Sunday, December 31, 2006

my resolutions

I do not make traditional new years resolutions. I know that I should exercise, eat right and watch less t.v. I spent a lot of years saying these things. So now I make a different kind of list. A list of things I want to do.

1. I want to see Reagan library

2. I want to see Hearst castle

3. I want to learn to surf

4. I want to adopt a family for Christmas

5. I want to take a glider ride

6. I want to ride in a hot air balloon

7. I want to stomp grapes at the wine festival

8. I want to  go to the Clydesdale farm...... which is 20 minutes away and Anheuser Bush owns!

9. I want to hug a red wood tree

10. I want to help help sick and homeless animals

11. I want to make some quilts to give to the police. They give them out to people whom they meet in the coarse of doing their job.

12. I would like to have more marines call our house home. Yes we already have a lot that do, but I want to help as many marines as I can. * side note* Any branch of the service is welcome here, we just live very close to a marine base.

Is a list of things that I can do nothing about, but would like to see them happen.

1. I would like to see Amber make some more friend and even have a boyfriend. Amber is not as out going Nikki so it is harder for Amber to make friends. Amber so wants a boy to notice her, but they all think that she is "ugly"! I keep telling Amber to just wait. Those boys will grow up and realize what they have passed up.

2. After all I have been through with my mom, I still hope that she has a good year. My mom wants to start doing things that my dad would not do with her. Things like going to Italy.

3. I hope that Rusty will at least e mail his brother, even if it is to say kiss my ass. I know that Rusty's brother hurt him VERY badly, however it is the only blood relative that he has left. O.K. he has some aunts and cousins out there..... it just is not the same.

So there is my list. If I do not do the items on my list that is fine as long as I do something different and step outside of my comfort zone.

Tonight I think that Rusty and I are going to go see the pursuit of happiness and then that will be about it.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

good day

Some friends that we have not seen in a while called and asked Rusty if he help roof part of the their house. Well duh  just tell us when!

So I spent yesterday going through all of my scraps of material and I made a bunch of pet quilts to take with me. The lady works at a vets office and they just love the blankets. So I thought well I am going anyway, so I better get sewing.

We sung by and picked up Nikkis boyfriend and he helped the guys roof. While I got to catch up with her and play with the baby. Well o.k. the baby is 19 months, still a baby to me.

I had such a great time with the baby. We let mommy take a shower by herself, while I got the baby dressed. Then we headed out to watch the guys work. That lasted for about 30 seconds, so we had to go see the horses and the goats. Then it was back up to the house to let her feed the dogs.

We both needed a drink after that, so in we go to get something to drink. Oh wait I forgot the have no attention span, so we were off to play with the block and the new animal game that she got.

By the time mommy got out of the tub we had put in a full day! LOL We all went to the store and I had to get some Starbuck. I got the baby this fruit thing. I am telling you she drank it so fast that she got a brain freeze!

After we got back to their place I just sat on the floor and played with the baby while we talked.

It is funny how sometimes life just gets so busy that you forget about the little things. Like sitting on floor and playing dolls.

Once the guys were done we headed out. I told my friend that we need to get together more often. Life is just having us move in different directions.

On the way home Nikkis boyfriend said " they seem like really nice people". We told him that they are, and if he is lucky one day he will have a handful of friends that he can count on.

I have started on one of my new years resolutions. I said earlier in the month that I was going to help sick and homeless animals. I have made some quilts that will go to the sick and homeless animals. I changed my side bar to educate people on the importance of having your animal fixed.

Tomorrow I will talk some more about my new years resolutions,for now, I am going to go soak in a nice hot bath!

Friday, December 29, 2006

a year in review

Before I start with all that has happened this year, I want to say something about my mom. Rusty told me to just it go. After all once my mom dies my sister will be hit with reality and she will not do good. No one will be there to hand her everything and for the first time in her life she will have to take care of herself. Rusty has a feeling that she will fall on her face. I think he is right. I can say with my head held high that everything we have we have had to work for, and I am proud of that.

