Friday, February 29, 2008

So it seems

\Well everyone the kettle is on so settle down for a long entry.

Ryan is fine and is back to school today.

Nikki has taken her name off the list for Nursery and Sunday school and is trying very hard to keep her distance for physco mom. So far we have not gotten any more phone calls from her.

Out land lord/property manager stopped by yesterday. It seems that the lady that owns the house has stopped making the payments on it and is going to let it go into foreclosure.

Tim, our land lord told us that we can live here rent free until we have to move out. The property has not been posted yet, so Tim is guess we will have until May or June. Tim feels so bad about this.

After a long talk with Tim we have come up with a plane. Tim is going to take the deposit that we put down on this house and just roll it over to another one of his properties. Tim will give us the keys to our new place a few weeks early so we can slowly start moving in.

I am at peace with this and have been since I first suspected this was happening. The extra money will come in handy.

I am going to go get new contacts and glasses and take Ryan in to get new glasses as well. I am going to pay off a few bills, and put money aside for Egypt.

Rusty is not happy. Rusty did say that this time we are getting a u haul.

I had also talked to Nikkis other mom yesterday and told her what happened. She just laughed. I said " Why are you laughing? You helped us move and you know what a hassle it is."

Nikkis other mom just said because I was praying for you guys the other night. I know that money is tight for you guys and I wanted to make sure that Nikki would have the money to go on her mission trip.

I said "Deb, every year I sign Nikki up for these trips know that I don't have the money. Every year we raise the mony. Every year Nikki goes. Please stop praying for us. Nikki will be fine and now we have to move".

Deb justlaughed. I know that the money will be there for Nikkis trip because every year I take a leap of faith and every year the money appears in Nikki's account.

I was reading another journal the other day and this lady was talking about saying good bye to her husband as he left for Iraq.

Flash Back: The year is mid 2000. Rusty had just come out of the field. I was so happy to see him, but I knew that I would not have him for long. A few weeks later he was told to pack his bags that he was going to Iraq in 7 days.

Rusty pulled out his sea bag, and started packing. Like a robot he knew what gear to take and to make it all fit with a little room to spare. Rusty closed up his sea bag and put a lock on it. There is sat by the front door.

The sea bag sat there as a reminder that in a few days Rusty would be leaving.

Rusty said " I will be back in 6 months." I said "You will be back in a year."

While I wanted to spend every waking minute with him, I knew that I could not. I wanted to hold him and never let him go. I wanted to make love to husband and I want that to never end.

Everything did end. Rusty came home and told me "I have to be at the armory at 4:30 in the morning to draw my weapon". My heart sank.

I went about making dinner and cleaning up the house while Rusty spent some time with the children. After everyone was tucked into bed, Rusty went and took a shower. He then put on a new pair of cammies and said "Well there is no point in going to bed."

I sat on the bed smelling Rusty's dirty shirt. I just wanted to remember that smell. The smell of Rusty. I have washed his clothes and always complained that he stunk, but now I wanted that smell to last forever.

Rusty sat and played a computer game while I tucked cards into his back. I was hoping that when he found them that he would smile.

The ride down to base was way to short. I just sat in the passenger seat holding Rustys hand and holding back the tears. I can't cry because that would show weakness, and I have to be strong.

When we arrive at the armory Rusty turns the truck off and says "well baby I will see you in 6 months." I said "well I see you in a year."

Rusty grabbed his bag from the bed of the truck and started to walk away. I said " What I do not even get a kiss?" Rusty came back and hugged me and gave me a kiss. Then he said " You better get home, the children will be up soon and they will need you."

I got into the truck and drove away. My last day with Rusty was so brief yet so special.

Looking back I now know that Rusty had detached himself and had his mind set on war. Rusty did what he had to do. I went home and did what I had to do.

At he end of this entry I will give you guys a link. Please stop by and show your support for a military wife that is having a hard time right now.

Back to the present.

Jake called me yesterday and everyone that left with him made it o.k. Yesterday the final group left. I sat in the back yard yesterday wondering which air craft they were on. See I live in the flight pattern for a base, so I can see them coming and going.

Today I am going to go help a gal Cathy pick up some stuff for her rescue group, and I need to put the finishing touches on some quilts and do some cleaning up around here.





Thursday, February 28, 2008

chunky coffee

\I got up this morning and went straight for the coffee. Oh I have to have my coffee. Coffee is my drug of choice first thing in the morning. We are out of milk and creamer! Oh no! I have to have my coffee. Oh wait I have some powdered milk. I use when I am baking, so I should be able to use it in my coffee. The powdered milk turned into chunks in my coffee, but it does not taste bad, so I am not going to complain. At least I have my coffee.

Yesterday morning I was chatting with a friend that I have not talked to in a while. I was walking around cleaning and chatting on the phone. When we got done I put my phone down and did not think about it again.

I did some more cleaning and I got another baby blanket quilt top done. I was thinking man this is great. My phone is not ringing. I love having the day to myself and it was so quiet!

Then I came up stairs to check my e mail and play some book worm. There is an e mail from Rusty asking me where I was. I e mailed him back and said I am at home. Then Rusty e mails me right back and told me to answer my phone.

Now I am thinking oh crap. Where is my phone. I could not figure out where I left my phone. So I e mailed Rusty back and told him that I could not find my phone. Rusty e mailed me back and told me to go get Ryan from school because Ryan was sick. I e mailed Rusty back and told him that I was leaving.

