Thursday, July 31, 2008

I don't want to.....

Last night was very trying for me.

I had to send Ryan back to the shower twice because he forgot to wash his feet. Now when you wear sandals all day the dirt line is very noticeably! Finally, after Ryan got out of the shower, I had to wash his feet myself.

That was when I discovered that he has very bad athletes feet. Great now on top of still having to wash this child at the age of 13, I now have to put cream on his feet every night.

Will this ever end? Will Ryan ever be able to do things on his own?

I want to go to the lake or the beach, but the last time I took Ryan to the lake he sat on his towel pouting because he wanted to go home.

I don't want to deal that.

I want to take a few hours to myself and get away, but I can't. The girls are gone doing their thing and Rusty is at work.

So here I sit today. One of laundry is started. The kittens are fed and their bedding is changed. The living room is cleaned up and the dish washer is unloaded.

So now what? Yet another day stuck in the house.

I did get the closet cleaned for the most part. I decided to only unpack and organize my stuff. That really did not take that long, because I just decided to get rid of a lot of stuff. I just stacked Rusty's stuff on the other side of the closet.

I do think that I am going to go get some space bags. I have a few suits and all of my dad shirts that I am just going to shrink down and then I can deal with all of it later.

I just had an epiphany. The reason that I am the crazy cat lady, and the reason I prefer to be around my animals is because that is what I have been forced into.

Rusty has a job and other things that he is involved in. The girls have school, friends, sports, and whatever else.

So who does that leave to take care of the house and Ryan? Who does that leave stuck at home all day everyday?


I have just as intelligent conversations with my animals as I do with Ryan. At least the animals love me back.

I need to end this entry. I can feel myself spinning downward. I need to go find something to do.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I wonder

I just sat down to read a few journals. The second one that I read was Gerry from the daughter of the shadow man.

She really made me stop and think about my own dad.

Right now I miss him. I miss him so much. I want to pick up the phone and call him. I want to hear his strong sweet voice.

I want my rock back. After all he is the one who taught me to be tuff. I am sure that there are so many more lessons that he did not teach me.

My dad left this world without answering a lot of my questions. There are times that I want to curse him. There are times I want to give him a hug. There are times when I just want my dad.

Sometimes I wonder if I had lived closer to him if I would have had the opportunity to ask my father these questions. Then again He and my mom were the ones that drove me away.

I am still so angry at my dad. I still speak of my father as if he is still alive. I know that my dad is dead. I helped my mom fill out the death certificate. I have some of his ashes.

Why do people die before the family can ask them all of the questions? Why do good people die. Why can't the people on death row die first?

Soon it will be the second anniversary of my fathers death. When will I cry? When will I forgive him? Will I ever stop loving him? When will stop talking about my dad as if he is still alive?

Today while I was cleaning out my closet I came across some of my dads old flannel shirts. I just looked at them and hung them in the back if the closet. I can't even bring myself to wear his shirts or to even look at them.

I so wish that Rusty was here so I could talk to him. No wait. I don't want Rusty here. I feel guilty when I talk to Rusty. I will start to say something and then I think that I am being selfish because Rusty has lost both of his parents.

This is a burden that only I can carry. I can't share this load with Rusty. So I guess until I figure out how to deal with all of this I am just going to keep going.

I do know that my dad is here with me tonight. I can feel him. I have looked around the room, and I do not see him, but I can feel him.

So this song is for my dad. He use to sing it to me all the time. The sad thing is... my dad asked me to come visit him and I told him that I couldn't because Amber was sick.


how do you sleep?

Well I think Amber is finally registered for college. I know that she still has to go turn in one paper to the veteran rep.

Yesterday Amber went up to the college and ended up calling Rusty and I in tears. Now on some level I should care, but for the most part I do not.

Amber has having trouble filling out some papers and some other things. Now 2 weeks before school starts Amber is rushing around and trying to get into some classes.

I just looked at Amber and said "I told you to start this whole process as soon as you graduated and instead you dicked around. Figure it out!"

Amber did eventually figure it out, so I am glad about that.

I am not trying to be a bitch here, but I am sick of helping Amber out. She needs to learn to stand on her own to feet. Don't get me wrong. I will be here if she gets into a real bind, but.....

