Wednesday, February 28, 2007

what should I do?

A few years ago Rusty told me that if I wanted any more cats that they would have to match. Well where am I suppose to find another long hair grey persian? So I found a black cat instead. Well now I am feeling a little lonely, so I have been looking at the local animal shelters web sights and none of them have any solid black cats! What's up with that?

I can't believe how lonely I am with out Rusty here. I know, I know, I am a former military wife and I should be use to Rusty being gone, but this is different. I have gotten spoiled and when Rusty told me that he would never leave me again I believed him. I am not saying that Rusty broke a promise, I just so want him to come home.

I have a little surprise for Rusty when he comes home tomorrow. I am going to put a single piece of chocolate. Tonight I am going to wash his blanket so that it will be nice and fresh for him. I have already done a major scrub down and clean out of our room. I am thinking about going to the mall and buying him some new sock and just replacing all of his old ones. I know that he will not know for a few days, but I think he will be surprise that I would do that for him.

All of the children will be out of the house tonight, so I am going to open all the windows and get the floors mopped. I think we need some fresh air in the house.

I got a booklet from our bank about on line bill paying. I am going to go to the web sight and check it out. We know some people who have done it, so I am thinking that we should give it a try.

Tomorrow afternoon I have a job interview. Trust me it is nothing great, it for a house keeper. Rusty just looked at me funny when I told him about it. The pay is good and they are paying cash so there will be no taxes taken out and it is only one day a week. If nothing else it will get me out of the house for a while.

I do need to go get Rusty's blanket in the wash, and I am going to keep looking for another black cat. Yes, I am turning into the crazy cat lady!

the joys of living with our children

I need to remind myself that children are a blessing. My children actually made me laugh and cry and yesterday. They were tears of joy!

After Oprahs show yesterday she had a commercial that asked what is your wildest dream. So Nikki and I went to the web page and I told Oprah my wildest dream....well one of them, then Nikki came back and tweaked it for me. She put me tears when she was done. So I told Oprah that my wildest dream would be to have this house paid off so that I can be certain that Ryan will always have a place to live when we die.

My other wildest dream, which I did not mention was to go to Ireland. I am only second generation U.S. citizen. I want to fly to the county of Cork and stand there and know that my grandmother once stood there. Then I want to fly to New York and go to Ellis Island. It was there that my grandparents were rejected. I want to stand on Ellis Island and look in on America and just wonder what it must have felt like to be so close and then be rejected. From New York I want to fly to Sue St.Marie Canada. That is where my grandparents ended up. It was not until many years later that my grandparent came to America. They were never even U.S. citizen.

Amber decided that Ryan needs a new hair style. I am trying to grow Ryans hair out because I think it would cool in a pony tail! Anyway, so after Ryan gets out of the shower Amber snags him up and starts blow drying his hair! Amber turned him to Ringo from the beatles. I must admit that he looked very handsome, but I also had to laugh.

I do believe that if you only have one child that you do not get the full scope of being a parent. Example. I was looking for batteries for my camera, and yet NO ONE knows what happened to them. If you only have one child you know who took them. If you only have one child you know who ate the ice cream for breakfast. If you only have one child you know who put the laundry in the wash and left it there for you to finish! The joys of arguing with my children. OH and yes this stuff did happen this morning.

Rusty is off for an over night trip. So he will be back at some point tomorrow night. So tonight we are going to have hamburgers ( cooked on the foremen) and potatoes. O.K. the children are having that. I will juice of up some vegi's and fruit. The shark and floats were a big hit last night.

I so wish that I had something more exciting to report, but I do not. I am going to take this slow day and enjoy it, because I know that I will have some crazy bays coming up.

I want to know where they got those out fits! I so could see myself wearing one of them.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

rain drop are hitting the roof

Rain drops are dripping on the kitchen floor. You could say life is like this storm. Sometimes it goes from bad to worse, but at least I've got a mop to clean up the dirt. This is where I say hallelujah, bang the drum , make a joyful noise, This is I halleluja 'cause I still aint berried in the cold hard ground.

I do not know who sings that song, but it popped in to my head when I wanted to start bitching about the roof in the sun room leaking. I guess there is no sense in complaining. Rusty said this summer we will have a working party. We need to tear the roof and replace it. I am just glad that it is only the sun room that leaks!

Oh well, it is raining here, and I could complain but we do need the rain so bring it on!

Marti asked me if Kailey lived with my mom. Kailey is now 11. For the first two years of her life she did live with my parents. Then her mom started keeping her two days a week. Now that she is in school, my mom only has four days a week. Then once summer comes it will be back to five days a week. Kailey has her own room and everything that she needs at my moms house.

