Sunday, August 31, 2008

welcome home

I just wanted to jump on and leave a little note.

One of the marines came home today!

I love the smell of sweat and dirt. I am doing his laundry right now.

he called me at 7:20 a.m. and said "Mom I am at March and I have already kissed the ground."

When we picked him up he said "Thank you guy's for picking me up. It is nice to come home to someone."

I am going to go cook dinner for this young man.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

what did the t shirt say?

photo of a man facing down a tank in 1989

So how many of us remember watching this on t.v.?

The shirt I wore to base last Wednesday has this picture on it. Above the picture my shirt say's: No retreat, no surrender, no compromises. On the back of the shirt it say's " This is a war. A war of ideas. Live offensively."

I have such a bad head cold. Yesterday I just wanted to crawl into bed and never leave. My hair even hurt yesterday!

Right now I am feeling a little bit better. The again it is only 3 something in the morning, so I am sure that my mood will change.

Rusty is so sweet to me. Yesterday he ordered me my favorite breadsticks and went and got me some over the counter meds and tucked me into bed. I just love the way he takes care me. I am such a lucky women.

I feel like I should be doing something productive, but what you can do? I don't want to wake up the whole house. Or do I? No, it is way to early to have everyone up.

Today we have nothing planned and then tomorrow we are going to be on stand by all day because we should have a marine coming home. I am going to make sure that I am there for him, even if I look and feel like hell.

I am so sick. I am going back to bed.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

happy place

So lets see. First thing this morning I had Ryan's IEP. We only had two major changes that we wanted made. The first thing we wanted was for Ryan to be taught to type. The school system even has these little keyboards that Ryan can type on and then this ketboard plugs into a computer and Ryan can print out all of his work. Well the principle agreed and now Ryan will be learning to type.

We also asked that Ryan be taught how to use a calculator. The principle agreed.

For years we have been spinning our wheels with Ryan. We have tried every writing program, and he still can't write. We have tried every math program and this child still can't do basic math. So now we are moving on and are just going to give Ryan the skills he will need to get by.

Rusty and I are both very pleased.

Today I wanted to finish a quilt, because I need to get some of them quilted. I was almost done when I tried to hurry. I ended up sewing the last two lines wrong. So I had to take it all apart and do it again. That does not even bother me. I am still in my happy place.

Today I met a fellow j lander for lunch and we had a blast! I know that I will be seeing more of her and her son. Amber and this fellow j landers are the same age, so I am sure that they will end up going out and doing something.

Rusty was not feeling to good today so he came home early. I am glad that he is home. I think I am just going to go demand that he rub me down.

I am still sore from yesterday. Rusty say's that I am to old to be body surfing. I think he is just jealous that he can't body surf. LOL

I also got a phone call from Iraq today. It looks like all of my boy's are coming home! I can't wait to hold them. I have also gotten word that one of the boys is coming back injured, but they have not told me that.... they told Amber and I don't think I am suppose to know. That's o.k. I will be right here waiting for him, hurt or not, these are my boys.

Life is good.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

body surfing

At 7:30 this morning Amber say's " mom I do not have to work or go to school today. Let's go to the beach." I immediately said " let's do a general clean up and then we can go."

Sam came along with us and man we had a blast today!

Our first stop was the animal shelter. I dropped of some quilts and some dog leashes.

Then it was off to the beach. On our way through base we saw Rusty heading in the other direction. So I called him and we met for lunch.

When we got to subway Rusty was waiting on us. So I get out of the car and say "Hey sexy if you don't mind can I take you to lunch?" Amber and Sam are use to me, but the marines that were around us looked at Rusty and I funny. I was also wearing a very controversial shirt. That got a lot of looks, but I don't care. None of the marines dared to say anything to me.

Once we got back from lunch we walked on the beach and did a beach clean up. The marines were out training so it was kinda cool to see them driving down the beach.

Then we went rock climbing and we found some really cool shells.

By that time we were all hot, so it was body surfing time. I had so much fun out there body surfing. Then we went in and grabbed the boogie boards. The waves were so perfect. I did loose it a few times, and all Amber and Sam could say, "Well it is a good thing you are a great swimmer".

Rusty picked up Ryan and took him out to dinner, so now I have the evening to myself. I wish I could say that I was going to do something exciting, but I am starting to feel sore.

