Saturday, April 29, 2006

fun day

We took Nikki and two of her friends out to race cars today! O.k. we also took everyone else in the family.

Anyway they had a great time. While we were waiting for the races to start I asked Rusty to play a game of air hockey with me. Rusty just looked at me real strange. Can you believe that he had never played air hockey before?

Anyway, I talked to my mom today and my dad is back in the hospital. He has some blood clot so they are giving him some blood thinners. The problem is, is that if one of the clot breaks free then it will kill him.

My dad is ready to die and he wants all of this to be over. I am at peace with everything.

I am going to go ride my bike.

I hope everyone has a great day!

Friday, April 28, 2006

can I scream?


My boss did call and say that he was sorry. However the rest of my day has sucked! I swear all I want to do is cry!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I lost it


I really need to remember that I am a hippy and that I need to go to my happy place. However right now I cannot find it!

Work started out bad, but then it went really good for a while. My boss was not there so I called him with a few questions, and he told me to just set the work aside. Then HOURS later this chick is raising hell because her work is not done!

I came out of my cave and tried to explain to my boss that this was the gal who we had spoke about on the phone. Then this gal tells me not to yell at her?! I yelled back " I am not talking to you bitch, I am talking to my boss"

I turned to leave the room when someone else said something to me and told him to back off before I kicked the shit out of him.

The the bitch tries to pull a fast one thinking that her work will not cross my desk! Then I called my boss in and showed him the huge mess she had made of her work. I looked at my co worker and said "I am sorry but I am leaving" Then I looked at my boss and and said " I did what you told me to do. Now she is pulling this crap and you did not even back me up. I am out of here. I will see you on Sunday."


So I think I am going to go make some hot tea and smoke a few smokes and then try to get some sleep. Tomorrow is another day, and it will be better!



Now if this picture does not brighten up your Thursday then nothing will!

I just finished working out and I am thinking about going for a bike ride before I head off to work.

There is not to much right now, so I hope that everyone has a great day!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

home alone

Everyone is gone and I have a few moments to myself. I made some vitamin c tea, so now I can kick back.

Our dog butter has these spots that we can not get rid of. Even the vet does not know what to do. So his hair just falls out in patches. I went to the natural store to see what they had to offer, and one of the workers told me to put butter on a raw meat diet.

Let me tell you what a raw meat diet is. That is where you give your pet raw meat and vegi's. So now I have to give butter any raw meat and yes I have even chopped up vegi's for him. The things I do for our pets! lol

Well the baby came by c section. Mom and baby are doing so good! I am so excited that I get to play grandma. I will love on him and spoil him and then send him home! Oh the babies name is Jack.

I have been working a lot, so I have let the house go, but tonight was my night to swoop through it and get all caught up!

my mom asked me not to buy their tickets yet. It seems that my has not been feeling well and she thinks the cancer is spreading more. So I am not sure what is going on there.

Well I am going to go watch the amazing race and do some knitting.

Oh I almost forgot. One of the things I wanted to do this year was more random acts of kindness. So after a really bad day at work, I went out and did something nice for someone else, and that made me feel better!


Monday, April 24, 2006


Well I am back from Vegas and we had a blast! Here is a short list of things that I have learned.

1. When you are driving to Vegas and it is 85 degrees out side, and you leave an unopened can of soda in the sun.... and then your husband slams on the breaks, and the can hits the window. Well yes it will explode.

2. Just because a town has the worlds biggest thermometer, does not mean that your husband wants to stop to see it.

3. Someone must have done this! In the hotel room, up on the ceiling there were some sprinkles. Well right next to the sprinkles was a stickers that said we are not suppose to hang hangers on the sprinkles. How tall was that man?!

I am sooo happy to be home. I did actually miss everyone, right down to the critters. I just do not like being away from everyone.


To everyone out there who knows Jason and Jacinda.... well today is the big day! They are inducing labor today and that means that this will be my first "grandchild"!

Out of all the marines I have adopted I never expected Jason to be the first to have a baby.