I hate it when Rusty is gone. I am not sure how to sleep.

Rusty sleep's kinda in the middle of the bed because one of the dogs sleeps on the edge. The Butter is usually in the middle of Rusty and I. Then we have cats scattered all over the bed.

When Rusty is gone all of the animals claim his half of the bed. I actually got to spread out! It was so strange.

Today my major goal is to clean out my closet. I don't think Rusty or I have actually stepped foot in that closet, but it does need to be unpacked and gone through. If I find those damn botany cards, well they are going to disappear for good.

Yesterday I made a pet quilt and I have another one cut out. I have an idea for another big quilt, so I am looking forward to getting some sewing done today.

I do not know about the rest of the country, but we have an awesome 99 cent store! Yesterday Rusty and I went out there to get him some stuff to take and man we cleaned up!

When I go to the 99 cent store I can buy stuff that I might not normally buy. Well Yesterday they had a dozen eggs for 99 cent! Well, I bought my limit on them. I don't know how people make it if they are not shopping at the 99 cent store.

O.K. my day is calling me and I need to get everyone moving. Nikki is already gone for the morning. She started tennis practice yesterday.

I love the fact that Nikki plays sport's because that means she will spend less time with the "boyfriend from hell".


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sex with Toby Keith

The other night I could not sleep so I decided to take a sleeping pill. These pills usually don't bother me, but for whatever reason that night I had some strange dreams.

One of the dreams I had was that I was having sex with Toby Keith. I was digging this dream when Nikki woke me up by poking me. Nikki said mom " Mom I keep throwing up" I said " I am having sex with Toby Keith, go take an anti vomit pill and go to bed"!

I won't win mom of the year award for that.

The other day I had to block the military channel. Ryan really likes this channel, but one of the shows just sent me into a tail spin. The military channel had followed some marines around, and they brought this damn war into my living room. The things I saw and the language I heard was not good. When I told Rusty about this he agreed that I should block the channel and that we do not need this war brought into our living room. Let's face it, I live with the side effects of this war everyday.

For the most part I like where we live. I love being close to Nikki's school and close to where Amber works.

I could do without the drug dealers across the street or the ass hole who likes to fire his shot gun off at mid night, but other then that I am o.k. here.

Then the other day I get a call from my friend Linda who also happens to be my land lady. It seems that someone wrote a letter to the owner of the house saying that I have mean dogs and 10 cats.

Linda came over and took a picture of our dogs, and did not say much about our cat's. Linda got back with the owner and everything is cool now.

I am just pissed off that there are some nosey neighbors who seem to think they know what is going on inside my home.

They do not know shit about me. Other wise they would know that I keep a very clean house, all of my animals are very well cared for, they are all fixed and they all have their shot's.

This is why I try very hard to not to get to know people that live around me. I don't want people at my door and in my business constantly.

Rusty left for his trip this morning. He will be gone almost a week. I am not worried I have butter ( the dog above) and a revolver. So I am good.



Monday, July 28, 2008

Just hanging out

I am sitting here looking at a kitten who just knocked over a trash can and moved all of the papers out of it.... just so she can sleep in it!

We really did not do to much this weekend. I must say that I am getting really sick of all of these high temp's.

On Saturday George and I went out driving around and we found someone that was cleaning out a house. We scored so sweet stuff for free. Then we saw another house that had a pile of stuff with a sign on it that said free.

I grabbed this really cool coffee table and end table. I have gotten the end table all cleaned up and polished, so now I need to work on the coffee table. I don't think I am going to strip these table, but we will have to see.

I spent a lot of time making sure that Rusty had everything ready for his next trip. Rusty leave tomorrow and won't be back until Sunday. I would love to go to 29 palms with him, but I think the children would kill each other if I left them home alone for almost a week.

While Rusty is gone I have a few projects that I want to get done.

I need to unpack and clean out our closet. Yep, I have not even unpacked our closet yet. I guess I can give it all to good will since I don't need it? I was looking at the closet the other day and I am wondering if I really need my navy p coat. I love that coat when lets face it. I don't like snow, I don't like cold weather, so the chances of me ever wearing that coat again are slim to none. I will have to really think on this on.