Amber and I were talking about trip to Europe. Amber informed me that we can make the payments on line, and all we have to do is put it on our credit card. I asked her if she had a credit card, and she said no. well then you need to go to the store and get a money order and mail your payment in!

I missed Rusty last night. He did not get home until 9p.m. Tonight is going to be another late night for him, so I think I am going to do something special for the children. The children and I love fish, so I am going to cook up some shark, and I think I am going to make root beer floats. Yum.

I do not have that much planned for today. My day will be decided by the weather. If it were not so cold here I would go out and play in the rain, but it is to cold for that and the last thing I need is to sick again.

I think the girls are going to go play paint ball on Saturday, so I am trying to convince Rusty that we should go get a fishing permit and take Ryan fishing down on the pier. I have never fished in the ocean, so it could be kinds fun. Who knows maybe I could catch some more good fish.

When I was little my dad would take us fishing. I did not really enjoy it, because he would make us get up at the crack of dawn and we would freeze our asses off, only to catch some blue gills that were not even big enough to keep. LOL Rusty said that he can't remember his dad ever taking him fishing, so this will be a good opportunity for him and Ryan to make some memories.

Well the house needs to be cleaned up and there are some errands to run, so I better get my but in gear.

Monday, February 26, 2007


I just got an email from my mom and she wants the children to come out in July. Fine whatever. I said that I would not keep the children from their grandmother, and she did offer to pay for half of the tickets.

With that said. I told Amber that she needs to do some thinking.

1. If she goes to Chicago will her job there when she gets back.

2. She must still pay her phone bill every month..... even if she is on vacation.

3. She still has to raise $250 a month to go for her trip to Europe.

4. She will be driving by then and she will have to start paying for her own insurance. We are thinking it is going to be about $75 a month.

So now Amber has some choices to make, and Amber is asking me some questions that I can't and/or should not have to answer. Some of her questions are:

1. Why is it that when we go to visit gran that we have to be around Kailey (niece from hell) all the time.

2. Gran spends everyday with Kailey, so why can't she come out here for a visit.

3. Why is it that when we do go out for a visit that we can't spend any alone time with Gran because Kailey is always there.

4. Why is it that if we want to something but kailey does not then we don't do it?

I COULD answer these questions but I don't think my truthful answers would help. What am I suppose to say? "Well Amber you grandmother chose Kailey over every other grandchild. I do not know why, but she did. Even if the rest of the family is hurting or in need she can't be bothered because Kailey will always come first." I KNOW that comment would not get me any where and I KNOW that negative statement will only run down the image that my children have of their grandmother.

I do feel for Amber because she sees everything that goes on and she knows that she will always come after Kailey and yet she is chasing the love of a grandparent. Amber is chasing a love that I know does not exist.

Here are the choices that I left Amber with:

1. save every penny that you make so that your bills will be covered for July.

2. Don't go.

I also told Amber that I WILL HELP her chase her dreams, but I am not going to do all the work.

So we will see I guess. growing up sucks sometimes.

the table

Several years ago My in laws moved in with us. My father in law and I were two peas in a pod. We even shared the same sign... we were both Gemini. My father in law hated our dining room table. We had an old table that had four chair and we had a family of five. The table did have a few leaves so, I really liked the table. My father in law hated our table and he told me that when he died that I was getting his table and chairs. I told him no thank you that my second hand table was just fine.

Little did I know that he would die just a few months later, and that my mother law was going to give me the table. This table is nice but I do have some issues with it. First of all it has a glass top that sits over this nice wood. I hate cleaning glass, but if we did not have the glass then the wood would be ruined. Second of all this table is huge, and takes up a lot of room.

I usually just throw a table cloth over the table and I don't like for people to eat at it. I do use it for sewing, and it works great to fold laundry on.

Then last night happened. I was in the process of cooking dinner when one of the children said lets eat at the table. So I said fine set the table. So we squeezed nine people in around this table. We actually looked like a normal family. Everyone sitting down, and passing food. For a moment I could not believe that this was my family. Then one of the guys said "I have not sat down with a family and ate dinner sine 05". That was all I needed to hear.

I gave this marine a little piece of home. I must admit that it was nice. Then Rusty leans over and says to me " just think you did not want this table" I will never again look at this table the same way.

Life is funny with all of its twist and turns. For years I have hated the table and now I know that a simple table and chairs came bring joy to people.

Yesterday was cold and it rained so for a little while so Rusty and I locked our selves in our bedroom and had some alone adult time. I am so glad that we were able to do that. I needed to feel his love for me. I know that he loves me, but we have just been going in so many different directions.