Today reminded me why I love to live in southern California. Sun, sand, and surf. Today was the nice break that I needed. My mind is now clear and I am ready to take on the world.

One of the marines called us today and he told us that another should be home this week. So we are just sitting on go. The marine that will be coming home will get back in just enough time to check in, get a few things settled, and go home to see the birth of his first child!

Life is good.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

mood lifter

I have no idea what it is about me and cleaning.

The other night I was so pissed off that I actually washed my car. I never wash my car because I think it is a waste of time, water and energy. I did however discover that the title of my car is right. I do own a white car. Here I was thinking it was black with a lot of dust mixed in.

The down side to he car was that I could not find my car in wal mart parking lot. I was looking for a black car and now mine was white. I guess the guys at base will be happy. They wont have to wipe dirt off my windshield to read my decal.

This morning at 7:30 I fired up the carpet cleaner. Amber just looked at me and said " what are you doing?" I just looked at her like here is your sign.

Once I got the carpets cleaned I started putting all the furniture back. Then I stopped. I put some of the furniture out in the garage and rearranged some stuff. I love the way the house looks now.

My question is : Are we dirty people or I am I just to clean? I feel like I should clean the carpets every month. I wanted to puke when I saw how dirty the water was.

So, after I got the carpets cleaned I went to wal mart. I only had to pick up a few things. O.K. now I am a women on a mission. I get to the check out line and low and behold I do not have my wallet. I sent Amber out to the car, but it was not there. My wallet was right where I left it. On the bed!

According to the news we are suppose to have flash floods today. So I was looking around. Nope, not a cloud in the sky. I don't think we are going to get them.

Rusty had a blast at his cigar social last night. I am glad that he has this outlet.

Rusty said that he might get off work early today, so I am looking forward to spending some time with Rusty. Even if it us just talking while I clean up the kitchen.

Here is the link to burning man. One of these days I will get there! Even if it is my children throwing my ashes everywhere!

Well my sewing is calling me.

Monday, August 25, 2008

yes it is Monday


Yes it is Monday.

So last night a friend called me and said "I have two extra tickets to burning man. Do you want to go. We have the bus packed and you can ride with us."

I wanted to cry. Hell yes I want to go to burning man. I could be packed in no time. Since everyone will be nude I want need much clothing.

Then reality hit me and I to turn down everything down. I can't just pack up and leave. There would be no one here to take care of Ryan.

So I guess my question is... If life is what happens while your busy making plans for the future, then what happens when you can't make plans for the future?

So today I just did stuff around here. I did get a lot of sewing done, and I got Ambers blanket all tied together. So that is one Christmas gift done with.

Rusty is out at a cigar social, so he will not be home for dinner. Amber is working, so she wont be home for dinner. So it looks like the rest of us are going to be having left overs. I am just not in the mood to cook.

I did finally find someone with a carpet cleaner, so tomorrow I am going to clean the carpets. My life is just so exciting that I can't stand it! LOL

Last night I finally saw the show Michael Vick. Animal planet did an awesome job! I am so glad that a rescue group stepped up and took all of the pit bull's. I can imagine destroying those dogs just because people mistreated them.

My mistreated pit is the best dog in the world and I don't know what I do have I lost him. I swear someday that dog is my sanity.







Sunday, August 24, 2008

I love Rusty....

Over the past several day's Rusty has reminded me why I love him so much.

One the day Amber had her accident with the cat, Rusty came home and was there for Amber. Rusty works with another retired marine and this marine reminded Rusty that this is a big deal to Amber. After all Amber still calls Rusty's to kill spiders. I love the way Rusty waited up for Amber and gave her a hug and just let her cry.

I love the fact that after going out with the boy's he called to tell me that he had a great time and thanked me for telling him to go. It is not that Rusty has to ask permission to go out with the boy's, it is the fact he knows I held down the fort and that he would not have to do anything, but go have a good time.

I love the Rusty cranked up a song on you tube and we danced on the porch. We have not done that in a very long time.

I love the way Rusty helped me clean out a house down the street and in return Rusty got a workbench and we got some other things for the house.

I love the way Rusty just sat on the bed on watched me changed the filter on the cold air return. For years Rusty and I have argued over me doing things like that. Now I got to change the filter without him complaining.

I love the way Rusty watched me take a nap today.