This past year has been both good and bad for me. I started off the year by going sky diving. I got to wear my dads sky diving suit and it was great to be able to take him for one last jump! The gentlemen that I went sky diving with is Kevin and he is currently in Iraq.

In April Rusty and I went to Vegas. We have been to Vegas before, but we try to do something different everytime we go. This year I got to shoot a machine gun!

That was so much fun and yet the power behind the gun scared me. Rusty was scared that the gun was going to knock me on my ass so he had his hand on my back to brace me! LOL

My mom and dad came out for Ambers 16th birthday. This would be the last time that the children would see my dad alive. My dad gave Amber a maple leaf necklace, which is a family tradition when you turn 16. My dad was already sick and had decided to not fight his cancer.

Amber and I got to ride in our first motor cycle rally to raise money for the local veterans home. That was Ambers first time on a motor cycle and she had so much fun! i got the honor of carrying the Marine Corps flag.

The girls went on their first mission trip. I was and still am so proud of them. I am proud that they went out into the world and made a difference. The girls also came back better people, and for that I am truly grateful.

Then I got the call that my dad was not doing good. I went home. While I was there I was angry and I laughed. August was a hard month for me. My dad passed away just four days after I came home. In August I learned that cursing God did not good. While I was home I helped my mom put up a roof. That was the first time I had ever used that type of roofing material.

The picture of my dad was taken while he was still in the service.

The girls got their bellies pierced this year. Amber got a job and took drivers ed. Nikki has a boyfriend that Rusty and I actually like.

This year we sent a bunch of our friends off to war and I met another marine via e mail who I am writing to. We have been blessed that all of our friends are still alive and that we will be able to welcome them home soon.

As for what I want for next year..... that will be another entry.

Most of all, we are still standing and we are here to talk about year.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

windy and a mess

The wind here is so bad! I will not be going anywhere unless I HAVE to today. Brrrr it is cold.

Today I am going to spend the day trying to clean up the house. It is a mess. I really need to work on getting more of the Christmas stuff put away. I hate the clean up!

The children had a good time last night. They rolled in about 1 a.m. I am glad that they were able to have an evening out.

So Rusty and I had the house to our self last night. I suggest that we have sex every piece of furniture. Rusty reminded me that we have already done that. Hmmm now what? So I went and took a bath. When I got out I threw Rusty the lotion and I lit a smoke. I told him to come rub me down! LOL So he started rubbing me down. He said his name was Ramon and that he would do whatever my little heart desired.

I asked to be rubbed down on both sides. I asked that he give special attention to my lower back. After that was over he rolled me over and shaved my body! That was so cool. Then we had awesome sex.

I just love our sex life. I think that sex gets better the older that you get. I so would not want to be 18 again. Our children think we are gross because we are always hugging and kissing on each other. I just hope that they find a love like we have.

I need to get my but in gear and start cleaning this house.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

family is over rated

Well....... I took my mom to the airport today. We had small talk until she started telling me the details of her new will. Here is that conversation:

Mom - Your Uncle John will be the executor of the will. My friend Barb will be the one making all the medical decisions. Everything I own has been put into a living trust, so that way no one can touch it.

Me - o.k.

Mom - The trust will be responsible for paying all of my medical bill and any home care that I might need. I am selling the house and right now I have a small insurance policy, but that will end when I retire.

Me- o.k.

Mom - I have set a side a few pieces of jewelry that I want everyone to have. If there is any money left in the trust it will be divided 6 ways.

Me - That sounds fair.

Mom - However I left the summer home and all of the land to your sister. However you will have to come out and and help sell off what belongs I have left.

Me - No I will not have to sell anything. That is what your executor is for. well we are at the airport. Here let me get your bag for you. I guess I will see you the next time you come out. Bye

What am I? Chopped liver? Even worse a dog that gets the scraps of everyone else's leftovers.

