticed this older gentlemen sitting on a stool.

My father in law would go material shopping with my mother in law and I. He would just stand there and wait to be summoned to hold material. This older gentlemen had the same look on his face as my father in law would have. I talk to this older gentleman for a few minutes. He had just had surgery on his arm and his wife drug him to wal mart.

I went to get all of material cut and one of the ladies asked me what I was going to do with all this fleece. This older gentlemen grabbed my arm and said "excuse me what did you say you were going to do with those blankets?" I once again explained to him what I was doing. By this time the gentlemen's wife had walked up. It turns out that this guy was a veteran and he said that he had his surgery at the same hospital where we are donating the blankets to.

I asked this gentlemen's wife to write down his his name and address for me. She did. I told Rusty that on the next payday I am going to make this gentlemen a blanket and drop it off on his door step.

Rusty just gave me a grin. It was the grin that said "that's my baby always taking care of everyone else".

Lynn, wanted to know why I surprised that I was a pick by the guest editor. I guess I am just surprised that people would find my life even a little bit interesting. I think my life is dull and very uneventfully. I do know that from time to time I do some crazy stuff, but hey that is life.

One of the marines said that he was going to grill some steaks tonight. That will be nice. That also means that I do not have to cook!

 I do believe that fall is finally arriving here in the so cal. I have been enjoying this cooler weather and I have been getting some flower beds ready for some fall flowers and some bulbs.

I must admit that I do miss fall. Back east all of the leaves change colors and the weather is just so crisp. However I do not miss racking leaves!

Oh well. The rest of my day is calling me, so I better get moving.

Monday, September 22, 2008

ham pineapple and a nap

This past weekend was nice!

For the most part the marines are home. We do have a few stragglers that will be coming home over the next few months.

Jake was the first one to come home. This was the first time that Jakes mom, Jolynn, got to see him come home.

To see Jolynn hug her son was just so special.

Yesterday we had some more marines come home. Chris was the fir marine that I saw. I just ran up to him and hugged him so tight. Then I saw Larry, whose real name is Nikki, anyway, she looked real good. I could not find Leeroy to save my life. So finally i just started walking along all the gear, and then I spotted him with a group of marines. I pushed my way through the marines and gave him a kiss and a hug.

Leeroy told me this morning that when I grabbed him he thought that someone had grabbed the wrong marine. Leeroy confessed that he did not think we would be there. All I could say was that "I told you I would be there."

Yesterday Jolynn and I had a girls day out.... after we welcomed the boys home. We went to the beach and soaked up the sun. We went rock climbing and shell hunting. Then I got Jolynn in the ocean. Jolynn had never swam in the ocean, so it was neat to see her reaction when she finally got in.

Today Jolynn went home and all of the marines are off getting all of their stuff done. I got the living room cleaned up and got the carpets cleaned in there. I have two roast in the crock pot, and so much more left to do today.

I am sitting here eating a slice of ham and pineapple pizza wishing I could take a nap. I am so worn out.

Oh Barry's wife finally had the baby! They are now the proud parents a HEALTHY baby boy! I am so happy for them. Barry is so happy to be a dad and it is so funny to hear him talk about his new baby. I know that Barry is going to be a great daddy.

Amber got her first tattoo over the weekend. amber got a turtle on her foot. The turtle is for her grandfather. My dad use to call Amber the turtle and she is just so proud of her turtle. I must admit that I do like the tattoo.

Thank you Linda for picking me as an a editors pick! I was so shocked that anyone would pick me.

Well, I still have a million things to get done today. On the top of my list is doing some stuff for Rusty. Over this past weekend Rusty and I have really been moving in different directions. Today I want to make sure that all of his laundry is done, and I am even going to make Rusty some homemade bread. I love my husband.