I love the way Rusty said nothing to me when I had to turn down tickets to burning man. Rusty knows that I have wanted to go. He knows that I want to run around naked and set things on fire.

Friday, August 22, 2008

today is another day

The dogs are driving me nuts. There are people in the back yard cutting down my sun flowers...grrrr...and the dogs can't go out. They so want to go run in their back yard.

Amber is hanging in there and she will be o.k. It just really sucks for her.

All of the kitties are doing fine this morning.

Tonight I have some running around to do. I need to go wal crap and pick up some material for amber's blanket. If I get it done now I can put it up for Christmas and that will be one less thing I will have to worry about.

I got a phone call from one of the marines and he told me that he will be home soon! I can't wait to hold the marines. I also talked to this marines mom and she will be coming down for his home coming. I can't wait to see her. We always have a good time when we are together.

I guess now is my time to dance.

Today I do not have a lot to do. just the general stuff that has to be done everyday. After yesterday I so don't want any excitement.

I do think that I am going to run to Target and see if they still have this shirt that I have been wanting. Now that is excitement at it's best! LOL


Thursday, August 21, 2008

where is my shrink?

I was cleaning up the kitchen. The kittens had just finished their mid morning meal. The can make such a mess!

Amber comes in and flops onto the recliner. Then we a cry. She jumps out of the chair, turns the chair over and starts screaming.

I picked one of the kittens up and wrapped it in a blanket. It died a few seconds later.

The other kitten that was under the chair was not walking all that good.

I called my girlfriend that works at the vets office and asked her if she could dispose of the body. They could.

I got dressed. I grabbed my bundle, Amber grabbed the other kitten and we headed out the door.

All I could do was pray. "Lord please let gabby live and give me the words to say to Amber."

Amber could do nothing but scream and cry.

We finally get to the vets office. The vets gave the kitten a once over and she was fine. The vets tried to calm Amber and it worked a little bit.

Amber is so shaken, and is still crying. Amber keeps saying that all she can see is the poor kittens limp little body laying there.

Rusty is like just get over it. I guess when you have taken a human life, killing a kitten is nothing. So Rusty is not being sympathetic.

To Amber this is a big deal.

I wish my shrink would answer his phone. I would say "I had no idea what to do. I wrapped the kitten up in a quilt, and I held him as he died. I tried to calm Amber down. We even got the other one checked out and she is fine. How do I get that vision out of Ambers head. Amber has never killed anything before and this is really breaking her up. What else can I do to help my daughter?"

Time marches on and I need to go cook dinner.

you will get tired just reading this.

Well, there it is. Greg was getting dressed when I finally showed up with his quilt. I was playing beat the clock because Greg ended up leaving on Tuesday and not Wednesday. Since it has hit the news already I can tell you that he was going to go support another unit, and that unit took heavy causalities yesterday.

I had to take two of the kittens into the vets office. It turns out that they have an  infection so they are on meds for the next week. The kittens that are sick are very small for their age, but the vet said that once they get weaned that they should start to put on some real weight. The sick kittens are the brown ones.


Amber has been keeping me on my toes. Amber did get into an English class that she needed, so I am very happy about that. I was not happy when the only class she signed up for was yoga.

Amber also finally found out that she has passed the high school exit exam. I am so proud of her!

Amber got pulled over the night. She made an illegal u turn while coming home from school. I must have taught her well since she got out of the ticket. Amber pushed her boobs up and started crying. She told the officer " I just left my first night of college and I got lost trying to get back to the freeway. Can you please help me." The cop let her off with a warning! LOL. I am glad that those big hooters came in handy!

Amber has drained my coffee can. I have a coffee can that I place money in from time to time. Since Amber has screwed around and not gotten her papers filed I have had to pay for college. I told Amber that I WILL be paid back. I should not have to carry her because she did not listen to us.

Amber asked me for gas money last night. I am not going to give it to her. She can go take it out of savings. This will teach Amber what savings is for and it show her that her lack of planning will cause her to loose some money. She will get paid on Friday for driving those children to school, but she has class tonight, and no gas.

This is Nikki's diaper bag/ school bag. I had to run Nikki around so that she could get her sports physical. I have never had such a run around! Well, she should be set for this year.

Nikki has been getting a lot of homework, so she has been burning the midnight oil. I feel for her.