Rusty asked me if I was surprised. I am not surprised but I am hurt. I knew that once my dad died .... well it would either break or make mine and my moms relationship. It has broken it.

Tonight I am giving the children a special treat. I am letting them go see two movies, so they will not be home until midnight or so. Even Ryan is going with them. They are going to go see Charlotte web and then they are going to sneak into the pursuit of happiness.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas was a blast

We had an awesome Christmas!

I was told however that I am NEVER allowed to write to Santa again. I wrote to Santa back in the first part of December and I was thinking that the letter would be thrown away.....oh no. Not only did we have food dropped off, but people were still dropping presents by on Christmas eve!

I met Santa on Christmas eve. She was getting ready to leave us some gifts by the door. I got to talking to her and I realized where I knew her from. She worked at the post office!

She and a another worked gathered up all the dear Santa letters and they just started making phone calls.

I cried. Who knew that a letter to Santa would bring us so much help. I actually felt bad that we were given so much. Then I remembered what my dad said. He said " people want to help, but unless you tell them what you need they can't help". My oldest daughter said that this is pay back for the nice things we have done for other people.

My mom got me a wind chime with my dads date of death on it. There was a poem attached to it and it said that every time I hear the wind chime, that would be coming to visit.

Anyway, Old town San Diego was so nice. I got some pictures of these grave markers that in the street! They had no idea when they paved the street that it use to be part of the cemetery!

We got to Coronado island just as the sun was setting, so my mom was so happy to have her picture taken at sunset. She also got to see the Hotel Del Coronado. She said that she had wanted to see it because famous people use to go there in the 20's and 30's. I am just glad that we got to make two of her wishes come true.

I had to laugh. Here is was Christmas eve, and we were eating dinner outside. Then we heard the life guards going down the beach telling people to get out of the water.

I have the ham and beans in the crock pot. Later on today we are going to go feed the ducks and then go out to lunch.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

more running

Well my mom made it in. However they forgot to send her bags, so we had to go back to the airport yesterday to get her bags! We have been on the move so much.

I think we are all ready for Christmas.  People have been so great to us. More people are reading my letter to Santa, but we have already gotten so much. So now I am telling people that we know of another family that is in need and they are taking the stuff over to them.

Today we are going to go down to Coronado Island and to old town. I have never walked through old town San Diego, so it will be nice to see it.

I am so very proud of Nikki! Nikki said that she wanted to make a quilt for her boyfriend. That usually translates into me making the quilt. I told nikki how to do it and I showed her a few tricks, but I did not do anything else. So what do you guys think of our daughters first quilt?

I am so glad that my mom is here and that we having a god time. I can't wait to go to San Diego and spend the day with my family!

Friday, December 22, 2006

I was tagged

I was tagged by Lisa to list the three things that I want for Christmas and the Three things that I do not want for Christmas.

I want:

1. I would love to get a call from all of our friends in Iraq.

2. I would like my mom to shed no tears on her first Christmas without my dad.

3. I would like for Rusty to love the gift I got him. I can't say what that is since he sometimes reads my journal! LOL

What I would not like for Christmas:

1. anything with a cord that is used for a household purpose.

2. I do not want a cold Christmas.

3. I do not want a fight with my mother.

I am so happy that Rusty is home. Yes Zoe, I love Rusty more then words can say. Rusty is the rock that keeps me safe, but he is also the wind that allows me to soar.

We are pet sitting for some friends. So now we are up to 3 dogs and 4 cats. All of the dogs get along, but the extra cat has found a spot to hide and will stay there until their owners come back.

My mom comes in today! I can't wait to see her. I am just so glad that she will be here for Christmas. I hope that we can make a nice Christmas for her, and that she won't shed to many tears. But if she does then I will be next to her crying too.

O.K. here are the people that I am tagging:







Thursday, December 21, 2006

rusty comes home

I am so happy that Rusty comes home today! I so just want to put my arms around him and hold him. We have spent enough time a part and now I hate it when he is gone.