Amber has drug her feet on getting all of Rusty's v.a. stuff turned in and now it is crunch time. Amber said " I can't afford to pay for my classes  four days to process Rusty's paper work." O.K. then maybe your ass should not have been at the beach? Somehow Amber's lack of planning is my problem? Oh I so don't think so.

I wonder if she realizes how many people would give anything to have a free full ride to college? Amber has it and she is just taking it for granted.

This litter of kittens is so easy going. They are starting to grow and two of them now have their eye's open. I know I was put on this earth to take care of critters.

Speaking of the babies, I need to go make them a bottle because they should be getting up soon.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I only have a few minutes

So yesterday I was just worn out! Then Amber starts bitching about not us not having any bread.

Amber: when are you going to go get bread?

me: I will buy food on Friday when Rusty gets paid.

Amber: no I think you should do get some today.

me: No, you have a job. If you want bread then take your happy ass to the store and buy your own damn bread.

Amber went and bought some bread. I told her to put the bread in her bedroom. I do not even want to see her bread!

Why can't humans eat their young?

The other day Nikki brought home a flyer of some of the programs that the church wants to start. Nikki suggested some that I might be interested in. I chose something else.

I called the pastor and volunteered to help with the food bank. When I worked for that charity I use to run the warehouse and one of the things we did was massive food distribution.

The pastor said that I was the only one so far who volunteered for that. I asked him to give me a call when he wanted to get start and I told him that I would help out.

Right now the babies are sleeping. I am hoping that they will sleep for a few hours. This morning they were very cranky, so I had to rock them, just to get them to go back to sleep. Yes I rock kittens.

Today Amber and Nikki are at the beach and Ryan is outside playing. It is nice to have the house to myself.

I have gotten the house cleaned up and dinner is in the crock pot, so if I hurry I might be able to get some sewing in.

My sewing machine is calling me.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

botnay cards

We have botany card.

We have botany cards from Africa.

We have botany cards from Africa, so that IF I am ever stranded in Afric during a rainy season I will know what I can eat!

Yesterday I was looking for a calendar that I printed out. I had unimportant stuff written on it. Stuff like when our bills are do, and other unimportant things.

Yesterday I started looking for this calendar so I could write down all of registration dates. It is gone!

I e mailed Rusty and he said "oh I thought it was trash so I threw it out in the trash"

What? We have botany cards that I moved at least three times but I am not allowed to have one sheet of paper?

Don't be surprised if those botany cards disappear!


These are my new foster babies. They arrived last night. There are three black kitties there! I have named one of them Miracle. The smallest of the group has one eye open. These babies were found in a laundry room at the barracks.

I did get some good news from Ryans school yesterday. This gal Karen that use to be the head of the special ed department is now Ryans Principal!

I love Karen. We can joke about stuff, but then when it is time to talk about Ryan it is all fair game and I turn into the bitch from Hell.

Karen said that she just accepted the job yesterday, and no they do not have a teacher for Ryans class yet, but she is working on it.

I also asked Karen if Ryan had been approved for ot. She said that she was not sure. I said " Well I know that he qualifies and if he does not receive services I will be bringing in an advocate."

An advocate is someone who knows the laws and knows the lawyers who take the school districts to court. I am so done playing games.

Today I am going to spend the day doing all the normal stuff but I am going to spend more time loving on these new babies!

Love and time will help them grow.\

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

no time

Rusty had to work a show all weekend, so I have not been able to spend much time with him. On Monday morning Rusty went into work late, so we were able to grab a few minutes of adult conversation.

The conversation basically gave me a long to do list.

Find out if the school system actually got Ryan a teacher for this up coming year. Find out if they are ever going to evaluate him for o.t. Call transportation and find out what time his bus will be picking him up. We all know how much I love dealing with the school system.... when it comes to Ryan.

I have to find out when it is sophomore registration. Turn in some of Nikki's books from last year. Try to get Nikki into a zero period, so she can take an extra class. Help Nikki find a job.

Ride Ambers ass until she actually takes all the paper work back to the college so she can pick her classes.

Take Ambers car in to get fixed since it failed smog. Find the money to get Ambers car fixed.