I do however like her English teacher. This teacher is having the children take stories out of the news and do some digging on their own. So Nikki is learning that there is more to every story then just what the news shows. I like a teacher that will challenge my child to really think and to make her own conclusions.

I have been on the phone with Ryans school.....everyday for the last 3 days!

I got into an argument with a substitute teacher over a form that I wont sign so Ryan can use the computer. Rusty and I talked about it and Ryan is no where near ready to be on the Internet, not to mention that he has no clue what a mouse is, or how to use a computer. The sub said "Would you like to explain to Ryan why he can't use the computer? I can put him on the phone." That was it! I snapped back "His father and I are his parents and we do not have to clear or explain our actions to our children."

I did find out that the principal at Ryans school has started a special ed gym class. I was so very happy to hear about that. I also found out that since Ryan loves basketball, that we could mainstream him for gym, so that he can play nothing but basketball.

I am trying to figure out how Ryan got good at basketball. First of all he is a white boy who can't jump and his father never played basketball! LOL

Here is my sewing machine and my stash of material. I am so glad that I had that stash, because I did not have any extra money when I needed to make Greg's quilt. I do still have another quilt to make, because we will have another marine leaving soon.

I also need to get back to my mom's scarf.

Amber has been asking me to make her a quilt out of Hawaiian material. But yesterday I saw some Hawaiian fleece material, and I think I am going to make a her a tie quilt. I will put that blanket up and give it to her as a Christmas gift.

My fingers are still really sore. I must wonder how some women can sew forever and it does not seem to bother them.

Here is our computer desk. I refinished this desk a few years back. It took me all summer to sand off all the old paint, but it is finally done. I just put a clear coat on to seal the wood. I love the way the desk turned out.

Today I am just going to do the usual. I do not have to go anywhere or do anything and I am so looking forward to that. I am so sick of being on the move.

I found this video on you tube, so I thought I would share it with you.

Monday, August 18, 2008

we finally got a break

Yesterday a neighbor lady stopped by. She needed someone to take her boy's to school three days a week. So Amber took the job. This lady is going to pay Amber $30 a week to take her to school. It is a total of two miles round trip! That is enough to fill up Ambers car. So now she does not need to wonder how she is going to put gas in her car! Amber is finally starting to use her head.

Last payday I bit the bullet and got all of our bill caught up and current. It feels so good. We can now start putting money back into our savings account. It feels good to be back on our feet.

On Friday Rusty is going to take a bed down to a marine. I will be so happy to get it out of the garage! I will finally be able to get in there and get the garage cleaned up. This will be the last time I offer to let the marines put anything in my garage. I had told the marines that they could store one crate and most of them took advantage of it.

Nikki needs to raise $200 to go to youth convention. Youth convention is held in San Diego Thanksgiving weekend and there over 3,000 teens for southern California that go go to this event. Nikki and I have decided that she is going to have a yard sale to raise the money. I could just give her the money, but I think she should have to work for it. Once the garage is cleaned up we can start gathering stuff.

The kittens are doing great! They think they are big kitties now and they run all over the house and play. They are even starting to stalk! I just love this age.

I have the marines quilt all pinned together so all I have to do is sit down and sew it up today. Tonight I can sit in bed and do all the hand stitching.

I was telling Rusty that over the last few months people have given me a lot of material, and that I was not sure what I was going to do with it. Well now I know! I am going to take those scrapes of material and make some quilts!

Today I have the city coming by to look at my sunflowers. One of my neighbors complained to the city saying that they were to big and that they were weeds.

I guess to some people they may be weeds. To me they are perfect. They are native to California and they require very little water. Heck, all we see on t.v. are ad's to conserve water and to plant native California plants. I just wish that people would leave me alone.

Rusty really shocked me yesterday. He actually went through his dresser and got rid of a bunch of stuff! Rusty said that he had finally gotten sick of not being able to put his clothes away. I just wish Rusty would have done this before we moved! LOL

On my to do list today: finish the marines quilt, fold the never ending laundry, and cook dinner.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

oh my poor fingers.

I told myself that I was going to have my mom's scarf finished this weekend. What that did not happen.

I had a heck of a time trying to wean three of the cat's. I finally put some wet food down for them and then they ate. What was I thinking? Silly me thinking that they would drink milk out of a bowl. So I now only have two left on the bottle. I will try to wean them within the next few weeks.