However before I can leave to go get him there is a lot to do. I told the children that today is cleaning day. We have really let the house go, so I need to get it put back in order.

I need to go by walgreens and pick up some pictures. I figure if I get to the air port early I will have some time to get the pictures put into an album for my mom. That is her Christmas gift.

I am just about ready for Christmas. I need to pick up a few items for dinner, but other then that I am just about done. I do need to go to petsmart and get the puppies some new collars. I get them new collars every year for Christmas.

I was asked if I ever sang as a child. The answer to that would be yes. I went to a private school for about 4 years. So every year they would have a Christmas program and all of the student were in the program. I hated it. I was the fat child, the one who did not go to that church, and the out cast. Yet every year I was forced by my parents to be in the program. I swore back then that if I ever had children that I would not make them do "programs" unless they wanted to. I have kept that promise.

I have been trying to think of something fun and different to do while my mom is here. My mom has always wanted to go to Coronado, but a few things have stopped her. The biggest thing is that she is scared of water, the next thing she is she is scared of driving over water. Hello, Coronado is an island! I just looked at their web page and it seems like the island is decorated and there will be plenty to see and do. I guess I will just give my mom a paper bag and tell her to close her eyes?

I am off to start cleaning. That is so not fun, but we need to get it done.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

caroling through J land

Welcome to my Caroling through Jland.

My favorite Carol is " Mary did you know"

Please leave me a link to your journal.

two good days

The last two days have been filled with surprise and good news.

We got a package from someone that we have not heard from in a very long time. My former mother in law. I actually gave her a call. It seems that she left her husband and is now living on her own and doing just fine. With out going into a lot of details she even apologized for her sons behavior. We had a good conversation.

Today I took the children down to base to do some shopping. It was nice to drive down there. We all sang Christmas carols and just talked and laughed. We also met up with some friends for lunch and it was so nice to visit with them.

Rusty called me yesterday and he is having a blast in Virginia. I am so happy that he is having a good time and getting paid to do what he likes. Rusty also said that he found the birthday cards that we snuck into his bag! I guess I can still pull a fast one once in a while.

I will need to wrap a few gifts and make dinner. I think we are going to have bacon sandwiches.

For the lady who asked no I did not get the girls any hair ties.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

a sign of the times

So today I took Rusty to the air port and on the way down there the song Joy to the world came on. So I sat there and just sang along with the radio. When the song ended I told Rusty that a few days ago Hark the Harold Angel came on the radio. Amber was sitting next to me just staring at me and not believing that I knew the words to the song. When I was growing up we sang these songs in our Christmas programs at school. Guess what...... NO ONE cared! I think our children are missing out by not knowing the classic Christmas songs.

I found out today that two teachers at my daughter high school were arrested for lewd acts with children. then click on the first picture.

Santa called and stopped by today. I never told anyone this..... not even Rusty. One day I was feeling so down, so I wrote Santa a letter. I just told him everything. Well I got a phone call today and the gentlemen was right outside my door. He said that someone at the post office was helping Santa out and they told him that we could use some food. This gentlemen had a trunk full of bread and baked goods. He told me to take everything that was in the trunk! I actually have more bread then I can ever eat before it goes bad. So I am giving the bread out to other people I know who can use it.

I guess those letters to Santa are getting read!

Then a lady called me and told me that she was our children's secret Santa. And she sound like she was having a blast out there shopping.

I was so happy that I just wanted to cry!

Oh check this out. I had gotten off the high way so that I could use the restroom. There was a guy standing there holding a sign that said stranded....need gas.

I looked all through my purse, but I had no money, But I did have $10 left on a fast food card. I walked up and told that I had no money to give him for gas, but would he like a free meal. He said " I will never turn down food" I just love making people smile.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

busy, busy, busy

I hit the ground at 8 a.m. and I have not stopped yet.

I had to tear down our bed and take it to a friends house. Then we had to go pick up our new bed. Well the bed is new to us and it is a huge step up from the one we had. Then we had to get that unloaded and set up.