I need to try to find my birth certificate. I know that it is around here, but I dont know where. Knowing my luck I will find it once I order a new one.

While looking for my birth certificate we found papers that I can't believe we have. My husband is such a pack rat.

Amber swears that her and Cody are not dating, but Cody has been over here everyday since they got back from Europe.

Nikki has been spending her day's at the beach trying to learn to surf. I guess if you have blond hair and a nice tan, you should know how to surf. Then she will look like a real California girls.

Ryan has been spending playing with his new found friends. I am so happy that he is not just sitting around the house!

I have done a few puzzles and have just been lazy. I have no ambition to do much more.

I did get some great news yesterday. I very dear friend called to ask if her and her mom could come for a visit. I was so thrilled! I have not seen her in almost 5 years! I do wish she would bring the baby, but I understand that this her break from the baby. I have never seen or held this baby. I swear the child will be in college before I get to see her. I just can't wait for my dear friend to get here, so we can just sit and laugh again.

Well, my day is calling me. It is saying go vacuum the house, do the dishes, do the laundry, finish your sewing, pull something out for dinner.

Friday, July 18, 2008

An awesome day

Yesterday I was sitting here at my journal. I was just staring at the screen. I had nothing planned for the day. Well other then the normal shit...clean, cook, clean, do laundry....

Then Rusty called me. He said " you know that tool that you call the tool to launch the space shuttle, well can you bring it to me? I blew a water pump on the way to work today." Um O.K.

Ryan was at school. Amber was sleeping. Nikki had just gotten up. So I yelled up the stairs "Hey Nikki do you want to go to the beach? If so grab your swim suit."

I left Amber a note that said " Nikki and I ran away, clean up the house", then we were out the door.

We got down to Rusty's work and we hung around for a little bit to help Rusty.

Then Nikki and I stopped by the farmers market and we walked around there for a while. We saw some really cool stuff! I have not been to a farmers market in years.

Then it was off to the beach. I don't know why we even bothered bringing lawn chairs but we did, so we set them up and headed down the beach.

Nikki and I took our bags and started a beach clean up day. We walked all the way down to where the river comes into the beach. Then we decided to walk up the river. We had never gone up that far before so it was so nice to go explore that are with Nikki.

This also gave Nikki and I an opportunity to talk about her summer.

While traveling back east they used a book called Mennonite your way. So while the group was traveling they would call random people from this book and stay at their homes.

How this works is, people can sign up and then everyone is published in a  book. This way you can host travelers.

So that is what the group did. Nikki said that one family had books upon books of nothing but peoples names. Every time they opened their doors they would ask the people to sign in.

Another family took in this group of 7. Nikki said they were a blast! They ended up staying with this family for four day. The family fed them and gave them whatever they needed.

I thought that was so cool.

While down in Nicaragua the group ran into a lot of conflict.

One time their bus was surrounded by people trying to break into.... while everyone was still in the bus. Another time they had to pull off the road so that they could let the communist party pass.... while the communist pary fired of gun's.

I can tell that Nikki is Rusty's child. I would have been like get me out of here, but Nikki said she just got use to it.

On our way back up the beach Nikki and I saw a group of marines training, so we sat down to watch them. There is nothing better then watching marines run, swim, and do push ups. These were some fine young men. So Nikki and I called it our entertainment for the day.

Some lady just rode a horse down our street.

Once we got back to our beach chairs we took inventory of all of our trash. We found two big pieces of rope, a shoe, water bottles that had never been opened and a ton of balloons.

Let step up on my soap box here. Balloons are nasty. They kill our sea animals. The animals think they are food and will try to eat them! Stop taking balloons to the ocean and don't release them! O.K. I am off my soap box.

On our way back through base Nikki asked if we could go see the base brig. So we went by there. Nikki thought it looked small and that no one was there! I just laughed. There are people in there trust me. After we saw the jail we headed home.

I get home to find Amber all but hurt. I wanted to go to the beach! Oh grow up and get a grip.

Today I have to get house work done! I goofed off all day yesterday, so today is hard core cleaning day. after I go up some lotion on my body. My skin is so dry from being out in the sun yesterday.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I have landed

A very dear friend of mine once told me that I always land on my feet.

I was laying in bed last thinking about that. I have landed once again.

