Wednesday, July 30, 2008

how do you sleep?

Well I think Amber is finally registered for college. I know that she still has to go turn in one paper to the veteran rep.

Yesterday Amber went up to the college and ended up calling Rusty and I in tears. Now on some level I should care, but for the most part I do not.

Amber has having trouble filling out some papers and some other things. Now 2 weeks before school starts Amber is rushing around and trying to get into some classes.

I just looked at Amber and said "I told you to start this whole process as soon as you graduated and instead you dicked around. Figure it out!"

Amber did eventually figure it out, so I am glad about that.

I am not trying to be a bitch here, but I am sick of helping Amber out. She needs to learn to stand on her own to feet. Don't get me wrong. I will be here if she gets into a real bind, but.....

I hate it when Rusty is gone. I am not sure how to sleep.

Rusty sleep's kinda in the middle of the bed because one of the dogs sleeps on the edge. The Butter is usually in the middle of Rusty and I. Then we have cats scattered all over the bed.

When Rusty is gone all of the animals claim his half of the bed. I actually got to spread out! It was so strange.

Today my major goal is to clean out my closet. I don't think Rusty or I have actually stepped foot in that closet, but it does need to be unpacked and gone through. If I find those damn botany cards, well they are going to disappear for good.

Yesterday I made a pet quilt and I have another one cut out. I have an idea for another big quilt, so I am looking forward to getting some sewing done today.

I do not know about the rest of the country, but we have an awesome 99 cent store! Yesterday Rusty and I went out there to get him some stuff to take and man we cleaned up!

When I go to the 99 cent store I can buy stuff that I might not normally buy. Well Yesterday they had a dozen eggs for 99 cent! Well, I bought my limit on them. I don't know how people make it if they are not shopping at the 99 cent store.

O.K. my day is calling me and I need to get everyone moving. Nikki is already gone for the morning. She started tennis practice yesterday.

I love the fact that Nikki plays sport's because that means she will spend less time with the "boyfriend from hell".



hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))))))))I am glad Amber did what She needed to do on Her own.You sound like my Mom,when you say Boyfriend from hell.LOL.

lv2trnscrb said...

I needed your entry today; geesh these kids!!!! I've been dealing with a kid issue today too; this kid needs to stop causing me so much anxiety; actually, I need to let the kid go on his own, LOL

so glad Amber is registered and going to attend college!!!

I love the dollar store; I just wrote an entry about it the other day; I agree, how do people make it without one??

too funny about not knowing where to sleep with Rusty gone; amazing we let those furry animals take over our bed

sorry Nikki has the boyfriend you aren't fond of; I'll tell you what, can we trade kids for a few weeks??????????


lisa41076 said...

Kelli, glad Amber is registered, I watch Cold Case before I go to bed, Love Lisa

nelishianatl said...

I am glad Amber is registered and you are being FORCED to show tough love to her in order to get her to take responsibility and accountability for her own actions.  I totally get that.  Hard headed know it all children, well, not meaning to step on your toes but I have one of my own.  I am sincerely glad she's in though.

I could not live without our .99 cent store.  I end up spending way more money than I think I will every time I go in there.  VERY cool stuff.

We both kinda sleep in the middle. Don't have dogs and the cats are put up because we don't want little feet that's been in the litter box all day walking up on our bed spreading those particular parasites around that can cause toxemia.  I'm not a germaphobe at all.  You should see my house but I have to be careful.  I worry less with dogs than with some people I have known in the past though. LOL



buggieboo1 said...

we don't have a 99 cent store! We have a dollar store! I don't think I ever saw eggs there though!


helmswondermom said...

You're not being a bitch -- kids do have to learn to do things on their own, whether they like it or not.  Glad she got it figured out.