So in my mind I am thinking of all the back roads that I could take. The only car I had still has expired tags and I forgot to pay one of my tickets, so I do not have a valid license. I have to avoid cops no matter what it takes. If I get pulled over I know that I will be going to jail.

So I get to the school and the "nurse" SIDE NOTE: to be a school nurse all you have to have is cpr and first aid. They are not nurses. I could be a school nurse. Anyway the school nurse tells me that they have been trying to get a hold of me for 2 hours. So I asked why they did not call any of the people on my emergency contact list. I got the deer in the head lights look. I guess she never thought of that?

Then the "nurse" tells me that Ryan has a 104 fever and that he could not come back to school until he has been fever free for 24 hours. Whatever lady. So I took Ryans back pack and told ryan to take off his shirt. When we got into the car I had Ryan take off his shoes and socks. Now I am not a doctor or a nurse, but I have had three children and I know that if someone is running a fever you need to strip them down so the fever can escape.

Anyway, I put all the windows down and drive fast on all the back roads. When we get home I take Ryans temp. It is only 101. So I am going to assume that Ryans fever dropped 3 degrees on a ten minute car ride in 80 degree temps?

I placed some cold towels on him and his "fever" was gone in an hour.

Amber comes home and ask's me where my phone was and why I was not answering it. I told her that I could not find it. I guess Rusty had called Amber and asked her to come home and check on me since I had not answered my phone. That is so cute. Rusty was worried about me.

Amber found my phone. I had turned the ringer off the night before and I forgot to turn it back on!

My ringer is now on and I will make sure to carry it with me today.

Today I have one more baby quilt top to get done. Then I am going to get them put together. I think I am going to put the sewing machine up for a while. I am so sick of sewing. Lately it feels like a chore to sew.

It is suppose to be nice today, so I am hoping to get out side and get some sun on my pale Irish skin. Explain this to me. My dad was full blooded Irish and my mom is Cherokee. So why do I have to get the pale skin? That is not fair.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

random stuff

I just got a call from the flight line. One of the marines and his wife got back together the other day. Now that taking his wife in for a c section. He said " I was prepared to miss the birth of my first child, but to know that she is on her way and that I will not even be able to hold her breaks my heart." It breaks mine too. I got his wife's address and told the marine that I would make her a baby blanket.

I am sick of making baby blankets. I have two tops done, one sitting on the table, and now another one to make. I just don't want to drink the water that these gals are drinking.

Yesterday I asked Amber if her and Sam were going to get back together. Amber shocked me when she said "No. I remember what you told my. That I should watch how boyfriend treated his parents. Sam is very mean to his mom and flips her off and talks bad about her when she is not around. That makes me wonder what he will say about me when I am not around." Wow Amber was actually listening to something I said.

I spoke with my lawyer yesterday. O.K. my lawyer is my friend Lyn. Yes she is a retired lawyer. Anyway she told me not to change Nikkis number but to have have all of physco mom's call sent to voice mail. This way we can establish a pattern before we go get a restraining order.

Amber actually went and traded phones with Nikki yesterday. Amber said "Let that bitch call while I am on the other end on the phone".

I told Nikki's other mom what was going on and she thinks that we should take this to the youth pastor. So we will see.

I found out yesterday that the person that owns our home has not paid her mortgage in a while. So I  called Tim who is the property manager. Tim said that he is going to try to get to the bottom of this. However if the lady lets this house go into foreclosure then we will not have to pay rent for a few months.Tim said there are some other properties that we can move right into. I do not want to move again. However I am not stressed out over it. Life happens.

It just hit me. Today and tomorrow the majority of our friends will be leaving. I have no fear for them. I know that they are all coming home. I am sad for myself. Sad that I will not be able to see them for a long time.

I have no time for tears right now. I still have laundry to do , a house to clean up and maybe some nude tanning. I can cry later.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

physco mom

O.K. Nikki's ex boyfriends mom has crossed a line. Now I have put up this women for almost a year and I am not doing it any more.

Over the weekend she started calling Nikki and running Nikki down. Then she would call back and tell Nikki to never talk to or even look at her son. Nikki spent Saturday night crying. She would not tell any of us why she was crying.

Then Sunday Nikki did not go to church. This women has scared Nikki so much that she does not want to go to church!

Then today Nikki called me from school to tell me that this chick will not stop calling her.

Rusty called this women and told her that she is not allowed to contact Nikki any more. I am going to go have Nikki's phone number changed. I told Nikki that she is to give my phone number out to anyone at church, just in case this physco lady gets a hold of it.

I am done. For almost a year now I have sat by and watched this lady run my daughter down. Nikki would say well mom she is not that bad. OH YES SHE IS!

From now on I am in control. I have started documenting everything. I will go file a police report and if that does not stop her then we will take her to court.

Oh man I just thought of something. If the marines knew about this they would be so pissed. I would hate to think what they do to this lady. Don't mess with their little sister.

Well I have to get off her and go take care of all this crap! This lady has messed with the wrong momma!

Monday, February 25, 2008

quest for knowledge

Several months ago our friend Dimitri told Nikki that if she made the softball team, he would buy all of her gear.

So yesterday Dimitri took Nikki out to buy all of her gear. Before they left I had Dimitri make a list of all the stuff she was going to need.

I thought this would be a simple request, except I should have known better. I swear Dimitris head is going to explode with ll of his knowledge. Dimitri can speak read and write something like 6 languages. So Dimitri wrote Nikki's list in Arabia. When I would say "did I mention sliders...." He would sy it is right here. Well excuse me for not reading Arabic.

