Monday, December 11, 2006

mixed day

I am not sure if I want the holidays to come this year! Today was both good and bad. And since it ended on a bad note I am in a bad mood.

The job I went on today went very well. I worked for an hour and got paid for 4 1/2! I thought this was great and was hoping for a good day. Oh no that was all that went right.

A lady at the office asked me if I would give her a ride home. I did not really want to but I thought that being rude would not be nice either. So on the way home she is just going on and on about how hard her life is. Then she says well at least I have food stamps left. Well good for you NOT when I really needed help and applied for food stamps we were turned down, and yet you can get food stamps. I just wanted to throw her out of the car!

I had a second job planned, but that fell through. I was planning on using that money to buy Amber her one and only gift this year. Oh well. so goes my life.

Now that I am done with my rant. I have no anger against people who get food stamps or wel fare. I am just wondering what we have to do to catch a break.

I work my ass and I get no where. I even wrote to Santa and that got me no where. Do good things happen to good people? What am I saying. yes they do. I am just being negative. so I am going to end this entry.


cgtperkins said...

I love the tag!!! Dont you wish you could control alt delete........that would be so cool. Im sorry you had a bad day, hopefully tomorrow will be better.

mrsm711 said...

Hi Kelli,  Love the Tag!  Tomorrow just has to be a better day. (Can't get worse)  I will be thinking of you and wishing that every bit of goodness comes you way.  Please try to think positive.   Things will work out.  :)     Tracy

lurkynat said...

dearest Kelli
I'm praying tht things will turn around for you!
bw who gave you that darling angel?