Last night after we went to bed Rusty woke up and he decided to get up.He came over to my side of the bed and gave me a kiss. It woke me up so I asked him what was wrong. Rusty said that nothing was wrong and told me to go back to sleep. I found out that Rusty always kisses me when I am sleeping! Rusty is so good to me. Love comes in small packages. A simple kiss says a lot.

A while back I mentioned that our neighbor was coming over to do her laundry, and that we had given her a washer in the past. Well last week they asked if they could do a few loads of laundry. I called the lady and told her that we had a washer that we were going to sell at the yard sale and that if she want to she could buy it for $30 before the yard sale. Neither her nor husband wanted to even come look at it! Then after the yard sale was over they called and asked if we had sold it. I told them that we did. she sounded disappointed. What? Did she expect us to give it to them? I think not!

Well today was suppose to be my day off, but I am going to go do some running around. So I better get busy.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I am looking forward to today.

  I am so looking forward to today! This evening we will have some more friends over for dinner. I am doing anything fancy, just spaghetti and garlic bread. I just so love feeding and entertaining our boys in uniform!

Amber is out watching her boyfriend play paint ball. I was kidding her this morning and told her that she was the trophy girlfriend. Amber is so not into getting shot, and she does not like to be dirty! On another note, Amber had decided not to get her nails done any more. She said that was $30 a month that she could find a better use for. Well at lest she is thinking.

Today Rusty and I are going to go pick up some stuff for Nikki yard sale. I am telling you guys I am so sick of driving around and picking all of this stuff up. However, I know that by doing these things I am helping my children reach for their dreams and I need to keep my eye on that.

Ray called us last night and he finally got on the road. I am so happy for him, but sad for us. That is o.k. I know that he will be back, or that I will go out there. True friends never leave us, and I will never forget the memories that we have made with them.

Today I am going to try to get this house in order. Go pick up some stuff for Nikki, and cook dinner. Tomorrow while the children at school I will rest.

I was talking to Rusty yesterday, and he will be gone all week, so it is just the children and I for next week. That is cool. Those are the night when we cereal and do whatever we want.

So for now, I am going to go take a shower and get my day started.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

nap time.

  My long week is over! Ray is on his way to Iowa to be with his wife and children and Amber is done with her yard sale!

Amber did good considering that she only had one day to sell the stuff. She raised $179! I am so proud of her. She raised about $20 more then she needed so we will the extra money toword her next payment. I am so proud of her for getting out there and working for this trip.

Ray ended up spending the night last night so it was good to get to spend a little more time with him. I talked to his triplets this morning and they want me to mail myself out there! I miss those little shits already!

The house is once again a mess, but I just cannot care right now. My body is so worn out! I have not even gotten dressed yet, but I think I am going to go take a shower and put on some fresh jammies and go take a nap. Rest...... it does the body good!

I am going to try to spend some time with Rusty tonight and tomorrow. His boss is coming in from Va., so I will not see him all week. Rusty and his boss will be "entertaining" people and then they are going to Yuma Arizona. So I can kiss next week good bye. That is o.k. I knew it was coming.

I do hope that everyone has a great day! I am off to a bath and then a nap.

Friday, February 23, 2007

no body knows

 I would like to know who was the first person to say " no one knows what momma does until mom don't do it!"

So I got up this morning, and put a chicken in the oven. Then I started looking around the house. Here is what I saw.

clean laundry still in the baskets just stacked on top of each....... I guess no one knows how to fold laundry?

I crate that one of our friends in Iraq sent home. It is still sitting by the front door......I guess no one has tripped over it yet, so why move it?

clean dishes in the dish washer, and dirty dishes in the sink........should I expect my children to put away the clean dishes.... oh perish the thought.

The dogs were out of water..... I guess the dogs chasing the water bowl around the house was a clue to no one.

The children's bathroom had no wash clothes, no towels, and no toilet paper........I do not even want to know!

I am slowly getting some of the things done around here. I am just taking it one task at time and trying not to look at the big picture!

Ray called and said that he would be over in a few hours. So I should get by body moving tword a shower. I am telling you that I hurt all over. My arms, my back, my legs, and even where I broke my tail bone! That is cool, because I know that he would do it for us.

The weather has changed, so I think I am going to let Amber have her yard sale tomorrow. We need to get some of that stuff out of the garage because another lady said she had some stuff for us. The lady actually said that all of here stuff would not even fit into two pick up trucks!

I do hope that everyone has a great Friday!

these are not our cats but the sound just like them!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

so sorry

     I feel just like this cat. I think I could sleep forever right now!

I am sorry for not commenting, but I have not had time to do much of anything! I was up at 6, gone by 7 and came home at 9.

I did get to spend a little bit of time with Rusty tonight. Ray took us out to dinner and then he kept the truck I was driving. So I got to ride home with Rusty. It was nice to just sit next to him.