Now I am on a quest. I would like to learn how to write my name in several different languages. Then I got to thinking that I should learn how to write everyone's name in a different language so no one will know who has what under the Christmas tree! Oh that would crack my family up.

Today I am going to spend the day cleaning up around the house, and trying to organize the mess that has become my sewing room.

Now that the marines have their quilts done, I have three baby blankets to get done.

Yesterday  put the kettle on and George, Liz and I sat down and tea. I wanted to know if Liz was ready for this deployment and if she needed anything. It was nice to be able to have tea with friends.

I must say that I took a good long look at my kettle yesterday and realized that I need a new one. The kettle I have use to be long to my mother in law and it is looking really sad and parts of the enamel are starting to come off. Heck I probably killing everyone that I serve tea to.

Here are the pictures of the quilts that I got finished over the weekend. Lyn made the top of the block one. I know that I would not have been able to do it without help!



Saturday, February 23, 2008

holding back the tears.




Well today is Saturday. This Saturday has been a roller coaster of emotion.

I got woke up at 1 a.m. by some drunk marines. That was just so much fun. I swear one of them was going to break our sliding glass door.

I went back to bed around 3 and got up around 8. Then it was off to have coffee with Lyn. I had to pick up a quilt top and some ground beef from Lyn. However George and I have gotten very fond of our Saturday morning chat and coffee with Lyn.

Then it was back home. I did manage to get one quilts done, and I still have one more to finish. Yes I will post pictures of them!

I also made shepherds pie for dinner. I made so much that I thought  I would have left overs but there was nothing left! I did have to remind all of the boys to turn the cell phones off and to stop texting at the table. We did not even have any cheese cake left. I guess you could say dinner was a big hit.

Everyone pitched in and cleaned up the kitchen, so that is done. I finally had some spare time. So here I am.

Here I am loading pictures from our dinner. I had to take them with a cell phone so excuse the quality of them.

It was then that it hit me. For most of the people at the table it will be the last time they will get to have a family dinner before they leave for Iraq.

Here is what else I just realized.

Barry will miss the birth of his first child. Barry will also reenlist and extend to stay in Iraq.

Chris and Liz will have their relationship stressed to the limit.

Jake will act big and tuff but will call either his mom or me every chance he gets. Jake will also reenlist. If they do not let him extend to stay in Iraq then he wants to go to Afghanistan.

Miles will soon leave to go out on ship and then he will reenlist for EOD.

Leroy will go off to war, not for the first time, but for the first time he will be going without his twin brother.

George and Ben have a few months before they Deploy.

CJ is having a hard adjusting to the fact that all of his friends are packing up and heading back to Iraq. CJ is on medical hold and he so wants to be with friends. CJ actually feels guilty for staying behind.

This weekend I have noticed that the marines are starting to detach. They are putting everything on the shelf and now their minds are set on their deployment dates.

These young men and women are trained and ready to go.

I however am not ready. I still have one more quilt to finish tomorrow.

I still have to say good bye to them. Tomorrow afternoon I will hug each of them and tell them to keep their heads down and call when they can. Tomorrow I will not shed a tear in front of the marines, but I can guarantee you that Rusty will be there hugging me and I will soak his shirt with my tears.

As hard as it will be for me, I will have to wipe my tears and go on with my life.

This year while the marines are away, Ryan will turn 13, Nikki will turn 16 and Amber will turn 18.

This year while the marines are gone Amber will be touring Europe, and Nikki will be on another mission trip.

This year while the marines are gone I will be working to chase down my dream of going to Egypt.

This year while our life goes on the marines will be defending our right to do whatever we want to do.

Please listen to the following youtube video. Do not let this video get away.






Friday, February 22, 2008

graduation talk

So Rusty and I went down to Amber's school and ordered all her stuff for graduation. We only spent $100. Now that is not to bad, but man things have change. We actually had to buy Ambers cap and gown. Amber will get to keep it when she is done with it. I told Amber to not get to attached to it because I will hem it up and let Nikki wear it.

We also only ordered 25 invitations. We do not even know 25 people. Lets see.... Rusty's parents are dead. My mom will come out. My sister only come out if she has a death wish. So there is our family. My mom. Amber did say that she is going to invite her sperm donors mom. I don't really care either way. So what do we do with the other 23 announcements?

I talked it over with Rusty and I am going to go back to the district attorneys office and have them take my ex back to court. I want him to continue to pay child support and to carry insurance on Amber as long as she is in college. Now he does not pay his child support very often, but that bill will keep racking up. My ex also does not carry insurance on them but Amber then gets state aid.

I could get cash aid and food stamps for the girls, but Rusty has told me no several times. Rusty said that the girls will grow up knowing who took care of them and loved them. He is right the girls do know, but the extra money would help.

I guess the worst that could happen is that the judge says no.

Today I need to go to wal mart,walgreen and to the grocery store. I need to get all of the food for Saturday night, and food for us for next week.

Last night I finished the quilt that I was working on and it turned out so cute. Yes I will post some pictures of it.

The cat rescue went very well yesterday. I borrowed Ambers camera, but her batteries were dead, so these pictures were taken off a phone, so they suck.

I was told that these cats were less then a year old and still have a lot more growing to do.

Rusty took today off, so I am going to go spend a little bit time with Rusty before I start my running around.



Thursday, February 21, 2008

I have succeed

Every night at our house Rusty and I have the same old routine. Every night Rusty will go to bed and watch some t.v.. I will go in half way through his show and jump into bed and annoy him. Then when the show is over I will turn out the light and turn on light on my side table. That is when I get complete control of the remote.

