Friday, April 7, 2006

I must laugh


Well, I have been here in a few day's. So let me see what has been going on?....hmmmm oh that's right Life has been going on! LOL

Ray's children are gone, but not before a few spanking on part. Ray just laughed and told the children that  that is what they get for not listening to Mrs. Kelli. I am so glad that the triplets are not mine! LOL, However I do love those children.

I had to work tonight. Yet another night of being yelled at because I am following the rules. Then my boss comes in and askes me to do something, and I just went off. My boss just stood there and was like "oh damn". He just left my office and left me alone the rest of the night. Smart man! LOL

Then Rusty calls me and tells me that I need to call my mom. I am thinking oh great now what. Well let me tell you what. My mom totaled my dads truck and broke her arm in the process! So lets still has cancer, needs care, and my mom broke her arm! I am sorry but if I do not laugh I would cry!

My mom said that is funny. My dad actually tried to help her put on a bra! I told my mom to just let the girls hang and to wear a big shirt. She saw no humor in that!

However my mom and dad are going to come out for Amber birthday! I am so jazzed that they are FINALLY going to leave my sister and her child behind and do something for the other grandchildren.

I really should get in bed since it is late. I will chat with everyone later!

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jules19642001 said...

love the graphic, having triplets must be fun but very hard work. Sorry to hear about your mum and dad.........Jules xxx