I have so missed Rusty this week. i know that sounds strange, but we really have not had anytime to just talk, so tonight was great.

Tonight we talked about death. I know not a topic most people would pick. For what ever reason we were not talking, and I told Rusty that I really miss my dad and that not a day goes by that I do not think of him. I asked Rusty if it will get easier, and he assured me that it does get easier. I don't know, there are days that I just want to cry, but I just keep moving on.

Rusty told me that he still has days that he often things of his parents. He said that there are times that he wishes he could talk to his dad. I so know what he means. What do you do when your parents die? Rusty's parents were not old and neither was my dad. Both of us lost our parents when we still needed them.

On to another subject. I got the medical bill from the hospital today. It was around $880! I about fell over. I told rusty that I think I am going to just start ordering drugs from Mexico and just keeping them on hand! it would be so much cheaper that way.

We are not going to have Ambers yard sale tomorrow since we are expecting rain all weekend. So we will try it next weekend. Amber thought that was cool, and said that we might even get some more donation between now and then. That is my girl! I am glad that she put a positive spin on it.

I just found out that one of our friends got orders and will be leaving in two weeks. I am sad to see her go, but this a great move for her career. Our friend Wendy will be the command master chief of Navel Hospital Bethesda. this is a big step in her career, and for that reason I am very proud of her.

My goal for tomorrow is to try to catch up on my journals. I am going to cook dinner in the morning, and then at some point tomorrow Ray will be bringing the truck back, and I will have to follow him back to the place that is doing his brakes. So the morning is mine, and I choose to spend the time doing things for my family.

Well I need to take a shower, and then I am going to bed. I do hope that everyone has a great Friday.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

hey cinderella!

Well I did it! I joined my two teenagers together. They actually pulled together and got the kitchen scrubbed down! I told them that if they ever pull a stunt like they did yesterday that they would get more the just a bitch slap!

I must have done something right, because Amber and her boyfriend went to see Nikki in her play! Oh Nikki is Cinderella in the play. The play is part of a series called "true love waits"

I went back down help Ray again. I just cannot believe how much stuff their is to do! So I am going back tomorrow. The only thing we have left to do tomorrow is clean and go to the dump. The cleaning part should be easy since there is nothing in the house.

I felt a little bad for not being home this week, for not cooking dinner all week, and for not keeping up on the laundry. Then I thought about it. I no longer feel guilty because ray is leaving on Saturday, so I know that I will not see for a while. I will do all the other stuff next week. I would rather spend these last few days with our friend. Even if it is just cleaning.

Today was another first for me. Today I saw the osprey flying. I drove by the air strip and there they were just flying around. I am not into aircraft, but it was cool to see. So I can add that to me list of first for this year! I just tried looking back through my journal because I know at time I had a list going of all the new things I have done so far this , but I can't find it. Oh well, I will just make a list and keep it on the cork board.

Well everyone, I am going to go scrub the tub and then take a shower and go to bed. right now life is crazy, but it is good.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I am so worn out.

Well can you believe that last night Nikki found a dress for the play! Its so amazing what can happen if you just open your mouth and ask people!

So here is how may day went and this is real. I could not make this stuff up!

6:00 alarm goes off must get up and get moving. I need to be out the door by 7.

6:45 Nikki walks in and said that she missed the bus, so I leave a little bit early.

7:15 get to the gas station get gas. I get back in the truck only to find out the battery is dead.

7:20 call Rusty. Rusty is 20 minutes past me, so he turns around to come give a jump.

7:40 Rusty shows up and realizes that someone has stolen his jumper cables, so I found someone with cables and we get a jump.

7:45 I am on the road for a long drive drive down to base. The road I usually take is closed so I now have to drive and extra 45. I don't mind, but I am running behind.

8:30 I finally made it to Ray's house. I got lucky and hit no traffic on the freeway! I was asked to start packing up the food. Not a problem. I got some boxes and just started. I wrote notes on the box's so that the triplets would have fun reading them.

12:30 I was in the master bathroom packing some stuff up when I turned around Rusty was standing there. I about wet my pants. I did not hear him come in so he scared me. I told Rusty to follow me because I had something for Ray. So we go out to the living room and I walked up to Ray and I handed him some birth control pill and said "If Sonja ( his wife) had taken these then you would not need this. (I handed him an empty first response pregnancy test) Then she would not have needed these ( I handed Ray some pre natal vitamin). Rusty then grabbed me and pulled me out of smack range.

1:00 Rusty, Ray and I went to lunch. Ray is so stressed out. He has two days to get his house packed, and loaded before he has to go up to Washington to drop his boat off. Then he will be driving to Iowa to be with his family. The truck needs new brakes and his son is having surgery on Friday.