As soon as the lights go out it is the cat's cue to start playing. EVERY night we hear the pitter patter of 24 little feet running up and down the stairs, in and out of the bath tub and at least one trip over Rusty while he tries to sleep.

Last night was no different. So after the cats are done running over us Rusty sits up and say's " You know you always said that you are going to be the crazy cat lady that has all these cats and never leaves her home. I just wanted to tell you that have succeed. Except you have gone a little to far I think you are now a cat herder."

I said " Well, cool! I have finally succeed at something. Can add a Bengal to my herd, after all, you have to keep adding to a herd."

Rusty said " No you may not have a Bengal". Then he went to sleep.

I am just happy that I have succeed at something!

Yesterday my girlfriend Lyn introduced me to a lady that run's a cat rescue, so this other lady is going to help me with the Bengal rescue.

The vet was checking out the Bengal yesterday, so we could not pick them up. Today we are going to go in and do the rescue. I am so excited. I can't way to see these cats. I am just so glad that we are going to be able to save these animals.

I still want to find the breeder and bitch slap her for dumping these cats.

Yesterday I got an e mail from freecycle and someone was clearing out her sewing room and had a ton of stuff offered. So I asked if I could have it all, and she is giving it to me! This lady was so nice. When she found out what I am going to do with a thee stuff she said " well I have more material that I can give you." I love free. It also turns out that her son in law is in the Navy and she thought it was cool what I do and she said that she was going to think about doing that for the Navy.

Today I am going to work on Larry's quilt. I am almost done with the top and it is so cute! I think I should make one for me!

When I get the phone call I have to go get the Bengal's.

Then Rusty and I have to figure out some transportation issues. Amber has to work tonight. Rusty and I have to up at the high school at 5. Then Ryan has to be picked up by six and he is clear across town. I think it is time to let Nikki get her driving licence.

Oh wait if we do that..... I will really be the crazy cat lady because the girls will be driving both of my cars.

Nikki has decided to accept her place on the softball team. I am so very happy to hear this. By her playing softball she will have less time to be with the boyfriend. Oh the boyfriend ended up staying at his house.

Well I will post pictures later.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

on my soap box

So yesterday a girlfriend calls me and say's "I have six cats that need a home". I said wow six kittens to foster is a lot, but I have bottles and formula, so I guess I could help you out."

Thay was when I learned the truth and for once in my life became speechless. My friend said " No you don't understand. Some breeder dump 6 Bengal cats at our vets office. To top it off 2 of them are pregnant." There was a long silence as I try to get myself together. I finally said " You have 6 grown Bengal? The domesticated bobcat?"

I have always wanted a Bengal, but at $1000 a kitten I could never see that happening. Now right here in front of me are 6 of them free for the taking. I know that I can't bring a full grown Bengal into this house because I think it would try to eat the other animals. Now I am feeling pissed.\

So I told my friend that I would work on finding some homes for these cats. I called the shelter that I volunteer for but they are full. Our own local shelter said that they would put the cats down. Then I contacted some local Bengal rescues. They were are full! I did finally find a rescue in Oregon, so they are thinking about taking them.

I also called my girlfriend Lyn. Lyn knows everyone, so I was hoping that she would know of someone. Lyn called me back several hours later to tell me that she would help me in the search for a new home for these cats. I told Lyn that I will damned that they will not be taken care of.

Lyn called me back a few minutes later and said that she found out who dumped the cats. There was a local breeder who lost their house, so she just dumped them. I was also told that this lady had a snow leopard. Oh I so hope that cat does not show up someone doors step.

I was so pissed off. A breeder dumped these animals. Someone who claims to love animals, someone who use to life that revolved around these cats. Why wasn't she looking for homes for these cats a long time ago? Some breeders just piss me off because they are so irresponsible!

I am off my soap box.

I did manage to get squids blankets done last night. I went and bought the material for Larry's blanket, so I will work on that today. I think I see the sun trying to peak through the clouds, but we are suppose to get rain all week.

Rusty has decided that we are going to go to this informational meeting about graduation. Rusty was looking at all the different packages. Lets see there are invitations to buy, cap and gown to rent, pictures to get ordered, then Amber wants a tassel. Rusty said screw it, Amber will only graduate once so lets splurge. What? Has he lost his mind or is he right? I am thinking that I am going to be a prune by the time my children get done sucking us dry.

On my to do list today is to find these cats a home, work on my quilts, and do a general clean up around the house.



Tuesday, February 19, 2008

my hair and other things.

These ladies just look so classy. I do have my 1950's house wife sweater. I found a pill box hat at wal mart, so I need to go buy it. Now all I need is a skirt. Then I am off to the commissary to shop like I am 1950's house wife! George said that she want to go along so that she can take pictures. Rusty said that he wont know us on that day. Whatever.

Over the weekend Nikki and George picked on me about my hair. Nikki said that I need spend more money on my hair care products. George said that I need to dye my hair so that it will all be the color and the dye will cover up the gray. So last night while Rusty and I were laying in bed I told him what Nikki and George said. Rusty grabbed one of my curls and said "I love your hair just the way it is." Well that settles it. I will do nothing to my hair.

Nikki called me last night to tell my that her boyfriend Chris had been kicked out of the house. Nikki rattles on for a while and then says "mom the sad thing is Chris does not know how to survive on his own. His mother has always controlled him and he is never allowed to make any decisions for himself." How sad is that. So Nikki asked if he could come stay at the house for a few days.