Then Amber and I went over to our friends and did some cleaning. I am so happy for this family. They started moving in today, so I volunteered to help the clean the place. Anyway, The lady was not there while we were there, so when she called her husband I asked to talk to her. I told her that we got all of the house cleaned except the dining room and living room. This gal cried. She said "Kelli thank you so much. Tonight I will get to sleep in a bed in a nice clean house. I have not done that in over six months." I started to cry.

Then it was back home so that we could go to the grocery store, and the dairy. While we at the store Rusty asked if I had all the stuff to make chicken pot pie. Oh I so wanted to order in! But I made the chicken pot pie. So it is in the oven cooking.

Rusty and our friend went and got a Christmas tree today. So the house smells good! I had Rusty put the lights on and then Amber gets home we will decorate it. I only allow the children to put up six ornaments, so they have to pick out their six. If I do not limit it the tree would fall over.

Our dog Rascle has her jingle bell collar on. I so love that collar. Anyway when we brought the tree in she got happy. Rascle knows that when the tree comes, she will soon be getting a ham bone.

Butter is not sure what to do. He is scared of the tree. Butter is only 2 so this could very well be his first time seeing a tree.

The cats love the tree. The do not climb the tree, but they love sleeping under it!

O.K. the pot pie should be done. If it is then I am off to a nice warm bath and then off to bed. My back so needs a break.

Friday, December 15, 2006

odds and ends

So yesterday morning I took a bath and then went to do my hair. I was standing there in my birthday suit when I realized that I have one boob bigger then the other. I would not mind this so much, but the bigger boob sags more! I just put a bra on so that I did not have to see them.

The other night I was telling a girlfriend that we are going to go get our tree this weekend. We have not bought a tree in so long that I am not sure what a good price is!

christmas 2005 - A friend bought us one because we did not have the time since we were trying to make all the arrangements for Rusty's mom.

christmas2004 - Another friend bought us one because she got such a good deal on hers!

christmas 2003 - I used a damn fake tree. The tree was stored in the rafters in the garage and after the came falling to the ground, so did I. I broke my tail bone. The children duck taped the tree together, because I was in to much pain to help them and they could not figure it out. Rusty was in Iraq.

christmas 2002 - This was my in laws first christmas back in the states and my father in law bought the tree.

Ryan was running a 103 fever yesterday when he came home from school! Poor little guy looked so bad. This morning he is doing great. I gave him so more med's and sent him to school.

I was asked what I was going to cook for Christmas dinner and what gifts I was going to buy. I usually cook a ham and made scalloped potatoes. We do not sit down as a family and eat. I just let everyone kinda eat as they want to.

I am not sure about the gift buying this year. We are caught up on the bills, but we do not have a lot of extra money. I did buy the girls some new winter coats, but I bought those back in fall. I have asked some organizations for help, but I do not know what they are going to buy. I will not be able to buy Rusty anything, but that is o.k.

Some how I know that there will be presents under the tree, and that is all that really matters.

I have some stuff to get done around here, and then I have some running to do. I hope everyone has a great day!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

lets see

My friend called me this morning and asked me if I could pick her up, take her to do some running around and then take her to work. Why not! I Before she went to work she came back here to shower. She kept saying that it felt so good to have a hot shower. I have offered for her and her husband to shower over here, but they seldom take me up on the offer. Anyway, my friend is now working full time and it looks like her husband will be working full time soon. I am so happy for them. I am going to go help them clean their new place, and then she has a home inspection on Monday! I really hope that they will have their children back and that they can celebrate Christmas as a family.

Ryans IEP was no big shocker. He can get no services, and yet he is still way behind. I waisted my time home schooling him since he has forgotten everything. He really did not forget, but I .... I am just so sick of the whole system.