Then I found out that next week one of the marines will be leaving. What? Why is everyone getting orders at the last minute? This marine does not have a quilt, so I had to get busy and get a quilt done.

I should have the quilt done tonight. On Wednesday, Rusty is going to take the marine out to dinner and give him his quilt. I was thinking about going out to dinner with them, but driving all the way down to base just for dinner is not a good use of gas.

I also found out that another marine will be leaving soon. So I need to get busy on his quilt.

My fingers are so sore from sewing! yes I will make sure to take pictures of the quilts.

Well there really has not been to much else going on, so I better get back to my sewing.

If there is no rest for the wicked then I have been very wicked lately!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hush your mouth

Yesterday I was at the 99 cent store, and this guy in the produce department was talking to me. I went on about my shopping and out of no where I here "how did you get that bruise on your arm?"\

My first instinct was to say that sex got a little rough last night, but instead I turned to see who was talking to me. It was the same guy from the produce stand.

I explained to him what happened and he said " Are you Jewish?" I just smiled and said "No my father is the son Irish and my other grandmother lived through the great depression. I was thought to waste nothing".

I have not heard that slang term in a long time. Are you Jewish? I heard that a lot when I was growing up, and it did not bother me. Now that I am an adult that saying really offends me.

Nikki and Ryan are at school. Amber went to a friends house, and Rusty is at work. The babies are sleeping and the dogs are out back! I am so loving this. I am so in the moment right now.

Today I have to go pay a few bills and then I am going to go back to the 99 cent store. They had some really nice looking mum's, so it is time for me to go play in the dirt.

Other then that I am just going to sit around here and do the usual. Which will be nice since I won't have anyone going behind me making a mess.

Earlier this summer I bought a diaper bag at a yard sale. I think I gave $2 for it. This bag is very stylish and I used it for the beach. Then Amber saw it and she has started taking it to the beach. Then last night Nikki asked me if she could use it as her school bag! I told her to go for it.

I guess I am getting my $2 out of the bag.

Now that the children are back in school and I have a little bit more free time, I thought that I would do something different.

You guys can ask for pictures of anything. I will go around and take pictures of whatever you want to see. So just let me know!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

what I do and don't know

Last night I had to run a few errands. So I asked Rusty to go with me and I told him that I would buy him some ice cream.

Nikki called me to ask if Chris..... the boyfriend could come over. I said fine.

Then Nikki calls me back and say's "Chris can't come over because we are having sex."

I said "Then stop having sex." It was at that point that we pulled into the driveway.

It seem that the mother from hell won't let Chris come over because she thinks Nikki and Chris are having sex.

Well let me get this straight.

Nikki holds her virginity very close to her. She makes it very clear that she will not have sex before marriage. Nikki even wears a shirt that says virginity rocks. And you think my daughter is having sex?

Then I was wondering what the hell. O.K. lets face it. We can't stop our children from having sex. Oh wait it was the mother from hell that admits to having sex before marriage. So just because she did, she thinks my daughter is putting out?

Oh my brain hurts.

  So I called Ryan's school today. I needed to know what classroom he was going to be in and if they had a teacher for him.

Silly me. What was I thinking? I actually expected the school to know these things. No they do not know! I guess Ryan is just going to wonder around until someone finds him and tells him where to go.

I also had this strange notion that I might be able to find out what time Ryan's bus is coming. Oh no! That would also be way to easy. So I guess tomorrow I am just going to send this child out the door with no set schedule, no class room and no teacher?

After the day I have had him......

I did find out that o.t. is finally going to be giving him services. The o.t. person told me that Ryan is at the age of a six year old. She also gave me a long list of other things. I was sitting on the other side of the phone thinking. You are preaching to the choir! I have been bitching about this for years. I know that he is 13 and is only doing stuff that a 6 old does!

oh my brain hurts.

  So far today I don't think I have gotten much done. I had to sweep and mop the laundry room floor. I took care of the babies. Oh that is right. I need to get some pictures of them.

I tried to clean up the kitchen but that was pointless. I guess trying to clean anything is pointless when you have three teenagers in the house.

Oh my brain hurts.