After all I have been through this year, I am still here.

The other night I was sitting outside and Rusty came out and sat with me.

I said "Well, we have helped both of the girls dreams come true this year. Amber got to go to Europe, and Nikki got to go back east and go to Nicaragua. We have made it through another summer."

It was with that statement that I opened a sore spot for Rusty.

Rusty said " I am sick of just making it. I am sick of our dreams be put on hold. I am sick of settling for third best. I am sick of having to have to juggle money and wonder if you are going to get sick."

I said " I am sorry that I got sick"

Rusty: " It's not that you got sick. It's that we had to take money that we were going to pay our bills with, so that you could get medicine. I am sick of you not having insurance. I am sick of just making it"

I guess I can see where Rusty is coming from. I know that we are "poor", but I do not consider us poor. I have been without health insurance for a while. I am use to going to the free clinic.

I am use to getting stuff second hand. I am use to juggling bills and money. I am use to waiting for stuff that we need. I am so use to it that I think it is normal.

I do not think we are poor.

I do however think we are rich. We have a place to live, we have food, we have three cars that run, we are able to help our children reach their dreams.

We are rich because we have friend that love us and friends that will do anything for us.

I guess it is all perspective.

 Last week I spoke to my mom about the Egypt trip.....again.

My mom Rusty and I  all agreed that no one is going to Egypt. It is not a good time for anyone.

Maybe this is what Rusty is talking about? Not being able to afford what we want?

Anyway, I am going to go get Ryan and I a passport and we are going to go visit my mom in Mexico. Every year my mom rents a condo in Mexico for a month, so I am going to take Ryan and go to Mexico for a week.

I am not sure what I am going to do about Ryan not being able to write his name. I am going to ask if a "X" can still be used as a signature. I would think that they would have something in place for people that can't write.

Today I am going to just do some stuff around here. I have to help Nikki unpack. There is a lot of stuff that we need to up for next year, so I will need to get that crated up.

Amber has to go up to the college and finish turning in all of her paper work. I am just waiting for the sticker shock on the price of her books.

Life and time march on. Right now I have to work on saving the money for air fare to Mexico. That will only be about $600.00.  I am going to do some yard sale's and once school starts I will look for some odd jobs.

Then I will help the girls raise the money they need for there next big adventures.

Yes, I have been tossed around a lot this year, and yes my Egypt dream is put on hold, but I am still here and I am moving forward with whatever life hands me.

Life is good.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nikki is home

Nikki got home last night about 8 p.m. I was never so happy to hug my child.

Nikki and I have been chatting about her trip and the trip she wants to take next year. Next year Nikki wants to go on a five week, five country missions trip!

I was going to spend my day doing all of Nikkis laundry, and then packing up her missions stuff, but Nikki's luggage is lost.

So once it gets her I am sure that it will just smell so good.

Nikki has not been in this country for the Fourth of July in three years. However Nikki did say that she got to see fireworks on the 14th. It seems that the town they were in is also where the communist party has there headquarters. So they were celebrating something on the 14th.

A few days before Nikki left, Nikki's other mom asked me to make a quilt for the missionaries in Nicaragua. So I dug out the material and made a simple quilt for them. Nikki said that the lady just cried, because someone made her something and this person did not even know her.

I was in shock. It was a simple quilt. I make so many quilts every year. I am glad that the quilt I made for them brought them so much joy.

Today I am going to do some stuff around here, and wait on Nikki's luggage to arrive. Rusty is going to take Amber to register for college.

Did I just say that? Our oldest is registering for college. Wow, I did not think she would make it this far. I swear there were time when I was going to strangle her out!

I am going to go spend time with our daughter.

Monday, July 14, 2008

For my dear friend

Lyn these pictures are for you. I do hope that these pictures bring back good memories for you! Please do not get homesick, but instead think about this young lady who got to see your home country.

I do have one question for you. What in the heck do you put in that little car? I think my 100 pounds of dog food weight more then the car does! LOL Amber wants a little car like that.

Yesterday I just hung out around here. I did run to wal mart to get a few things, but other then that I did nothing yesterday. It was so nice to just sit and chill with Rusty.

Amber got my gastro bug. So she is notfeeling all that great. I just love sharing with my children.