Now Rusty can't stand this kid. I am trying to be open minded but it is not working all that well. So Rusty and I agreed that he could spend one night. Then we would talk to the children's youth pastor and see if he could help.

Now I thought that was reasonable and I thought well at least we did not look like we did not care at all.

The boyfriend never showed up last, and Nikki just called me to ask me not to tell anyone at the church what is going on. See if this gets around then the boyfriends mom looks bad. Whatever. I told Nikki that I would not say anything. I am still trying to be open minded and to keep my mouth shut.

All of us got some good news this weekend. a guy call squid, because he is Navy. SIDENOTE: Rusty started calling this guy squid after Rusty found out that he was in the Nave. Rusty asked him how in the world a squid snuck into a house full of marines! LOL Anyway squids wife had a baby this weekend. The little girl is so perfect. I think the biggest blessing is that squid was in port when the baby arrived. So today I will finish up their blankets and then next weekend everyone is going to pitch in $10 and we are going to give them a wal mart gift card. I just love babies..... mainly because they are not mine and I don't have to do the 2 a.m. feedings.

I decided the other night that this Saturday I am making all of the marines a sit down dinner. I am going to make shepherds pie, cheese cake and I am thinking fresh fruit. This will be the last weekend that most of the marines will be here, so I thought this would be a good send off. The marines said that they would love to have a sit down dinner before they leave.

Today I just need to do a few thing around here. I think the sun is trying to peak out, but I don't think I will be spending any time outside.

Here is another old song for you. I was listening to this song and I told Rusty that this would be us! LOL He just laughed and agreed with me.

Monday, February 18, 2008

can you believe?

Can you believe that all of the laundry is caught up?

Can you believe that I still can't fold thong undies.... or are you even suppose to?

Can you believe that all the marines help clean the house?

Can you believe that I actually unpacked the rest of our bedroom and got it scrubbed down today?

Can you believe that ALL of the children are out with friends tonight?

Can you believe that Nikki asked if her boyfriend could spend the night since he got kicked out of his house.

Can you believe that Rusty agreed to one night?

Can you believe that I am actually starting to notice the tan that I have been working on?

Can you believe that it is hard to see a tan when there are no tan lines?

Can you believe that there was no drama this weekend?

Can you believe that.........

Sunday, February 17, 2008

here I sit

So here I sit on a Sunday afternoon. I just got done sun bathing. Beth, George, Rusty and I all went outside and soaked up the sun for a while. Man that felt so good. We were going to go to the nude beach but the weather on the coast was not that great.

Last night the marines closed down the bar. Just for the record I did not. Anyway they are feeling it today. They guys said "We are getting ready to leave in nine day's so we might as well live it up now." I don't blame them.

I have one quilt that I need to get done next weekend and then everyone that is leaving will have one. I can't believe that I have gotten them all done..... with Lyns help.

Last weekend I gave out three blankets. Well yesterday one of the marines said "I washed the blanket you made me. I thought it would fall apart." I did not know weather to be offended or not. I just ignored her.

There is absolutely nothing else going on around here. The marines are trying to get over their hang over's and I am going to go play some book worm.

Life is good and life is moving at a slow pace right now and I just love it.

I promise that I will take pictures of more of the quilts. I am going to go see everyone off so I will try to snap some pictures of them carrying their blankets off to war.

Lyn, from Brits blog, I am sorry to see you go. Don't be a stranger! Who else am I going to ask about stones and cookers and paddington bear!

Friday, February 15, 2008

a blue cat

When I was a child one of my grandmothers lived with us. I often listened to her stories, but only believed about half of them.

My Grandmother told me a story of a blue cat. A blue cat? There is no such thing.

Then I fostered and later adopt Buddha. Buddha was a very sick kitten and I brought her back from the brink of death twice.

Rusty said that he loved her coat and that it had a blue hint to it. What a blue cat? There is no such thing.

Rusty was right. Her coat does have a blue tint to it. So this morning I looked up blue cats and sure enough there is a breed called Russian Blue! Yep there was our cats picture on the front page. I have a blue cat.

Today I am just kinda taking things as they come. I might have to go to San Diego to pick up Beth, but if the marines get off early then one of them will pick her up. I can't wait to see Beth!

I am also waiting on a phone call. Someone off free cycle listed a bunch of stuff, so I took all of it. I am waiting for her to call me, so I can go pick it up.

One of the items she offered was a simple wedding dress. She said the dress has a water stain on it. Whatever.

So Nikki is bugging me. She wants to see this dress. Nikki is going to ask our friend Lyn to help her tailor it down and take the train off of it. Nikki wants to turn it into a formal, and if we can't get the stain out then Nikki will just embellish the dress.

I am so glad that Nikki is cheap like me. I think this will be fun. Last year nikki made her own Easter dress and it turned out so good.

I finished a quilt top yesterday and I was going to give it to one of the guys. Then the girls said that it looks to girly for a guy! Oh crap. I am trying to use the material that I have. Money is tight until Rusty gets paid next Friday! I could give the quilt to another girl, but I something very special in mind for Larry. Oh well, I guess I will just put the quilt top up or I will quilt it and sell it.

I have really gotten into the game book worm. I love playing this game and I must say that I am learning a lot of new words. When I cant find a word I just start clicking on tiles until something comes up. I will tell you that turd is not in their dictionary, but bong is. Hemp and weed are also in there...... just for the record.

Rusty comes home today! I can't wait to see him. Rusty said that he has not been sleep well. He has no cat's or dog's sleeping with him and he forgot to take his blanket! Oh poor baby.