Monday, August 11, 2008

what a weekend! I had such a busy weekend. I am so glad that it is over.
Lets start with Friday. Nikki went back up to the school on Friday to try to register and they handed Nikki another line of crap. They would not even let Nikki talk to her councilor.
That was it. I am now going unleash my anger on the school system.
I walked right past every person every person that works at the school and went straight into the principals office.
I introduced myself and said "My daughter and I have been trying to get her registered since Tuesday. We could not get her i.d. because I did not have the fee money. Then we were told that she could not get her i.d. card unless we pay these fee's and without the i.d. card she can't get her classes. We came back today with the money and they told my daughter that she still could not get her i.d. and class because today was makeup day. Then my daughter was told that she could not see her councilor until school started. I would like to know what the students do when they can't afford to pay the fee's. Do they just wonder around for a year? My daughter has to see her councilor so she can get her chemistry changed to ap chemistry, and she needs her i.d. card!"
I felt so much better after I unloaded on her. Then the principle printed Nikki's classes and made an appointment for Nikki to see her councilor and get her i.d. card. I am telling you the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing!
Amber has waited around for so long that all of the classes that she wants to take are full. On top of that she has been dragging her feet on getting her financial paper work in. I swear these children are going to be the death of me.
Also on Friday I got a call from the shelter. They had two more bottle feeders and no foster homes open. I had to really think about this since I have three bottle feeders already.
I took them. These two were found in a wood stack. They are so small and malnourished. One of them will make it but we are not sure about the other one. These kittens look like something you see of Animal planet hero's. They are nothing but skin and bones. I am giving them food and love, so the rest is up to them.
Saturday Hailey and her family came up for a bbq. It was nice to get to know Haileys family.
Then I got a phone call that on of the marines was leaving in two hours! So I packed up the littlest of the babies and George and I headed to base to see this marine off.
Sunday I was so worn out. It was all I could do to keep my butt moving.
Today I am just trying to catch up on everything needs to get done around here.
I have gotten most of the house cleaned, and the laundry is still never ending. I m trying to get the black kittens to drink off of a plate, but that is not going to well. I also put a litter pan in their crate. I have sewing to do, and dinner to cook.
I have no energy to do anything.
I just keep thinking that school starts on Wednesday and I can't wait!
The tag at the top says no school yes to freedom. At least that is how my big brained friend translated it for me.
If you were a teen in the late 80's you will love this song.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

marriage rut

Last night was much of the same for us.

I made dinner.

Rusty ate dinner.

I cleaned up the kitchen.

Rusty checked his e mail.

I fed the babies.

Rusty went to watch sifi.

I discovered that I was bored out of my mind. So I broke out some stuff that I was going to use to make Christmas gift's. I got them done, so I decided to start on a project that I had been putting off.

I went into the garage and located a box of my dad and my father in laws ties. I go back to the kitchen area. Kittens are still sleeping, and I turn on a music channel. Dump the box out on the table and I go put on the kettle.

Inside the box is a lifetime of ties. There were a few of them still tied so I slipped them on my neck.

That is when Rusty walks in. I looked at him and said  "We are in a marriage rut."

Rusty just looked at me and said "what?"

I said you heard me.

Rusty looks around the room. Tea cups had been glued to saucers, there is a stack of dead men's neck ties on the table. I am wearing three tie's and just then my cat tea pot started to moo. Rusty said "your cat is mooing. And if we are in a marriage rut I would hate to see what you will be like in another 20 years."

Today I was once again dealing with the tie. When all of a sudden the chair I was sitting in broke and I went tumbling to the ground. I screamed as I was falling.

Rusty comes running in to see me laying on the floor laughing and to see straight pins everywhere.

I am making a scarf out of the old  neck ties. This project is turning into a pain in my ass! I hate sewing on silk. My mom better like this damn scarf!

Well, I better go put all the stuff back in the kitchen. I had to move it all so I could mop.

I guess my marriage rut is not that bad.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

registration day


So here I sit. The babies have been fed several times, the house has been cleaned up, and dinner is in the crock pot. I even survived Nikki's registration day.

I got up this morning knowing that I needed to go buy Nikki some new tennis shoes and take her to get registered.

Nikki, Ryan and I walked over to the school and to my great surprise registration went fairly smooth. When we got to the part where we had to start to pay the fee's I told the lady that we could pay them on Friday. The lady said that I HAD to pay them today or that my daughter would not be able to get her schedule. Really, so are you just going to let this child wonder around campus for a year? I am just suppose to shit out $120?