Today I am going to get some sewing done. I have 2 quilts and some pet quilts that need get done.

I have been chatting with another j lander (Betty) and we are going to meet for lunch once Nikki gets back and get's settled in.

So Betty asked me if I really owned a Burka. I told her yes, and I said that I would wear it to lunch so that way she would be able to know it is me! Betty said that she will have her camera ready for me.

Now you be wondering why I even have a Burka. Well it belonged to my late mother in law. I have been wanting to wear it for a while, but I have just never had a reason to wear it. I have put the Burka on several times and I must say that the women who have to wear it must be smoldering under it!

Nikki should be packing up to start her trip home.  Nikki should be back at the church around 10 p.m.. I can't wait to see her and to give her a hug.

As much as my children drive me nuts I am so proud of all of them.

One of the marines should be coming home this week. I need to go get a big box and make a welcome home banner. I will be standing there up at March waving our banner and our flags. I know that it is not much, but I don't know how else to say thank you for a job well done.

While one Marine is coming home another one just left yesterday.

I know that life comes in cycles, but I am really sick of seeing my Marines leave. I am sick of this war. I am sick of saying goodbye. But until they all come home I will keep the candle burning for them.

I better go get my day started.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

welcome to America


Yesterday I looked at Ambers passport. I wanted to see the stamps from all the different countries that she visited. Amber had ONE stamp and that was from Italy!

I guess you don't get stamps when you travel through Europe? However I did expect to see a stamp from the good old USA. Nope. No stamp. Amber said that they did not even look at her passport in New York.

Welcome to America. We do not have enough bad people here. So please come make yourself at home and bomb the crap out of us!

I felt so good yesterday that I did not take a nap all day. I actually got a lot of house work done and even made dinner for Rusty. It was so nice to have the energy to not only cook dinner but to serve it to him as he watched his favorite t.v. show. Yes I spoil that man.

Yesterday afternoon I noticed that I smelled. I mean really smelled. I had been in the same cloths for 4 days! How did Rusty stand to sleep next to me? It was nice to shower and make myself smell good. I even washed my hair and got it all done.

So now I am feeling good. I smell good and I have energy left to burn. So I said had Rusty lets go have sex. I checked to make sure all of the equipment was still there. Yep it was. Cool. I am thinking I can have some wild crazy sex. Oh no Rusty said that I still need to rest and that sex would have to wait until I feel even better. GRRRR

I found out yesterday that Amber is a slut. Yep. Amber finally met this kid Cody's mom. Cody's mom told Cody that she did not want him having sex before marriage. So you think my daughter is slut? I had to laugh. Last night Amber was getting ready to go over to Cody's house. I said "Hey Amber my burka is in the garage if you want to wear it!"


Last night Rusty and I started talking about the Marine Corps ball. Oh I so hate ball time. Thisyear I have decided that I might actually get involved and help get this ball off the ground. I know that I will be bitching about this until the ball is over with, but I know that it would mean a lot to Rusty.

I do not have a lot that I have to get done today, so I think I am going to get some sewing done and chill for most of the day. I do need to go find the weed eater and shave my legs.



Friday, July 11, 2008

I am up right

   I am feeling much better right now. After I am done with this entry I am going to get busy trying to get this house cleaned up. Then I will burn up whatever energy I do have and be back in bed by this afternoon. I am so bad.

Now that I am feeling better I am going to sit down and look at all of Ambers pictures from Europe. I am so glad that she took this trip and had this experience.

While on this trip Amber met a boy named Cody. The first time I met Cody I about fell over. He looks just like Rusty did! i told Amber that she is dating her dad. I told Rusty that this Cody kid looked just like him, and then when Rusty met him Rusty said " My ears were never that big"

My mom adopted one of the kittens. So one of the marines offered to drive the kitten back to Chicago for me.... since he was going that way anyway.

So the kitten arrived in Chicago yesterday. My mom was at work so I told the marine to go in the back door and I told him where everything was. Then I said " Just think you are standing in my childhood home". That grossed the marine out. I guess it is a good thing I did not tell which room my dad died in. I am just so happy that they kitten made it there.