Ryan is very sick right now. He is running a fever, but it is starting to come down. SHHH don't tell anyone, but I went to the store and bought his favorite soup and water. We can't tell anyone because after all I am a hard ass! LOL

We are such a white trash family. This morning Rusty and Amber got into it and they were screaming at each other. We so are not ozzy and Harriet Nelson. We are the Nelson's that no one wants to admit they know! LOL

Dinner is done and my back hurts so I am going to go rest for a while.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

really good day

Well Rusty got the job that he had been wanting! I am so proud of him. He starts tomorrow and then on Sunday he leaves for Virginia for some training. Three cheers for us!

This means that I do not have to break my back working as a day laborer any more. I will still work between Christmas and new years just to help out a little bit more. Then in Feb. my data entry job will be open again!

I talked to my mom tonight and she just broke down crying. I think she is at her breaking point and I am glad that she will be here soon. After all that she has been through, she told me today that one of the pipes from the well broke and she now has water pouring into the basement. So she has to set her alarm and get up in the middle of the night just to empty buckets. First my dad dies, then a tornado comes down her street, and now this. I am just glad that she is coming out here. I think this will be a much needed break for her.

Tomorrow I have to go to Ryans iep. I am not looking forward to this. Everyone thinks they know what is best for our son, and I end up getting pissed at everyone. I am really going to shock them when I tell them that we want to keep Ryan back another year.

Ryan has many issues, but one of them is that he is half his bone age. So he may be 11, but his body thinks that he is 5 1/2. Ryan has not started puberty and is still wearing super man underwear. I know the boys in the locker room will just make fun of him. There is a long list of reasons why we don't think he is ready for junior high, so we feel that keeping him back another year will not hurt him.

I should be in bed, but I just can't sleep. Oh well, I am going to try to get some sleep.

looking up

 O.K. to everyone that sent a prayer up, the blessings are coming down.

I should have known to call the marines! I took a shot in the dark and called an old friend who works with a charity that helps marines. He knows that we are not active duty, but he said "I have some gift cards for food that no one knows I have, so you can have them!" I just about shit my pants!

Then he said call this lady and tell her what is going on. So I called this lady and she said will you please put this in an e mail along with your children's wish list. I have a company that wants to help 3 families and you would be the third"

The prayers went up and now the blessings are coming down.

My back is really hurting today, so I looked up some stretching exercises and I did some of them. That seemed to help a little bit. I just wish I knew what I did to hurt my back.

Rusty and I are just so relieved right now. It feel like a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders.

I hope everyone has a good day!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

shoot the t.v.

 This is me the Grinch. If I see one more commercial of a happy mom out Christmas shopping I am going to shoot the t.v.

As you can guess today did not get any better. I no work today which equals no money. No money equal no gifts for the children. The children keep asking if we are going to get a tree. only if we steal it! What is the point of getting a tree if you have nothing to put under it?

I did however get most of the house cleaned and I got some laundry done. My back is still bothering me, so I tried not to lift anything heavy.

I think I am going to go to bed early tonight and hope that this is just a really bad dream that keeps repeating in my life.

Bah Humbug

Monday, December 11, 2006

mixed day

I am not sure if I want the holidays to come this year! Today was both good and bad. And since it ended on a bad note I am in a bad mood.

The job I went on today went very well. I worked for an hour and got paid for 4 1/2! I thought this was great and was hoping for a good day. Oh no that was all that went right.

A lady at the office asked me if I would give her a ride home. I did not really want to but I thought that being rude would not be nice either. So on the way home she is just going on and on about how hard her life is. Then she says well at least I have food stamps left. Well good for you NOT when I really needed help and applied for food stamps we were turned down, and yet you can get food stamps. I just wanted to throw her out of the car!

I had a second job planned, but that fell through. I was planning on using that money to buy Amber her one and only gift this year. Oh well. so goes my life.

Now that I am done with my rant. I have no anger against people who get food stamps or wel fare. I am just wondering what we have to do to catch a break.