So we moved onto the next station. That is where we are suppose to pick up Nikki's schedule, but we couldn't. So we just asked to look at it.

Nikki got into advanced geometry, and chemistry, but was so disappointed that she did not get into advanced placement world history. For whatever reason they would not let her not take a lunch. GRRR

Oh well, it looks like we will be back at the school on Friday.

We ended up at Wal mart. I hate that store. There are to many people there. I told Nikki that I had $30 to spend on Tennis shoes. We did good and were able to get two pairs of shoes!

I am so glad that someone gave us new school clothes and school shoes for Ryan.

A family from down the street asked me if they could put some moving boxes and packing material in my recycling can.

What? yes that is where they go but, I know that there was someone out there that could use them. So I told them to stack the boxes and just put them in the driveway.

I put an ad up on craiglist for free moving boxes and packing material. They were gone by night fall. The family was surprised.

I would rather see someone else use the stuff before it goes back into the recycling bin.

I have also placed an ad for all of my used body butter containers. I have a few people who want them. So I guess who ever gets here first gets them.

Last night someone gave me a box of material. I went through it and then piled it all back in the box. The box had a lot of t shirt material. I do not usually sew with t shirt material.

Today I went through the box again. The t shirt material is very boyish. That works because I still have two baby boy blankets that I still need to get done.

There was also a lot of upholstery material in the box. I will have to think on how to use it. I am sure that I will come up with something.

As for everyone that wants me to come clean. Well no you don't. I just throw everything away!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

cleaning day

Today I am doing nothing but cleaning. I do not mean a general clean up but a really good clean up.

On my list today is the dinning room and the living room that we never use. I know. If we never use them then why I am I cleaning them?

I am cleaning them because.... I don't know why. We have a roll top desk and another dresser in these rooms. I think I am going to go take everything out of the drawers and put it all in a box for a yard sale. I have not seen the stuff since the last move, so it is time to get rid of it.

I hate clutter, even if I can't see it.

Sunday while we were at the exchange Rusty found the sees candy display. He found a box of their suckers and had to buy it. O.K. whatever. He said that his mom use to buy them for him when he was little. Well I am now hooked on them! The cafe latte sucker is the best. I love the taste of coffee in a sucker!

Nikki has been having softball tryout's. I know that she will make the team, but I am just wondering what position she will play. Nikki usually plays first base, but I think the junior varsity team already has a first basemen.

The foster kittens are getting so big. I will have to charge up the camera and take some more pictures of them. I am so amazed at how fast they grow. I don't know why I am amazed, after all it is the same with every litter.

I have not heard from George in several day's. The last time she was up here George started complaining to Rusty. Rusty just told George to grow up and suck it up. After all she is the one that signed on the dotted line. So I guess she is pouting. For whatever reason I can't really find the time to care to much.

Last night I finally got to have my husband to myself. I kicked the animals off the bed and locked the door. Finally so alone time with my husband. I swear I was beginning to think that alone time was over with.

Last week I made stir fry for dinner. I had made it in so long, so I broke out thewok. Rusty loved it and asked me to make it more often. So Yesterday I went to the store and bought a ton of fresh vegi's and made chicken stir fry. I had to laugh as I was making it. I can put any fresh vegi's in a stir fry and Rusty will eat it. But if I put squash in front of him any other time he would not eat it.

I guess I need to make stir fry at least a few times a week. LOL Don't tell Rusty that he is eating fresh organic vegi's!

Well I need to get back to my cleaning. And yes I would be happy if we lived in a house with nothing in it. Just think how easy that would be to clean!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sunday was welcome home day

Rusty called me yesterday morning and said that he was getting ready to leave 29 palms and he wanted to know if I would like to ride back down to Oceanside with with him. Hell Yes!

It was so nice to see Rusty. Rusty came in and dumped his laundry on the floor. Then we were off to Oceanside.

It was just nice to be alone with Rusty and chit chat about what had been going on during our week.

After we dropped all the stuff off at the store we went to the exchange so we could get a few items. As we were walking up to the exchange a bus load of soldiers and sailors showed up. What was that about? Now the exchange is packed.