While Rusty was out in 29 palm I had him pick up two Christmas gifts for Ryan. I know I am starting early. I saw them at the exchange and I know that if I wait to get them, that they will be long gone by Christmas. Oh well, they can collect dust in the closet.

I guess I need to go dig through my material and see if I can find some manly material.

Oh and to everyone that cursed me for it being warm here, well your curse has worked. It is a balmy 54 degrees with high winds. I guess there will be no nude sun tanning today. Do goose bumps tan?


Thursday, February 14, 2008

theres no sun today!

Yesterday I was sunning my body. I was just soaking up the sun and the warmth. Today it is darn right cold and it is raining! BRRR.

So I decided to make the most of the rain. I sewed the top to a quilted changing pad. The camera did not capture very well. It is actually purple and white. Next I am going to start on another quilt.

On Monday Rusty gave me my valentines gift. I got an R.Lee Ermy action figure, and it is the extra salty one, so there is a warning label on it. I know I am strange but I love my action figures. Nikki got me a candle holder and Amber made me a card. Life is good.

I talked to Rusty this morning and 29 palms got hit with a bad storm and they are even getting snow out there. The only thing I can say about all of this bad weather is that the water falls should be running this year.

We have beautiful waterfalls about 10 minutes from our house. In the summer the children and I will go out there and just hang out there all afternoon. However last year the falls were dry and I was really disappointed.

I think I am going to order pizza for dinner tonight. I am just not in the mood to cook.

So goes my boring life. It is time for me to get back to my sewing.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

show me your plate

Before I get started on how my day is going I want to post a few pictures.

Faze Daze has been talking about her collection of egg plates. Now she has way more then me. I actually never knew I needed one until mine was given to me. My mother in law gave me this plate. All I know about it is that it is carnival glass. Rusty does not remember this plate, so he is guessing that it game from his grandmother on his mothers side.

I still do not use this plate very often. Don't get me wrong. I get the plate out and I make the eggs, but the marines usually eat all of them before they make it to the plate. And why does this plate have a cut out for 13 eggs?

Betty from Koda's Corgi tales said that there is a contest for pictures of love and tenderness. Now I am sure this means different things to everyone. So here are my pictures for that.

See all of these young people. These are all marines that are getting ready to go back to Iraq. To me love is and was passing out the quilts and giving them a good time! Yes, these are children that our defending our country.

This is Jake and Larry. Larry's real name is Nikki, but since we have to many Nikki's so Rusty changed her name to Larry. The sad thing is Larry responses to her name! This picture was taken the night of the going away party. These two are not just friends they are comrades in arms.


So last night did not go as planned, but then again that is no huge surprise.

Our landlord, Tim called me yesterday. When we rented this house from him, we agreed to pay to have the floors in the downstairs put in. We were suppose to do that next week.

So Tim called and said. "Instead of putting the floors in like we had talked about I have something else in mind. I have enough tile to tile your whole downstairs, and all you would have to do is pay for labor. That is going to be $1,500." I said that sounded good to me.

Then Tim asked me if I could give him the money that night. I told Tim that I could give him part of it later on, and that I could give him the rest of it tomorrow. He said that was fine, and went on to tell me that 9 people did not pay their rent this month. so I told him no problem, I also told him that next week we could pay March's rent if it would help him out. Tim said if we did that then he would knock $300 off our rent! Hell that is a bargain for us.

After talking with Tim for a while, he told me why they are hurting so much. This poor family has had two deaths month and all the air fair to go back east was killing them. I knew that they had gone back east, but he never said what he was going for. Oh well, I guess it is a win win situation.

Then Amber and Sam were having an argument. So I did what any good mom would do. I sat outside Amber's door and listened to the whole thing. Amber is so wrong in this fight! So this morning I told Amber that. So now I am bad mom because I am not taking her side. I just ignored her. Sam is right and she is wrong.

Miles came up last night and got bookworm loaded for me. I swear this was the hardest game to install. Now my girlfriend downloaded the game and she had no problems. O.K. maybe we are just all idiots.

Then I still had to go to wal mart. The girls have the car during the day, so off to wal mart I went. I was so tired when I got home that I just left everything by the front door.

This morning I get up and call Rusty and he is ready for his sale today. Man I wish I was there with him.

I started putting everything away while the children were getting ready for school. Start a load of laundry, clean out the litter box's, and had my third cup of coffee.

I go into the laundry room to find half a bottle of fabric softener spilled all over the floor! I forgot to not put the fabric softener on top of the washer. Well the house smells nice now.

Then one of the dogs puked. Great now I have to clean that up. To top it off  he could not puke on the cement oh no he had to puke on the carpet!

The rest of my is going to be busy. I have a lot of running around to do..... once the girls get home. So I am going to take advantage of the sun and the warm weather. Hell I am feeling good enough that I might actually walk the dogs. Oh I should go and lay down so that this urge can leave me.

O.K. here is a song that means a lot to Rusty and I. When I hear this song it just makes me smile.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Damn computer

Well I got you tube to work so at least I can listen to music before I toss the computer over the edge of the loft.

I had Rusty buy me the game book worm. Do you think we can down load it? Oh no we are both way to stupid to figure that one out. So we e mailed the place and that us feel even stupider! I swear this computer is going to have a sledge hammer taken to it.

So I called CJ. He did not answer his phone. O.K. I will call Miles. Some chick keeps answering Miles phone and she is telling me that I have the wrong number. No chick you have Miles phone and you need to give it back to him before I throw this computer at you.

All I want to do is play book worm.

