Wednesday, December 13, 2006

really good day

Well Rusty got the job that he had been wanting! I am so proud of him. He starts tomorrow and then on Sunday he leaves for Virginia for some training. Three cheers for us!

This means that I do not have to break my back working as a day laborer any more. I will still work between Christmas and new years just to help out a little bit more. Then in Feb. my data entry job will be open again!

I talked to my mom tonight and she just broke down crying. I think she is at her breaking point and I am glad that she will be here soon. After all that she has been through, she told me today that one of the pipes from the well broke and she now has water pouring into the basement. So she has to set her alarm and get up in the middle of the night just to empty buckets. First my dad dies, then a tornado comes down her street, and now this. I am just glad that she is coming out here. I think this will be a much needed break for her.

Tomorrow I have to go to Ryans iep. I am not looking forward to this. Everyone thinks they know what is best for our son, and I end up getting pissed at everyone. I am really going to shock them when I tell them that we want to keep Ryan back another year.

Ryan has many issues, but one of them is that he is half his bone age. So he may be 11, but his body thinks that he is 5 1/2. Ryan has not started puberty and is still wearing super man underwear. I know the boys in the locker room will just make fun of him. There is a long list of reasons why we don't think he is ready for junior high, so we feel that keeping him back another year will not hurt him.

I should be in bed, but I just can't sleep. Oh well, I am going to try to get some sleep.


seraphoflove9001 said...

aaaawww, it does sound like your mom needs a break. And Yay for Rusty! :o) My best friend has a son that she had to go to iep meeting for him, and she would come out sooo mad! Her son has been in school since he was 3. He's in high school now. But I can't remember why he was in school so early....but his development was slow as well. All of the sudden, in jr high, he just took a turn, and now he's tall has a deep voice and is getting hair! Wow! It seemed to happen over night! Everyday after school when he was in jr high, he had to run home because of this one kid felt the need to beat him up. So, I do agree with your decision. Hold him back hon. Hugs to you. :o) {{{}}}

cgtperkins said...

Congrats to Rusty!! Im glad your mom will be getting a break, and you 2 from all this day labor!!! I respect your decision to hold your son back, you are his parents and you know what is best for him!!!!!

lurkynat said...

dearest Kelli.
(big smiles) Big Congratulations to Randy!
How awesome for you as a family!:)that is wonderful!

helmswondermom said...

Congratulations to Rusty, and I know you're looking forward to getting back to your regular data entry job.  I feel very sorry for your mom.  I remember a friend telling me that it would hit my mom all at once after my dad died, and sure enough, about two months after his funeral she said that she just broke down one afternoon and cried and cried.  She said she felt so much better afterward.  I'm sure it'll do your mother good to be with you and your family for a while.  Hope you really enjoy the visit.  As for holding Ryan back, I think you make a good argument for it.  And after all, you and your husband would know what's best.