1:30 Elle calls. I told her about our friends coming home. She tells me that she was hanging out with this guy last night, and then someone knocked on the door. So she answered it. It was this guys girlfriend and she had a gun! Elle high tailed it out of there.

2:00 I have to go to the south side of base to get some stuff for Ambers yard sale.

2:45 get there and get the stuff loaded. I am on my way home.

3:30 I am half way home. Rusty calls me to tell me that he locked his keys in the truck. I told him that I would be down there later. I did not even have a key to Rusty's truck with me.

3:40 Both of the girls start calling me and bitching about the other one. This goes on until I get home.

4:15 I back CJ's truck right up on to the grass. I walk into the house and bitch slap both of the girls for acting like they are 2 years old. I tell Amber to go unload the truck. And I run off to the bathroom.

4:20 I grabbed Rusty's key and head down the hallway. I tell Amber to that she will have to find a ride to work, and I tell Nikki that she will have to find a ride to play practice. I told Amber to take Ryan to our friends house.

4:30 I am back on the road to San Diego! I am thinking about how the girls have been acting and I trying to come up with good punishment for them.

5:00 I call the house and tell Nikki that she and Amber will have to find a time to talk to me about their punishment. Then I have Amber get on the phone and I tell her the same thing.

* here is what I came up for the punishment. The two of them are going to scrub the kitchen from top to bottom. Even the shelves will have to come out of the fridge. I am not letting them off that easy because here is the catch. I am using an ace bandage and I am taping one arm and one leg together. They will have no choice but to be next to each other and they will have to work together since they each will only have one arm. I will be giving them 1 toothbrush to use on the floors. So they will have to work together. I figure they will either kill each other, or they will have to get along and work as a team.*

6:30 I get to Rustys work and I unlock his truck. I go inside and Kevin and his friend Dustin are in the back talking with Rusty. So we all decide to go to the stuff club for dinner. We call Ray and ask him to meet us there.

7:00 we finally get to eat. Kevin mentions that they have no hot water since their boiler broke. So everyone is taking cold showers. Ray asks what his building number is and the boys tell him. Ray tells the boys that he will have it fixed by tomorrow night. It seems that Ray knows someone in base maintenance. The boys are happy.

8:00 I am finally on my way home.

8:45 I am home! There was no traffic so I was able to get in fast lane and just fly! The girls are both in much better moods and Ryan is in bed. I have managed to get one load of laundry done today. I think that is all I have gotten done around here!

I smell like dust and card board. I hurt. I am so wiped out. I am sorry not commenting, but I am just going to go to bed.


Monday, February 19, 2007

I swear I am going to strangle her!

  I am just so frustrated with Nikki right now that I could ring her little neck. I know I went through this with Amber, but I just want to scream!

I was taking Nikki to play practice tonight and here is how the car ride went:

Nikki: I still NEED a dress for the play.

me: I offered you two different dresses to wear.

Nikki: none of them are the right one.

me: then I suggest that you ask the people in your youth group if they have anything that you can wear.

Nikki: I did and they don't

me: I find it hard to believe that in  youth group of over 100 children NO ONE has a dress.

Nikki: you know what just forget it!

Me: cool one less thing for me to worry about.

no talking for a few moments

Me: you mentioned last week that you need new sneakers. You got a $100 gift card for Christmas and you were told to buy new shoes. Where are those shoes?

Nikki: I bought some baby phat shoes, but they hurt my feet

Me: I have some generic cons if your cons are to worn out.

Nikki: I am not wearing them

Me: good. I hope your feet get soaking wet on the way to school.

Nikki got out of the car. I called Rusty and told him what was going on. We both agreed that we cannot wait until next year! Nikki will 16 and she must get a job, and she will be responsible for buying her own clothes and shoes. She will learn.

So for now I need to learn to bite my tongue and then I will be able to sit back and laugh!

Amber as learned this lesson. Amber and I went through the same thing. When Amber first got her job she would blow every penny she had on clothes and then would ask me for money. I told her no, it does not work that way, and you need to learn to budget.

Let me tell you... Now Amber is shopping at yard sales, and those $60 shoes are not so nice and payless shoes cover her feet just as well.

Sorry for the vent.

Tomorrow Iam going down to base to help our friend get ready for the movers to come in. I will also be taking his dog back to him! I know butter is going to miss his play mate.

I found some more stuff for Ambers yard sale, so I hope she does good!

I think I am going to go make some hot cocoa and go fall into bed. Rusty is on his way home, so I will get to see for a few minutes before we fall into bed.

be still

Right now the only sound I can hear is the dryer and my fingers hitting the key pad. Right now I am in a very happy place.