I wish them all the best and I cannot wait to hold the baby! I will let everyone know the stats when I get them!

Friday, April 21, 2006

still here


The past few days have been busy here. I am mostly in shock because in the last two weeks I have gotten a total of $1,700 in back child support! I am glad to see that the government has finally caught up with that sperm donor.

I got off work early today, and man I am so happy for that! We are leaving for Vegas in the morning!

That is right just Rusty and I alone in sin city. That's really all I can say on that since what happens in Vegas has to stay in Vegas! LOL

I think I have all of the bugs worked out and my parents will be coming for a visit soon!

When I spoke to my mom a few days ago, she suggest that we rent an r.v. and drive to Chicago! After I stopped laughing I asked her if they were ready for the trip. I know she wants us to come back there because my sister is putting pressure on her.

Just think of it.... my sister will have to care for her own child for 5 whole day's! I want our children to have time with my dad with out the interference of hell child! ( she does have a name, but I cannot be bothered to learn it)

All is good here. Life is good.

The house is trashed, but a friend in town visiting.

The laundry is not done, but it will never all be done.

The yard needs to mowed, but that is why we hire people.

I guess for every bad thing there is a bright side!

OH! I almost forgot. Rusty found this place in Vegas where I can shoot a real machine gun! How cool is that! Me shooting a real machine gun! I will have to have Rusty take a picture.

Well, good night everyone and I will chat with everyone after Vegas!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I love this song! Check it out!!!!!!!

still standing

Well we made it through Easter without any problems. I cooked a ham and all of the fixings. I must say that it was good.

I was looking at the price of tickets, so that I can bring my parents out and I found a great deal. When I called my mom to confirm the dates she suddenly remembered that my dad is on oxygen! Well you cannot take oxygen on the airplane! So now my mom is trying to get my dad a different type of tank or is going to see if we can pick a tank up here for him to use. We also were informed that he will need a wheelchair. That was an easy one. We know someone with a wheel chair, so they will not have to pack his. One of these days my dad is going to have a perfect body again.

I had to work tonight and all I can say about that is.... well I am glad that it is almost over.

Our friend from Italy will be in on Wednesday and I can't wait to see him! I am so glad that he will be stationed down at point loma! That means that we can spend more time with him. I am also glad because he is one of Rustys true friends. He has stood by Rusty, even when his own brother could not be bothered to care.

I should get some shut eye.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Well Easter is here and all I have done is think about what I am going to get for children. I think I am going to get the girls a gift card to the movies and then give Ryan a children's Bible.

I am not answering my phone this weekend. I so do not want to be called into work! We are closed on Sunday, so at least I will be able to be with my family.

Nikki's birthday is next Saturday and I just now got her blanket and throw pillows done. I must admit that they turned out really cute.

Ryan is not feeling good at all. All he has done today is lay around. His mouth is covered in fever blisters, yet he has no fever! We gave him some medicine that is suppose to break up the chest congestion. I hope it works. My poor little guy looks so sad.

Nikki is will be tonight! I am so excited. I really hope that she had a good time. I am so happy that it did not rain this week since the children were sleeping in tents!

I am going to go dig into my material pile and see if I can throw together a baby quilt!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I made it !

I am not sure how I did it, but I managed to get through yesterday. The girls are doing much better, and they were actually up and moving around last night.

Rusty is not bouncing back as fast. But at least he is now sleeping for more then 20 min. at a time and his fever broke. I am just hoping that he will be feeling much better today.

Yesterday I went to wal mart to get some stuff and I picked up this tea that has a mega dose of vitamin c in it. So I am sucking that down in hopes of not catching what ever it is that is going around.

I was up bright and early this morning, since Nikki had to be at school by 5 a.m.! Nikki is in the science club and they are going up to catalina for a few days. I am just so glad that she is feeling well enough to go!

So anyway, I have started spraying all of the furniture with a spay disinfectant, and I have start washing the mound of blankets and soiled laundry. Man, I will be so bummed if I get sick!