Nikki comes home in three days! I am so happy. I can't wait to hear all of her stories. Once she has been back in the states for a few days I want to take both of the girls out and just hang out with my girls.

School should be starting soon and this summer has just flown by. I have no idea where it went. I have not gotten in enough beach days, I have not spent enough time working in the yard, I have not spent enough time just hanging out with Rusty. Does time go by faster as you get older?

I need to go take some meds and get some cleaning done before I start feeling like crap again.

Oh, I am cheating on my brat diet this morning. I am having a cup of coffee! LOL

Thursday, July 10, 2008

brat diet

This is how I feel!

Nikki and her gang got off o.k. and I have not heard from them so that must be good.

The day after Nikki left I started feeling like crap.

Yesterday I hit rock bottom when I started vomiting. So I had Amber take me to the hospital.

I have a sinus infection, a gastro infection, and the flu. Well when I get sick I do it right!

The doctor just loved me because I am allergic to penicillin.

So I am on so med, some anti vomit medicine that makes me sleep. I still feel like crap! I know it has only been 24 hours since I started my med's but man I am sick of being sick.

The doctor put me on the brat diet. Do you know what that is? It basically means that I starve! I can't live on banana, rice,apple sauce and toast. I so want a slice of pizza.

Amber and Rusty have turned into Nazi's. Rusty went and bought all the food on my list, and Amber is making sure that I only eat those foods. They have set up a bed side table for me and the table is loaded with everything I need. No what I need is a nice big slice of pizza and some sun screen so I can go to the lake.

I called Rusty yesterday and told him that I was going to have Amber take me to the hospital. So Rusty hurried up and finished up at work and came right home. He even called Amber to find out what the doctor said because he knew I would tell him that I was fine.

Bless Ambers heart she was listening to the all of the doctors orders and then she said "Is then anything all natural that we should be doing" That's my girl right there.

My head is going to throb right off my shoulders so it is time to go back to bed before the Nazi's come and get me.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Tonight Amber will be come home.

Tonight Nikki will finish getting ready to leave.

Tonight 4 other children who are going with Nikki will be spending the night.

Tonight the house will be filled with laughter.

Tonight the house will be filled with stories.

Tonight I will have 7 children try to eat me out of house and home.

Tonight I will tell all of the children to go to bed, but they won't.

Tonight I am going to rejoice because my home will be filled with the laughter of children.

Tonight I will not sleep because Nikki and all of her friends are leaving at 2 a.m.

Tomorrow I will put the house back together.

Tomorrow Amber will dump all of her laundry on the floor.

Tomorrow I will want a nap.

Tomorrow I not want to cook.

However tonight I am going to enjoy the fact that I raised 2 very good children.

As I sit right now I am wondering how they grew up so fast. I am glad that they are growing up. I am just glad that I am here to watch them turn into beautiful young women who have minds of their own.



Tuesday, July 1, 2008

it is not.....

O.K. for everyone that said my coffee pot look's like a bong..... well your right! Trust me if it was a bong and if I had weed I would be using the crap out of it!

My sunshine came home yesterday! It was so nice to give Nikki a hug. Today I ended up with a house full of her friends. I just loved it!

I spent today running around getting all of the last minute stuff for her trip to Nicaragua.

Amber called me today.She is in London and is LOVING it. Amber said Italy was dirty, Switzerland was beautiful, Paris was gross, and London is perfect.

I told Amber to go to the Embassy and get a picture of it for me. My dad was stationed there. The Army use to have a nuclear weapons stored next to the embassy, so my got to spend a lot of time in London. However my dad did not like London. He said that all it did there was rain. Amber said that she has not seen rain yet.

Amber did say that she would like to go live in the UK for a year or so. I told Amber well then I suggest you come home and figure out how to get back there. Or you could be a homeless person on the streets of London.

Ryan has a friend. I am so glad that Ryan has met another little boy with issues. The boy does not pick on Ryan and these boys play very well together. I am just so happy for Ryan!

Target has these new earth friendly bags and I so want them. However there are 8 of them and they are $10.00 each. So for now I only have two of them. One say's clean and green. and then other one says organically grown. I will find a way to get the rest of the bags! LOL

O.K. I think I am actually going to go walk the dogs.

Oh the joys of my life.