I go and grab the one item I wanted and I am watching Rusty walk around looking at everything else. That is when I noticed all of the younger crowd getting out of Rusty's way and saying "excuse me sir". I looked at Rusty like a deer looks at headlights. Then I saw his cap. He was wearing a ball cap that said retired marine. Oh take that hat off! He was making us look old! LOL

On the way home from base we got a phone call from one of the marines! She was on the east coast and would be home tonight!

Once we got home Nikki and I went over to our friends Deb house to get some butcher paper so we could make a welcome home banner. The banner turned out so cute! Deb's granddaughters helped us color it and they even got to sign the banner.

Rusty said that he was just to worn out to go back to base with us, so the girls and I headed out. We stopped by the vfw and got the flags.

It was nice to spend some time with the girls. Even if it was just a car ride down to base. On our way through base we went by the main parade deck. no one was there, so we went into the duty's office. They knew that a load of ammo was coming in, but they had no idea that people were on that flight. SURPRISE! So the very nice marines tried to find out where we were suppose to go, but they had no luck, so we headed for the main gate.

The main gate is blocked off? Well what the heck is that about. After several wrong turns and going the wrong way on some way roads we finally got close to the main gate. So we get out of the car and start walking toward the m.p.'s. The m.p.'s met half way. I explained that we had a friend coming in and that we were looking for the parade deck. Those two stupid m.p.s sent us back across the base!

I finally called Rusty and he told us what part of base to go to. After searching for more then an hour we finally ended up in the right spot.

Once we got there we met up with Haileys family. It was nice to be able to sit and talk to them and get to know them.

We also met four other marines corps brats that were waiting for their loved one. These children were so much fun! They helped us hold the flags and the welcome home banners.

I have to tell everyone about a very special young man that I met last night.

Nikki and I were sitting on the curb waiting for the busses. Another family came over to join us. A young man I am guessing in is mid 20's came and sat between Nikki and I. I asked him what his name was and he told me that his name was Nick and that his sister was coming home. I asked Nick if is sitter was his little sister or big sister. Nick said that his sister was little. Nicks mom said no. But Nick was right his sister was little.... littler them him!

After everyone welcomed home their loved ones I went and found Nick. I asked him if he found his sister and if she was safe. Nick just smiled and gave me a really big bear hug.

I walked up to Nicks mom and gave her a hug and said I have a mentally retarted son too. She just cried and we hugged.

I will never see those people again.

However I know what it is like to raise a mentally retarded child and also know what it is like to have adults be mean to them.

We rolled back into the driveway about midnight. My ass is dragging today, but it is not dragging enough that I cant jump my husband tonight.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Now this is some nice I ooops I mean eye candy! YUM

Amber just walked in and turned down Nickleback! She said I am so sick of you blaring this every morning. Well it is 9:00 so get your ass out of bed! Just to rub it in I started playing icp the mom song. There's nothing like rap music in the morning.

I figured out what more of my problem is. My lack of adult conversation. I have been hoping that my daughters would provide it. I am being unfair to them. I should not expect them to provide me with some adult conversation when they have a life of their own.

We have raised the girls to be independent, so now me wishing they would spend everyday here with me just so I can have someone to talk to is very selfish.

I found out yesterday that Ryan's friend will be moving in less then a month. That would figure. I knew it was to good to last.

However, Ryan's friends old sister came down yesterday. She was telling me that the family she babysits for is in need of a new sitter and for someone to take their daughter to school. I TOLD Amber that she was going to take this girl to school. The mom is willing to pay Amber and it is only 2 miles round trip. I am thinking that is gas money for Amber. Nikki said that she would pick up some of the babysitting hours.

I talked to Rusty for a few minutes last night. I miss him and wish that he would come home.

I know that I should not be complaining about Rusty being gone for a week, but Rusty is not on active duty anymore. I should not have to miss him so much.

Today I got a very strange e mail. Remember that charity that I use to work for? Well one of the chicks that I use to work with me sent me an e mail that said "are you still out there?" I must wonder what she wants. This gal never screwed me over but I will still be guarded whenwe talk. After all she id not help me when I was thrown to the wolves.

I actually have to get dressed today. That sucks. I have to go pay our rent. Amber said that she was going to pay for her half of the smog test, so IF she actually follows through I will have to go with Amber to get her car smogged.

Yesterday I drug a bunch of material out, so today I am going to spend some time cutting, and I might actually get some sewing done. When Rusty gets back with the camera I will take some pictures of the pet quilts that I have done.