Thursday, August 28, 2008

happy place

So lets see. First thing this morning I had Ryan's IEP. We only had two major changes that we wanted made. The first thing we wanted was for Ryan to be taught to type. The school system even has these little keyboards that Ryan can type on and then this ketboard plugs into a computer and Ryan can print out all of his work. Well the principle agreed and now Ryan will be learning to type.

We also asked that Ryan be taught how to use a calculator. The principle agreed.

For years we have been spinning our wheels with Ryan. We have tried every writing program, and he still can't write. We have tried every math program and this child still can't do basic math. So now we are moving on and are just going to give Ryan the skills he will need to get by.

Rusty and I are both very pleased.

Today I wanted to finish a quilt, because I need to get some of them quilted. I was almost done when I tried to hurry. I ended up sewing the last two lines wrong. So I had to take it all apart and do it again. That does not even bother me. I am still in my happy place.

Today I met a fellow j lander for lunch and we had a blast! I know that I will be seeing more of her and her son. Amber and this fellow j landers are the same age, so I am sure that they will end up going out and doing something.

Rusty was not feeling to good today so he came home early. I am glad that he is home. I think I am just going to go demand that he rub me down.

I am still sore from yesterday. Rusty say's that I am to old to be body surfing. I think he is just jealous that he can't body surf. LOL

I also got a phone call from Iraq today. It looks like all of my boy's are coming home! I can't wait to hold them. I have also gotten word that one of the boys is coming back injured, but they have not told me that.... they told Amber and I don't think I am suppose to know. That's o.k. I will be right here waiting for him, hurt or not, these are my boys.

Life is good.


lsfp1960 said...

So did you get to meet Betty?  Linda in WA  

plieck30 said...

Hope these two things are something that Ryan can learn and will enjoy. So glad you are having a happy day. Paula

deshelestraci said...

So glad the Marines are coming home!  Good news on the IEP!  

helmswondermom said...

I'm glad your guys are all coming home!!
And I'm glad the IEP went well.

lv2trnscrb said...

oh my gosh, how exciting about the boys coming home!!! I bet you are thrilled!!!

so glad Ryan's IEP went well!!!

we had such a good time today, LOL; I kept telling my hubby all these different stories about our lunch, and then I'd laugh, poor guy, he couldn't keep everything straight

It was sooooooooo neat to finally meet!!!! You are gorgeous and Amber takes after you for sure!

sorry Rusty is not feeling well :(

hope he feels better soon!!!

now don't poke Amber any more okay???????? leave her sunburn alone :)

I'm washing Koda's quilt right now as we speak; its soooo pretty!! I can't wait for him to have it; he kind of sniffed it when I brought it in, but that was as far as it went

again, today was fun!! definitely sometime soon again!!!


lisa41076 said...

Kelli, glad Ryan's IEP went well and the boys are coming home, hope Rusty feels better, Love Lisa

bojgill4375 said...

Came from Betty's journal. Glad you guys had a lot of fun. Best wishes, Janie

buggieboo1 said...

 Glad to hear Ryan's IEP went well and that the boys are coming home, I  hope Rusty feels better soon!


hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))I am glad to hear it all went well with Ryans Iep amd so happy to hear your Boys are comming home,wish they all would come home.

lurkynat said...

dear Kelli,
I love the picture!
Congratulations on getting Ryans' IEP worked out that way you want it! I think it is awesome that he will learn how to type and use the calculator! great!
You guys are wonderful parents!
So glad you are making great progress with all of your quilts!
I hope Rusty is better now.