I work my ass and I get no where. I even wrote to Santa and that got me no where. Do good things happen to good people? What am I saying. yes they do. I am just being negative. so I am going to end this entry.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Last night was another bad night for Rusty. We had gone to sleep and I heard it start raining, so I was going to get up and go check to see if the roof was leaking. When I went to get up he pushed me back down on the bed and told me to stay down. I lay ed their for a few moments and then tried again. Once again I was pushed back down on the bed and told to stay down.

This morning I asked Rusty how he slept and he said not to well. I told him that he had another episode last night. He just looked at me and asked what he did. When I told him he was relieved that he did not hurt me.

Dealing with P.T.S.D. can be stressful at times. Rusty only does things when he is sleeping. So far I have been punched, kicked and bit. One time I woke up and he was standing over me with his arm drawn back. This is just another obstacle in life that we will have to get through together.

This morning a friend called me and asked me if I could give her a ride to go do laundry. I told her no, but instead that I would pick her up, and that she could do her laundry here, as well as take a shower. She is homeless and doing the best that she can. I really like helping her because she is trying so hard to get her life together and she usually does not ask for help.

Yesterday Nikki and I went up to the store and we were only going to pick up a few items. The boy scouts were out front and they were handing out pieces of paper asking people to buy some of the items on the list and that they would give them away to needy families for Christmas. I went and got the items that we needed and I told Nikki " we only $6 left so lets see what we can find" We found pasta and sauce on sale. We found canned vegi's on sale. We were able to get a lot of stuff for six dollars!

On the way out we handed the bag to the boy scouts and as we walked away one of them said these people gave us a lot. We just smiled. Nikki asked me how come the lady behind us could only give a can of fruit, but she had a four dollar cup of coffee?

Rusty called me a little while later and asked if I knew anyone who could use a turkey. The vfw had some left from Thanksgiving. So we took some down to the boy scouts. It felt good to watch their faces light up.

Today I am not going to be doing much. I have to work tomorrow, but I do not have to start until 9:30 and I think the job is only for four hours. Well at least it is work and since I know people who are getting laid off I am not going to complain.

Saturday, December 9, 2006


So last night I was telling Rusty about this guy I work with. He has a brand new car and he is having nothing but problems with it. Rusty asked what type of car it was and I told him. Rusty said " I was thinking about buying you that car next year if this job works out"

What? I just looked at him like a deer looks at head lights. I told Rusty that I did not want a new "family" car. The one we have is paid for and it runs. He says yes but you need a new car. I said no I do not NEED a car. The next car I want is my dream car. He said o.k.

I think I hurt his feelings. With the children getting older and being able to drive and care for themselves I don't want a car that we can use a family car. I want a little to seated Porsche! LOL Rusty is such a doll to all ways be thinking of me.

The other day we got a Christmas card in the mail and it had an over seas stamp on it. I opened it up and it was suppose to be for Rusty's mom. Rusty just looked at it. We are approaching the one year mark of Rusty's mom death.

That night we were laying in bed and Rusty asked me if there were phone lines in England. I said yes there are. Then it hit me. Rusty would really like to hear from his brother, even if his brother has hurt him.

For all of the new readers of my journal. Rusty has a brother in England, and he did not come back to when his parents died. Rusty and I did everything. Rusty's brother did call and ask for half of everything. Rusty told his brother that if he wanted half to come get it, but to also bring money because he wants him to pay for half of the bills since his parents had no life insurance and we paid for everything!

I feel so bad for Rusty.

Last night Nikki asked if she could go spend the night at a friends house. We said yes. Then we get a phone call from the other girls mom. It turns out the girls had pulled a fast one on us, and we at a football game that they were not suppose to be at.

So Rusty and this girls dad went up to the game. The women working the gate would not let the guys in, so Rusty called for a police escort into the game! Nikki and her friend were pulled out of the crowd by their fathers and the police!

Nikki is on lock down. School and home will be only activities for a while. We do not mind Nikki going to the games, but she was not truthful with us, and that is what got her in trouble.

We went through this with Amber a few years ago and you would think that Nikki would have learned but I guess not.

Anyway, I am going to go hit a yard sale and then start cleaning up the house.