Wednesday, December 6, 2006

up and moving

I am up and moving. It feels so good not to have to go to work super early! This week I am helping to get a paint store ready to open. It is not hard work, but I am picked on for being the only girl on the job sight.

Yesterday I was told to go jump on these things so that we could break them down and get them thrown away. Well that did not work, I just bounced right back. Then we were asked to break down so pallet. The guys just jumped on them, I bounced back. Then one of said  move and let me show you how to do it! Then he said, oh wait you only weight 90 pounds. HA HA he was not that funny! LOL

I was also not allowed to use to power tools. Why do guys feel the need to not let me play? Hmmm. Hubby said that drilling into cement is hard work and that I would not have been able to do it anyway.

I found out yesterday that a job a worked almost  a month ago was what the call a prevailing age job. So I should be getting a check for about $200 extra dollars! I can't wait. I guess good thing do happen to good people.

Well I need to finish getting ready for work. I hope everyone has a great day.


bethjunebug said...

You go girl!!! Get 'er done!! as my son says.
Was looking at your sidebar and notice you love animals too. I think all of us here in Jland loves 'em. I have 3 dogs= large male boxer 7yrs old, "Buster" he is fawn colored, 1 small female boxer 3 years old "Buttercup" she's also fawn, and a rottymix with lab he is 4yrs. "Bear", he looks looks like a black bear too, he was born without a tail,or a nub. He's cute.
And 7 cats=  "BAABAA" is 8 years old and is gray with white boots, we got him from my niece that passed away last year. Then theirs "Puff" he is white with blue crossed eyes-5 years old, his brother "Fluff" is white and fawn-both long hair, big cats,  there mom "Tasha" which she's about 8 years old, is all yellow some stripes & the softest fur ever. Then the other brothers from another litter she had are: "Baby" a beautiful very long haired cat with some yellow splottches on him, he is so sweet and remindes me of a rag doll, you can hold him anyway you want, kids can drag him, he just flops out, and if dropped he doesn't have the reaction others have, he doesn't land on his feet. So, you have to be careful with him. His brother's "TJ" is all striped yellow (he was named after my dear sweet "Tommy", that passed away last spring) Then theirs ""Moofasa" he short haired yellow and white. I also have a bird- "Buddy" he's a cocketiel, gray and white with orange cheeks. My friend died with cancer last year gave him to me with his mate before she died. The female grieved herself to death for my friend.
And thats my zoo.

lurkynat said...

hi Kelli! what a nice graphic!how great that you can go inlater now! cool beans!
Kelli your graphics are awesome too!
yours, natalie
thanks for commenting in my journal too! please come back! nat

springangel235 said...

What a beautiful journal you have your tags...Natalie sent me and so happy she did too...coming back...hugs and love,