First thing this morning I got a phone call from one of our friends in Iraq. He has his return date! I was so happy to hear that. The boys are coming home. Yes they will be home, here in the safety of our house. I cannot wait to just give everyone a hug. Life is good.

Then I got another phone call from Iraq. This time it was Beth. She had just gotten her return date! Yes, she will be coming home! She will also be here in the safety of our home. I am so jazzed that she is coming home. I have a special shopping trip planned for her. All of us girls are going to take her out and help her shop for some new clothes. Beth so wants to look like a female and not just one of the guys.

Last night everyone was sitting on our bed and on the floor of our bedroom watching the amazing race. Then someone said " you know there is a t.v. in the living room, so why do we have 6 people in here?" Who knows. All I know is that it was fun.

Kevin and his friend Dustin ended up not going snow boarding because they did not want to go buy chains for the truck. So they took all of the children to the mall and then out to the movies.

It is cold and rainy here today, so our surfing idea went out the window! But that is o.k. I do not think that I am even going to get dressed today. I think a day of not getting dressed is a good thing.

Yesterday a lady knocked on our door and asked Amber if she was selling the sofa on the porch. So Amber said yes. The lady gave her $30 for it. Then she asked if she could see what else we were going to put out at the yard sale. The lady ended up buying to more items! Amber made $55 so far and we have not had the yard sale yet! LOL

Well, I am going to go straighten up the house a little bit and then chill out. My butt is hurting today! LOL now everyone needs to get their minds out of the gutter. Several years ago I broke my tail bone, and for some reason it hurts today.

OH! I was helping Amber move the trash cans. I did not put the lid up I just grabbed it and started walking. Well, I slipped, the trash can fell and I ended up doing the splits! Amber and I are laughing so hard! I on the ground in the splits and she is standing over me trying to help me up, but we were laughing to hard. I did finally get up, and said  "well Rusty will be glad that I can still move like that!"

Sunday, February 18, 2007

ying and yang

As many of you know Rusty and I are very different. I am very free, fun loving, hippy, dippy and groovy. Rusty is conservative. With that said....

I was feeling so good yesterday, so Rusty and I went out to dinner. It felt so good to get dressed up and to leave the house without the children! LOL

We went a casino for dinner. Neither of us realized that it was the Chinese new year and Tet. So everything was all decorated up for that. We went and got in line for the buffet. We were both starving by the time we got a table.

Rusty ate: dead cow that was still bleeding, fried chicken, potatoes, pizza and something else that did not even look good.

Then I came back to the table. I had a salad of mixed green, baked fish, sushi, and some California rolls. Then I went back and got some jello, some raw sea weed, and steamed fish. Then I went back and got a brownie, a slice of cheese cake and some fresh fruit.

Rusty is just sitting there so amazed that I am eating so much. it felt so good to eat!

I asked rusty how his dead cow was. He said it was awesome. Then he said to me " how was the dead fish wrapped in over cooked rice and then wrapped in sea weed" I told him that it was awesome and that he should try it. Rusty said that he did not climb to the top of the food chain to eat carrot sticks.

One the way  home Rusty said that he needed gas. I leaned over an the needle was not on e yet. I said "you have enough gas to get home" I was told that e does not stand for enough to get you home! Hmmm I thought it did.

So while Rusty was pumping gas I asked him if he wanted to have sex in the truck, and then I ripped my shirt open. Rusty just stood there and said " I am trying to pump gas" I said " I bet the nozzle will still be there when we are done" He did not see the humor in that. So no sex in the truck.

When we got home we found Kevin and another one of his friends here. It was so nice to see them. I asked them why they were not drinking, I mean after all we have a bottle of absinth that has not been opened yet. The boys said that they could not play paintball drunk.

I am thinking about takingthe children surfing tomorrow. Nikki wants to go snow boarding with Kevin, but that is not in the budget right now.

OH! Someone asked if we live near the ocean. We live about 45 minutes from the ocean, and 1 mile from the lake. So we have the best of both worlds.

Today I took Amber around to pass out some more flyers and to pick up some stuff. She is determined to make enough money for this trip. I am so proud of the girls for going out there and doing what ever they need to do to chase their dreams.

Tonight Rusty requested baked chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans for dinner. So I guess that is what I will be making.

This weekend has been so awesome for us. I just love the nice weather and the time that I am spending with the children.

I better go get dinner started, and maybe attempt to mop the floors. OH we did have sex last night, and it was good sex, it was just in the bed! LOL

But I am glad that we are so different. Rusty keeps me grounded and I keep him guessing!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

yestarday was good.....

Well, yesterday Nikki ended up going out with some friends from her youth group. They went up to Newport beach and did some surfing, and ten made a fire and sat around that forever. I think Nikki got home around mid night. She said that she had a blast, but that she was just wiped out.