I am going to go. I have so much to do around here, and I will need to get Amber up soon. Oh! to add to my crappie day yesterday, my hamster died!

Here is what Nikki will be doing.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


So the last two day's have been so busy for me. I worked an ass load of hours and I took today off. Then about 4:30 this morning I heard someone throwing up. Keep in mind I had only been in bed for an hour! Anyway I could tell where the sound was coming from....hmmmm.... it was coming from both bathrooms! The girls and Rusty are all sick and throwing up!

So here I sit with almost no sleep and wondering what to do. Both of the bathrooms need to be cleaned. There are stacks of dirty clothes, and a messy kitchen to clean up. I am so worn out and I do not have the energy to do any of this stuff!

I was suppose to go work some today, but I do not see that happening. I am picking up some extra hours, since this month we have, Easter, Nikki's birthday and we are buying the tickets for my parents to come out.

Anyway, I need to get started on something.

Sunday, April 9, 2006

to cool


So last night I went with Rusty to this vfw meeting. It was a dinner for the new incoming officers! Which means our year is almost over! LOL

Anyway, there was a local native American tribe there who was doing a blessing of the people, and cleaning the spirits around people.

I do have native American ( Indian) blood in me, but I have never done this before. So went and got cleansed! It was really cool. They burn sage and do these chants. The chants are really cool. First they put the burning sage and feathers by your head to clean the evil spirits so that you cannot think evil thoughts. Then they put the stuff by your eyes so that you see no evil and that you only see the good. Then they put it over your mouth so that you only speak good and not evil. Anyway it was just really interesting. I guess that is one more thing I can add to the list of new things I have tried.

So one the way up to this meeting I asked Rusty what they were serving for dinner. He said well it will most likely be chicken.

Then we sit down to eat and they bring out this big chunk of prim rib that was so rare I could do c.p.r. on it! So Here I sit. I am looking at this plate of food. O.K. I hate meat, so eating the prim rib is out. Oh look there is corn! No I can not eat that since the blood from the meet is all in the corn. Oh look there is a baked potato... that's right I hate potatoes! However the roll was good.

today I am going to go to work. I am so counting down the days until I am done with work.

Our son Ryan has issues. No big deal there. However I often get sick and tired of trying to figure out what is wrong when he is crying. So I wake up last night and I hear a child crying. So I wake Rusty up and tell him that Ryan is crying. Rusty goes in to Ryans room and Ryan tells Rusty that nothing is wrong. So Rusty comes back to bed. Then about a 1/2 hour later this happens again! Ryan once again says nothing is wrong. Now Rusty is getting pissed. So the next time Rusty just tells Ryan that he needs to stop his damn crying and do something!

I just laid in bed and laughed. I use to be the one to get up and deal with all of this, but I was told that I need to have patience and control. HMMMM.... I guess it is harder then Rusty thought!

I need to go get ready for work.


Friday, April 7, 2006

I must laugh


Well, I have been here in a few day's. So let me see what has been going on?....hmmmm oh that's right Life has been going on! LOL

Ray's children are gone, but not before a few spanking on part. Ray just laughed and told the children that  that is what they get for not listening to Mrs. Kelli. I am so glad that the triplets are not mine! LOL, However I do love those children.

I had to work tonight. Yet another night of being yelled at because I am following the rules. Then my boss comes in and askes me to do something, and I just went off. My boss just stood there and was like "oh damn". He just left my office and left me alone the rest of the night. Smart man! LOL

Then Rusty calls me and tells me that I need to call my mom. I am thinking oh great now what. Well let me tell you what. My mom totaled my dads truck and broke her arm in the process! So lets still has cancer, needs care, and my mom broke her arm! I am sorry but if I do not laugh I would cry!

My mom said that is funny. My dad actually tried to help her put on a bra! I told my mom to just let the girls hang and to wear a big shirt. She saw no humor in that!

However my mom and dad are going to come out for Amber birthday! I am so jazzed that they are FINALLY going to leave my sister and her child behind and do something for the other grandchildren.