Rusty left for 29 palms today. I so wish I was going with him. I love that base. However if we leave the children to their own devices then they will kill each other and we won't have any tax deductions left.

I noticed today that my hair looks like it is tie dyed. I do not know what got into me, but I decided to straighten my hair. I am telling you guys it is four different colors. My hair is naturally a dark drown with red highlights. In the summer it turns red. But since I have been letting it grow out it now goes from dark brown to strawberry blond! Oh well. I guess that is life.

I have a wal mart list that is a mile long. I told Rusty that I am going to tell the check out person to not even tell me the total because I am scared to see how much money I am going to spend.

Tonight is going to be very crazy for me. I have to drop Nikki off at the church by five because she has a meeting for her trip. While she is doing that I need to go help another gal load some furniture, and then it is off to the bank. Then I am going back to the church for ladies night out. After that I am going to drop Nikki off and go to wal mart and then I need to put gas in the kids car. Why am I paying for their gas. Oh that s right because my car still is not even registered, so I do not have a choice but to use their car.

Rusty will be gone until Friday so before then I am going to take a detoxifying bath. Rusty hates the smell of my detoxifying bath and he thinks that I am crazy.

Rusty told me yesterday that he needs new jeans and a belt. I said well your jeans and belt look fine to me. Then he took his belt off and his jeans damn near fell off of him! Rusty is almost back to the size he was when he was in the corps. My man is looking so good.

I am not going to tell you guys any more that it is up in the 80's today and that I am loving this weather. So everyone who needs a break from the snow, come on over! Lets have a huge journal land party.

O.K. my kitchen has not been touched today so I need to go give it some attention.

Seven-Day Forecast

79°F 26°C
40°F 4°C

72°F 22°C
41°F 5°C

67°F 19°C
35°F 1°C

70°F 21°C
35°F 1°C

73°F 22°C
37°F 2°C

76°F 24°C
41°F 5°C

77°F 25°C
40°F 4°C

Monday, February 11, 2008

sun worshiping and good bye

Saturday was so nice. George and I went to beach. Man I can't explain how nice it is to lay on the sand naked and just be in the moment. For two hours all I could hear was the sound of the ocean. For two hours all I could feel was the sun baking my body. I so needed that. After all the rain we got..... well I just needed to soak up the sun.

This weekend a bunch of us are going to go back to the nude beach. Betty, you asked what nude beach we go to. We go to San Onofre. It is right next to the nuclear power plant.

Saturday night we had a going away post for the marines. The vfw really took care of them. The marines drank $1,300 worth of alcohol and it was all donated!

I also got to pass out three quilts. I think I really shocked them. I still came up short, but the other marines were told that they would get their's in the mail.

I was talking some friends.... that I don't get to see enough.... when Rusty had all the marines gather around so he could introduce them. The gentlemen said man they are all babies. His wife and so were you when you were in. Yes we are sending our boy's and girls back to war.

Nikki came to me last night and said that she is not sure if she wants to go on the mission trip. I told her that she does not have to go if she does not want to. Inside I was wondering what was going on.

I mentioned this to Rusty and he said what I was thinking. Is this because of her boyfriend? Nikki's boyfriend is not allowed to go on the trip because his mother can't go and watch over him. The boyfriends mother must go everywhere with her children. I feel sorry for them.

I just hope that Nikki changes her mind and go on the trip. I don't think a stupid boy should be allowed to steal her dreams.

Today I have some stuff to do around here and then if it is nice again I am going to go worship the sun in my birthday suit..... in my back yard. I hope this nice weather hold out. I am so sick of winter.

I am craving popcorn, so I think I am going to go make some. Here's a little tid bit about me. I still use a popcorn popper and I only buy organic popcorn. I know I am strange, but that is what makes me, me.

AOL has been giving me problems today so I am getting around to journals, it is just taking me a while. AOHELL won't even let me use spell check! Sorry for all my spelling oops. I suck at spelling.


Friday, February 8, 2008

good morning sun

The alarm went off at 5:30 this morning and when I looked out the window the sun was starting to come up! Could it be that the day's are finally getting longer? I love the sun.

Yesterday Amber's boyfriend Sam stopped by. Sam was applying for job at some of the fast food restaurants over by us. He has finally hit reality. Sam realizes that it will only be for a few months. Once summer hits he is going to go work at the boy scout camp. The funny thing is Rusty went to the same boy scout camp. Man this is a small world.

I talked with Lyn a little more, and I am really thinking about her offer.

I only got one quilt done yesterday. I started sewing the other one and got half way through it when I realized that I was sewing it inside out, So I had to take it apart. That is what I get for rushing.

I have some running around that I need to get done, but I am going to have to wait until the girls get home. The last thing I need is yet another ticket. Maybe in a few weeks I can go get my car fixed. Why do I have to get it smogged? Can't I be above the law?

George and have decided that we need a girls day out. So we are going to wait until next weekend, because Beth will be coming in on Friday. So we have decided to go to San Juan Capistrano and see all the joys of this little town. Then we are going to go to the nude beach. I know it will be a little bit chilly, but we just want to go worship the sun. Maybe I will take the cameras and have the girls take some pictures of me. That would make a nice valentines gift for Rusty! Well crap I just looked at the calendar. If want pictures then we will have to go this weekend.

Oh speaking of valentines day I need to find out if we still have a tarp. I want to break out the chocolate body paint and maybe the stuff to make a Sunday. If Rusty is going to have another heart attack then it is going to be in our bed. What a better way to go.

O.K. Marty wanted me to write 10 things about myself that I proud of. Here is my list.