Today I took Amber around to drop off her flyers. She had a lot of people say that they would donate their left overs to her. So it looks like she will have a nice size yard sale next weekend.

Rusty and I had a great night last night. We sat in bed, ate pop corn and watched a video. I so enjoy just being him. Tonight Rusty said that he is going to take me out! I do not know where we are going, but anything will be fine as long as we are together.

I am going to go help Amber get all her stuff together. i am just so proud of my children for doing whatever they have to do to make their dreams come true.

Right now life is good, and I am going to savor the moment!

Friday, February 16, 2007

I wanted to warm you up!

This entry is everyone back east that is gripped by cold and snow. I live in the so cal, so I thought I would take some pictures for everyone! I hope these make you feel warm!

This is a picture of the city that I live in. yes, I live near a lake but we do not have lake front property! LOL

The pictures of the beach were taken at san onofre. The beach boys mention this beach in their song surfn usa!

Check out the surfer!

More people hitting the beach!

All; of those little specks in the water are surfers!

I just love this picture. It is such a typical picture of california! We are California dream'n today!

The beach was just packed with sea gulls today!

The flowers are blooming out in front of our house!

I do hope that these pictures warm you guys up some!

I am going to strangle them!

I know that if I do not strangle my teenagers that I will get a reward. But man last night I just want to grab them by their hair and bang their heads together! I am so sick of their yelling and fighting!

I just know it is going to be a long weekend with all of the children home.

Anyway, today I have to head over the mountain and go to a friends house. His movers are coming over today to look at how much stuff he has to move. Our friend is in Iowa, so I told him that I would do it. I think I am going to take Nikki with me. This will cause less fighting between the girls.

Amber has to clean out the garage and get it organized so that we can start getting stuff for her yard sale. I know that she will enlist the help of her boyfriend! LOL I do not really care, as long as the task gets done.

Rusty shocked me yesterday when he came home early. It was nice to spend some extra time with him. This week has been slow for him, since the head quarters for his company is in Va. I guess people on the east coast are not out buying stuff. I am going to take advantage of the this time, because the week after next his big boss is coming in and he will be gone a lot.

I am not sure what to do about Ryan. I have limited him to one hour of t.v. and one hour of video games. The children in the neighborhood are starting to not play with him, because they are noticing that he is "different". I sometimes will walk by his room and see him just laying on his bed staring at the ceiling. Can he be that bored? He has a million toys and other things to do. I do not want him to just vegetate in front of the t.v., but I also do not want him to just stare at the ceiling either! I don't know. No one gave me a hand book when he was born.

I just talked to our friend* we are going to his house today* Anyway he told me to take all of the food out of his freezer and bring it back here. He said I can't move it anyway, so you guys can have it all! Woo Hoo! I am going to do some grocery shopping today! LOL

I better get busy on my day, and I will try not to strangle the children!



Thursday, February 15, 2007

busy day

I actually have been very busy today! I went to the bank, the store, and that was it, but man I have been on the go all day.

I got dinner done. So tonight everyone is having turkey burgers and soup for dinner.

I got the money order for Ambers trip. So she is all kinds of happy! I also made up a flyer for her to pass out. The flyer is for her to take around to yard sale and to ask them for their left over stuff so that she can re sell and make some money.

I got the laundry done. Where does all of the laundry come from?

I started cutting out some material for the baby quilt.

I got our bathroom cleaned.

I am so worn out! I think I am just going to chill for the rest of the night. The children have a 4 day weekend so I will not have to get up early tomorrow! I am happy about that.

I do hope that everyone has a great evening.

things changed

Well last night hubby came home with a dozen chocolate covered strawberries! I so love them. I sat in bed and ate most of them. My son got me a rose bush to replace the one that was killed by the frost! I was happy last night.

I was in such a funk yesterday that I went and took a bath and got right back into my p.j.'s! I did not even leave the house to check the mail! I did however take the time to mend my husbands favorite quilt. I was hoping that he would notice and he did! When crawled into bed he said " you fixed my quilt for me". I said " yes I did! I did not have any cash on me so I could not even buy you a card, so I thought I would do something for you that you would really like"

Today I have to take a shower and leave the house. I do not know why, but I have just not felt like been seeing lately. So I have just been staying home and taking care of my family. I guess there is nothing wrong with that.

I talked to a friend last night and she has a friend that is due soon. So I am going to make another baby blanket. I think every child should sleep under a homemade blanket! LOL Not to mention that I like making them. I will have to make this one extra warm since it will be going to Alaska!

