Monday, April 3, 2006

to all of my friends

I have been thinking about all of our friend this week. I do not know why but everyone has been on my mind.

who should I start with? I will start with Ray and Sonja. I came home from work today and all of their children are sleeping on the floor! Man I love those children. I have only known for a few years but they are special to me. I was so thrilled when Sonja came home from Iraq. I also cried when I was rocking her babies and telling them that mom would be home soon. Last night Sonja, Ray and all of the children came over for a cookout. As I sat there with Sonja she said that she was jazzed about going to Va. for a few days, but on the other hand she knows that orders are on their way down for Ray to go to Irag.

Then I was thinking about Renee. Man we have shared some good time and some really hard times. Life is now good for both of us and to a great extent I think we deserve a great life. I was moving a crate of stuff that Renee wanted and was wishing that she were closer. I wish our boys could play together and I wish we could once again kick back and do nothing together!

Kevin called yesterday while we were cooking out. Man I miss him. I still remember meeting him for the first time! Kevin has a soft spot in my heart. I will never forget our late night talks and the girls picking on him. I so wish Kevin was here, but until he comes home we will keep sending him packages.

Jen and Matt called after the cook out. They thought I had lost my mind since I called and asked them to come over for a cook out and they are now living in New York. Matt has been then for us through thick and thin. I even told Matt one time that he better bring my husband home alive! Then there is Jen. She is so perfect for Matt and I could not have picked a better person for him. I miss sewing with Jen, and I miss all of the stupid things we would do. That is o.k.. One of these days we will show up on their doorsteps and just surprise them!

Elle is so cool and I miss her so much! Elle is my true oldest daughter. I am so proud of Elle and all that she has accomplished! I remember the first Christmas we spent together, because it was 80 degrees here and she wanted to make smores! Now every time we put the fire pit out we have to make smores! It's an Elle thing!

Jason and Jacinda are an awesome couple. Jason took me by surprise when he started getting serious with Jacinds. I never thought that Jason would settle down. Now here he is married, a baby on the way, and he only lives two exits from us! I so cannot wait to hold their baby and just love on it!

So to all of our friend out there who are not mentioned, we do often think about the good old days. However we also try to remember that these are the good old days! LOL

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rtgilmore34 said...

Ditto Kelli!!  I love you so much and your friendship means so much to me!!  I will get down there and get that crate, I promise!  When life starts happening for a brief moment, I'll be there.  I'm sure it will be when I have summer break in June and the kids are up at Mom & Dad's.  Butch and I can cruise down for the night in his truck!
Love you bunches, my friend,