1. I am proud of the fact that I can still put my legs behind my head.

2. I am proud of the fact that I do look so much younger then Rusty. I like people thinking that I have a sugar daddy.

3. I am proud of the fact that I have compassion for animals.

4. I proud of the fact that I can quilt.

5. I am proud of the fact that I speak my mind.... even if people don't like it.

6. I am proud of the fact that I can dress up and go out and turn head and give people a shock. Did I mention that I found a pill box hat!

7. I am proud of the fact that  I can cook comfort foods.

8. I am proud of the fact that I love to have fun.

9. I am proud that I have finally learned to appreciate my naturally curly hair.

10. I am proud of the fact that I have not killed my teenagers yet.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

about the past

Yesterday Rusty asked me why I was applying for the jobs that I was applying for. I said well what else do you want me to apply for ceo? Rusty said yes. Then he brought up the past.

Lets go back several years.

What seems like a life time ago I met two ladies that had started a charity to help the military here in San Diego. I really believed in what they were doing, so I asked if I could volunteer to help them.

I volunteered for a year. The charity grew and I helped get new programs off the ground, and we were growing very fast.

I would attend dinner's and do all the formal stuff. It was great! People knew me and they knew that they could count on me. I was no longer the gunny's wife, I finally had a name and Rusty was my eye candy.

I watched this charity grow and grew to love everything about it. I loved the people I was working with, and the people I was helping.

Over time I became a paid employee. The money was good, but I can honestly say that I would do it all with out the money because I had.

I was really enjoying my job as director of services for northern San Diego.

Then one day I was asked to go over to my bosses house. I was to pick her up and take her to rehab. I so did not want to do this, but I knew it had to be done.

My bosses husband was being brought home..... he was out on ship. So the following day I went back to my bosses house and I cleaned everything up. I figured her husband would not want to come home and see her booze bottles everywhere.

While I was doing that Rusty went down to get her Husband and give him a ride home.

I got a phone call for another lady that I worked with and she asked me to bring all of my bosses paper work down to San Diego.

While I was gathering everything up I discovered that my boss was embezzling money.

I did not take the paper work to San Diego that day. I took it all home. I made dinner and got the children in bed. I walked up and turned the t.v. off and said " Rusty we need to talk".

Rusty knew something was up by the look on my face. I laid all the paper out in front of him and just started showing him everything.

Now I had to choose. Do I cover it up or do I become a whistle blower?

I chose to become a whistle blower.

Over the next few weeks the fall out from everything was more then I could handle. I was fired, called every name in the book and then they tried to come after me.

I cried the entire two weeks. Rusty finally had to take on my battle.

I lost my job, I lost people that I thought were my friends, but most of all I lost out helping people.

I swore I would never do this again.

My boss ended up getting a divorce and eventually everyone else that was involved got fired. They just wiped the slate clean and started again, and this charity is still going strong.

A year after this fall out I went into the animal shelter and volunteered to be a foster mom for kittens. This really shocked Rusty. I just explained to him that by fostering I am still doing something, but that I far enough way from everything that I will not get hurt.

Yesterday Lyn offered me a job as director for her horse and rare dog rescue. Lyn's husband is having some health issues right now and she can't give the time that is needed. I told Lyn that I would have to think about it. Rusty thinks I should go for it.

I just don't know. For me it would be so much easier just go flip burgers and not be involved and that way I won't get hurt again. I just don't know.

Here is what I do know. I know that I need to get off the computer and get busy. I need to pull something out for dinner, clean the cat boxes, and get two quilts finished! Can you believe that Lyn found the time to do two quilts. I am telling you guys this lady has more time then I do, and I do not know where she gets it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

burned out

I would like to know who made this quilt. I love it. Maybe I can find the pattern for it.

Today I am going to go by Lyn's house and pick up a quilt top. I am so not in the mood to quilt. I feel like quilting has lost it's fun. When I originally started making quilts for the marines it was fun, but now it is not fun any more.

I am going to be two quilt's short. Oh well. They will just have to get mailed I guess.

Last night Rusty and I were talking about our money situation. I told Rusty that I sat down with the bills and that we will be fine. It is just going to be tight for a few months.

I had Rusty go to his old bank and make sure that his accounts were still good. We have decided that I will give Rusty a set amount every payday, and that is all he gets. It was way to crazy trying to have two people manage the money.

Last night Rusty said something to me that meant a lot to me. He said that he was sorry for putting us in this situation and that he is sorry for all the bad choices he made. 

That meant so much to me. With that said it is time to move on.

I have applied for a few jobs with the school system. I would like to work for school's because then I would be off when the children are off. I just know that things are going to get crazy with Rusty, Amber and I working. Nikki is also looking for a job.

I just hope that we can work out everyone schedules so that someone can be home with Ryan otherwise it look's like I won't be working all that much.

Right now I have a black cat sitting here watching the screen. At any second now he will jump and try to chase the letters. I know that I should get a life, but for now I am going to enjoy the time that I am able to stay locked up in the house.

Next week Rusty will be in 29 palms for the week. I wish I was going, but no can do. I am however going to give Rusty some extra money to go buy Ryan two Christmas presents. That's right I said Christmas.

The last time I was at the exchange they had cammies and a flight suit for real cheap, so I want to get them now before they are sold out or the price goes up.

Yesterday I officially signed up for Egypt. Now I need to go get my passport. I have not had a passport in years.

Well I guess I need to go do my hair and grab some tea so that I can go to Lyn's house. Maybe spending some time with a friend will bring me out of my funk.