Nikki asked me last night if I would let her stay in Nicaragua for two months. One of the other leaders is going to stay down there as well. I do not have a problem with that, but Rusty brought some stuff to my attention. the youth group is going back to Nicaragua this year because they think that communist will take it back after this election. The elections end in July. I do not have an issue with Nikki being down there, but I do have an issue of getting her home if they close the country down. I will have to do a lot of research on this.

Nikki also said to me last night that I have faith. She told me that I just sign papers and send the girls off whenever they want to go. She said that she knows we do not have the money for this but I do it anyway, just knowing that the money will appear. I guess she is right. I do have faith.

I need to go get into the shower and get my day started. My hip is killing me today, but I took some aleive, so it is time to move on.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

love day

 Well with the exception of Liz in Va. I got nothing for valentines day. We usually do something as family, such as go out to dinner. This year, all of the children are going out with their friends. And I got nothing.

I did not get a homemade heart, No one even said happy valentines day to me. Can you say NOTHING!

To be fair Rusty did say happy valentines day after I said it to him. Since Rusty will not be home until around 7 he said that we could go out this weekend.


So to drown my sorrows I made myself some homemade mac and cheese. Good old comfort food!

On to another subject. Did antone see Oprah yesterday when she was talking about actupuncture? I really need to get busy and find a good person to do mine.

I got two quilts finished yesterday. It was the first time I had ever made an all silk blanket. That material is very hard to sew, but I think they turned out good. I am going to send the baby blanket to a gal I know who is having a hard time right now and should be having her baby anytime.

Amber was talking with the teacher who is in charge of the trip to Europe and he asked Amber how she planned on raising the money. When she told him that we were going to do yard sales, he offered her a whole house of stuff to sell. His mother passed away and he is willing to donate everything to her!

I know that the money will be made for both of their trips. I just have that faith.

I do not have to much planned for today. I need to go to the bank and that is about all I have to do. I should go by the store and get something to make for dinner, but I think I am going to let everyone just eat soup.

Oh MY. I turned on the weather channel yesterday and saw that most of the country is getting hammered! I kept reading in everyones journals that the storms were coming, so I had to check it out. If you are getting hammered  then I hope that you guys are safe.

I should go get some work done, and maybe take a shower, oh heck I think I will have another cup of coffee instead.

I just got a nasty e mail from Ryans teacher. O.K. listen here Bitch I have a life and I am just so sorry if Ryans homework did not get done last night. He has to have it all done by friday, so why does it matter when we do it as long as it gets done. I am so sorry that you are a looser and have no life. Maybe if you would go get a life, and loosen up, then maybe your stick would fall out and you would feel better about yourself. Since you are paid to educate my child, I would suggest that you stick to educating him and actually worry when his home work is late! I hope that you have a great valentines day and that the children remember to hide all of their candy from you. You umpa lumpa.

O.K. I am done venting about her. I am just going to ignore her and hope that she goes away.

My spell check is not working, so I misspelled a lot of words.....sorry.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

bright side

No more gloom and doom today! I would like to say a big thank you to everyone for letting cry on your shoulders and then giving me words of encouragement.

Yesterday must have been shock Amber day and I did not know it! First off we all, yesterday morning we all left in such a hurry that we forgot to tell Amber. She called me and said " where is everyone? I went to get dressed and came back out and everyone was gone!" I am laughing about it now, but I so forgot my daughter! LOL

Then when Amber and Sam ( ambers boyfriend) got back to the house. Sam says to me "Mrs Kelli that sweater looks like a toilet seat cover!" I thought Amber was going to fall over. I still cannot believe that her boyfriend said that about my sweater!

After Amber got home from work Amber say " Mom, I want to go to Europe for 17 day's and the trip is next March" I said "Give me the paper" and I signed it and handed it back to her. Amber about fell out of her chair. She said " that was easy" I said " I will pay for half".

So it looks like Amber will be going to London, France and Italy next year. Good for her. I think children should travel the world.

I told the girls this morning that it looks like we will be having yard sales all year long to fund their trips. they both said fine and that they do not care. I am glad that I have taught them that if they want something that they can have it as long as they are willing to work for it. I am so proud of them for being willing to work for the things that they want.

I am not sure what I am going to do today. I need to go see if I can find some yellow flannel. I made a blue and pink baby quilt yesterday and I need another neutral color to trim it in. I just cannot seem to get up the energy to go anywhere! LOL

It seems like all of j land is having bad weather. So I went and turned on the weather channel and everyone is getting hit with something. I am just glad that we are not getting any snow.

Here is a list of five things that I am grateful for right now

1. the sun is shining

2. the phone is not ringing

3. I do not have any laundry to do

4. I am grateful for the opportunity to help my children achieve their dreams

5. I am grateful for a husband who loves me no matter what.