Friday, April 21, 2006

still here


The past few days have been busy here. I am mostly in shock because in the last two weeks I have gotten a total of $1,700 in back child support! I am glad to see that the government has finally caught up with that sperm donor.

I got off work early today, and man I am so happy for that! We are leaving for Vegas in the morning!

That is right just Rusty and I alone in sin city. That's really all I can say on that since what happens in Vegas has to stay in Vegas! LOL

I think I have all of the bugs worked out and my parents will be coming for a visit soon!

When I spoke to my mom a few days ago, she suggest that we rent an r.v. and drive to Chicago! After I stopped laughing I asked her if they were ready for the trip. I know she wants us to come back there because my sister is putting pressure on her.

Just think of it.... my sister will have to care for her own child for 5 whole day's! I want our children to have time with my dad with out the interference of hell child! ( she does have a name, but I cannot be bothered to learn it)

All is good here. Life is good.

The house is trashed, but a friend in town visiting.

The laundry is not done, but it will never all be done.

The yard needs to mowed, but that is why we hire people.

I guess for every bad thing there is a bright side!

OH! I almost forgot. Rusty found this place in Vegas where I can shoot a real machine gun! How cool is that! Me shooting a real machine gun! I will have to have Rusty take a picture.

Well, good night everyone and I will chat with everyone after Vegas!

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jules19642001 said...

glad you got your money back, love the way you describe him as a sperm donor. Have a good time in Vegas..........Jules xx