I really should get in bed since it is late. I will chat with everyone later!

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

all of the children

Yes we now have six children in our home. Actually they got here Sunday night, but they were sleeping when they got here.

Monday went so well. I just told all of the boys to go out back and play with butter. The our girls snatched up miss Becka and she was so happy. Miss Becka loves to hang out with the big girls, because Amber will paint her nails and Nikki lets her watch dvd's on her computer.

Rusty had to go get some blood drawn today, because he has a doctors appointment on Monday. We are hoping that his cholesterol and blood pressure will down enough that they can cut his meds. However we have not hit the one year anniversary of his heart attack yet, so who knows.

Well the children are watching a movie, so I am going to go get some stuff done while they are not running around.

Monday, April 3, 2006

to all of my friends

I have been thinking about all of our friend this week. I do not know why but everyone has been on my mind.

who should I start with? I will start with Ray and Sonja. I came home from work today and all of their children are sleeping on the floor! Man I love those children. I have only known for a few years but they are special to me. I was so thrilled when Sonja came home from Iraq. I also cried when I was rocking her babies and telling them that mom would be home soon. Last night Sonja, Ray and all of the children came over for a cookout. As I sat there with Sonja she said that she was jazzed about going to Va. for a few days, but on the other hand she knows that orders are on their way down for Ray to go to Irag.

Then I was thinking about Renee. Man we have shared some good time and some really hard times. Life is now good for both of us and to a great extent I think we deserve a great life. I was moving a crate of stuff that Renee wanted and was wishing that she were closer. I wish our boys could play together and I wish we could once again kick back and do nothing together!

Kevin called yesterday while we were cooking out. Man I miss him. I still remember meeting him for the first time! Kevin has a soft spot in my heart. I will never forget our late night talks and the girls picking on him. I so wish Kevin was here, but until he comes home we will keep sending him packages.

Jen and Matt called after the cook out. They thought I had lost my mind since I called and asked them to come over for a cook out and they are now living in New York. Matt has been then for us through thick and thin. I even told Matt one time that he better bring my husband home alive! Then there is Jen. She is so perfect for Matt and I could not have picked a better person for him. I miss sewing with Jen, and I miss all of the stupid things we would do. That is o.k.. One of these days we will show up on their doorsteps and just surprise them!

Elle is so cool and I miss her so much! Elle is my true oldest daughter. I am so proud of Elle and all that she has accomplished! I remember the first Christmas we spent together, because it was 80 degrees here and she wanted to make smores! Now every time we put the fire pit out we have to make smores! It's an Elle thing!

Jason and Jacinda are an awesome couple. Jason took me by surprise when he started getting serious with Jacinds. I never thought that Jason would settle down. Now here he is married, a baby on the way, and he only lives two exits from us! I so cannot wait to hold their baby and just love on it!

So to all of our friend out there who are not mentioned, we do often think about the good old days. However we also try to remember that these are the good old days! LOL

Saturday, April 1, 2006

new glasses

Ryan got his new glasses today and he looks so handsome in them. We got off easy this time. We only had to pay $250 dollars! We also got frames that are made of steel, so maybe they will last longer. LOL

We were suppose to cook out today so I hope that the rain stops soon. I was really looking forward to hanging out with some friends this evening.

Last night was so strange. Rusty and I went to bed, but then I woke up because I was hungry. So I get up and I am thinking that I will make myself some cereal, but we had no milk. So I went to the bed room to grab my shoes and then Rusty woke up and said that he was hungry! So at 11 last night I was at the store buying hamburgers and milk. We like babies. Once our bellies were full we went back to bed and went to sleep.

Hay Jules! My brother in law lives in the U.K., so I hope is not trying to mess up the elections there. He is married to a lady from the U.K. so I guess he has a right to be there. My mother in law told me that he was actually going to give up his u.s. citizen ship! And he never registered his son's birth at the U.S. embassy, so now the child will have to get a pass port just to come into this country. I guess non of this really matters since he will never come back to the United States.