Monday, February 11, 2008

sun worshiping and good bye

Saturday was so nice. George and I went to beach. Man I can't explain how nice it is to lay on the sand naked and just be in the moment. For two hours all I could hear was the sound of the ocean. For two hours all I could feel was the sun baking my body. I so needed that. After all the rain we got..... well I just needed to soak up the sun.

This weekend a bunch of us are going to go back to the nude beach. Betty, you asked what nude beach we go to. We go to San Onofre. It is right next to the nuclear power plant.

Saturday night we had a going away post for the marines. The vfw really took care of them. The marines drank $1,300 worth of alcohol and it was all donated!

I also got to pass out three quilts. I think I really shocked them. I still came up short, but the other marines were told that they would get their's in the mail.

I was talking some friends.... that I don't get to see enough.... when Rusty had all the marines gather around so he could introduce them. The gentlemen said man they are all babies. His wife and so were you when you were in. Yes we are sending our boy's and girls back to war.

Nikki came to me last night and said that she is not sure if she wants to go on the mission trip. I told her that she does not have to go if she does not want to. Inside I was wondering what was going on.

I mentioned this to Rusty and he said what I was thinking. Is this because of her boyfriend? Nikki's boyfriend is not allowed to go on the trip because his mother can't go and watch over him. The boyfriends mother must go everywhere with her children. I feel sorry for them.

I just hope that Nikki changes her mind and go on the trip. I don't think a stupid boy should be allowed to steal her dreams.

Today I have some stuff to do around here and then if it is nice again I am going to go worship the sun in my birthday suit..... in my back yard. I hope this nice weather hold out. I am so sick of winter.

I am craving popcorn, so I think I am going to go make some. Here's a little tid bit about me. I still use a popcorn popper and I only buy organic popcorn. I know I am strange, but that is what makes me, me.

AOL has been giving me problems today so I am getting around to journals, it is just taking me a while. AOHELL won't even let me use spell check! Sorry for all my spelling oops. I suck at spelling.



momiscool2 said...

lol I love your aol set up button!!!
Enjoy the sun!!

lurkynat said...

love you Kelli!
what a great time you had!
Thanks for responding to Smurfettes' blog entry! She si cool!
ps oh btw did you post that joke about Aol?

plieck30 said...

Sounds like you're getting a jump on your sun tan for the spring and summer. Won't you look nice in those sun dresses and shorts. You are lucky too. I have never been able to get a sun tan. I turn red and back white. Was really a bummer when I was young. Paula

lanurseprn said...

I didn't know San Onofre had a nude beach. I've gone down to Torrey Pines before.  I'll keep that in mind. Maybe I'll see you down there someday!

deshelestraci said...

I got a kick out of the nude beach being right next to the nuclear plant!  Funny.  I need some sun and its vitamin D.  I hate hearing these people say you must put sunscreen on every day all year.  We'll all have rickets.  

louiseb411 said...

Happy sunbathing  I hope you have a high wall! Louise xx

buggieboo1 said...

Lucky you! No tanning here! it's COLD here.... it was only 9 degrees here this morning!

~~~Make it a Great Day~~~

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))I hope your daughter changes Her mind and goes.Your right,no boy should steal Her dreams.

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, glad you had a nice time at the beach, I hope Nikki changes her mind, hey when you have a chance email me your new address, Hugs Lisa

emabecmar said...

i want warm sunshine and air. but it was 29 today and tomorrow there is a 90% chance of snow and ice, grrrrrrrrrrr. is it spring yet? ((((((hugs)))))

lv2trnscrb said...

Kelli; thanks for telling me where the beach is; I'll have to ask my son if he knows about it; he seems to find out those tidbits quicker than I do!! Wasn't it gorgeous today?? I do hope it stays like this for a long time

I hope Nikki goes on the mission trip and is not using her boyfriend as an excuse not to go; it isn't like she will be gone for any length of time

glad the going away party went well!


rdautumnsage said...

It's going to be at least another 3 months before it's even close to be warm enough to get some sun here NY. Sounds like the the send off was a great one. Just wish we weren't sending them off to war again. It is strange Nikki is changing her mind, I thought she was looking forward to it. (Hugs) Indigo