Saturday, December 16, 2006

busy, busy, busy

I hit the ground at 8 a.m. and I have not stopped yet.

I had to tear down our bed and take it to a friends house. Then we had to go pick up our new bed. Well the bed is new to us and it is a huge step up from the one we had. Then we had to get that unloaded and set up.

Then Amber and I went over to our friends and did some cleaning. I am so happy for this family. They started moving in today, so I volunteered to help the clean the place. Anyway, The lady was not there while we were there, so when she called her husband I asked to talk to her. I told her that we got all of the house cleaned except the dining room and living room. This gal cried. She said "Kelli thank you so much. Tonight I will get to sleep in a bed in a nice clean house. I have not done that in over six months." I started to cry.

Then it was back home so that we could go to the grocery store, and the dairy. While we at the store Rusty asked if I had all the stuff to make chicken pot pie. Oh I so wanted to order in! But I made the chicken pot pie. So it is in the oven cooking.

Rusty and our friend went and got a Christmas tree today. So the house smells good! I had Rusty put the lights on and then Amber gets home we will decorate it. I only allow the children to put up six ornaments, so they have to pick out their six. If I do not limit it the tree would fall over.

Our dog Rascle has her jingle bell collar on. I so love that collar. Anyway when we brought the tree in she got happy. Rascle knows that when the tree comes, she will soon be getting a ham bone.

Butter is not sure what to do. He is scared of the tree. Butter is only 2 so this could very well be his first time seeing a tree.

The cats love the tree. The do not climb the tree, but they love sleeping under it!

O.K. the pot pie should be done. If it is then I am off to a nice warm bath and then off to bed. My back so needs a break.


cgtperkins said...

You have had a busy day! Im sure your friend is so grateful for your help cleaning, that was really sweet of you to do. Mmmm chicken pot pie sounds great!! Have a great evening.

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, How nice you helped that lady out, Potpie and a bath, two of my favorites, Hugs Lisa

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, By the way I got your card today, thanks so much, yours is on the way, Hugs Lisa

lifes2odd said...

Just stopping in to catch up. I'm sorry to hear things were so difficult but really glad to hear that you have been given some help! You are always doing things to help others. I'm happy you were able to get some help when it was needed. It's tha pay it forward thing you know?
Happy Holidays! Martha :-)

lurkynat said...

dear Kelli
I'm glad yu got a tree up! love,nat

gehi6 said...

It sounds like you are a very generous person who always thinks of giving even when you don't have much yourself! I like to read about your life because you are so kind and thoughtful. I do love how you set your journal up, and the graphics you choose.  I think it is very artistic.  I see you have 'unfamous artist' journal listed and 'dusty pages.'  I like to visit both of those.  Christmas will soon be here!  Gerry

lurkynat said...

dear Kelli
greaatings! your dogs and cats are so colorful! interesting! thanks!