Thursday, August 7, 2008

marriage rut

Last night was much of the same for us.

I made dinner.

Rusty ate dinner.

I cleaned up the kitchen.

Rusty checked his e mail.

I fed the babies.

Rusty went to watch sifi.

I discovered that I was bored out of my mind. So I broke out some stuff that I was going to use to make Christmas gift's. I got them done, so I decided to start on a project that I had been putting off.

I went into the garage and located a box of my dad and my father in laws ties. I go back to the kitchen area. Kittens are still sleeping, and I turn on a music channel. Dump the box out on the table and I go put on the kettle.

Inside the box is a lifetime of ties. There were a few of them still tied so I slipped them on my neck.

That is when Rusty walks in. I looked at him and said  "We are in a marriage rut."

Rusty just looked at me and said "what?"

I said you heard me.

Rusty looks around the room. Tea cups had been glued to saucers, there is a stack of dead men's neck ties on the table. I am wearing three tie's and just then my cat tea pot started to moo. Rusty said "your cat is mooing. And if we are in a marriage rut I would hate to see what you will be like in another 20 years."

Today I was once again dealing with the tie. When all of a sudden the chair I was sitting in broke and I went tumbling to the ground. I screamed as I was falling.

Rusty comes running in to see me laying on the floor laughing and to see straight pins everywhere.

I am making a scarf out of the old  neck ties. This project is turning into a pain in my ass! I hate sewing on silk. My mom better like this damn scarf!

Well, I better go put all the stuff back in the kitchen. I had to move it all so I could mop.

I guess my marriage rut is not that bad.



plieck30 said...

Thanks for a laugh before I go to bed. Paula

lv2trnscrb said...

ruts are great! I wish I could be in a rut instead of the trauma/drama that seems to come with my life

your journal entry did make me laugh and I needed it tonight :)


hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))I hop you can get out of th

nelishianatl said...

You've seen the quilts made with old ties?  I've seen the table cloths too.  

I don't see you guys in a rut.  You're comfortable and that's consistent.  It means longevity.  I think he's happy and I do believe you are too.  Bored maybe.  


springangel235 said...

The joke cracked me the end...LOL
Sounds like a busy time in your household...enjoy your weekend...hugs and love,

gehi6 said...

I am sure that a lot of marrieds wonder if they are in a rut at times like you describe.  I did laugh at the picture you painted of your activities. Oh by the way, see my review of the latest book I found about a great medium.  This gal, Lisa Williams, reminds me a little of you in her personality.  She is very modest about her psychic abilities and so ends up quite lovable.  I alwys sought to pep up my existence with a now and then visit with the dead!  You are never without resources to expand your world if you think to call on them!  My sister LaRae came in and said that she was there to help me to get through some real blahs!  Gerry