Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It is voting day for us

Well today is voting day here. Rusty is going to blow that vein in this head. I vote by mail. I hate getting dressed and leaving the house just so I can drive to the high school to vote. Rusty refuses to vote by mail.

So this morning Rusty leaves early so that he can get to the polls. Then it turns out that the polls are not set up yet. So Rusty calls me and complains. Then they finally get the polls set up and the ballots are not there. So Rusty calls me back and asks me for the number of the register of voters so that he can complain. I find that number for him and then ask him why he just does not vote by mail. Boy did I get an ear full on that one!

Nikki is doing good. Her super glue has turned hot pink! It looks kinda cool. I am also glad to know that I am not the only mom who has spent countless hours in the er.

I was reading another journal and that journal lead me to another journal where there are asking a question for anyone to answer. The question is "what is your favorite family spot to visit"

This is an easy one for me. I love going down to Point Loma and walking on the cliffs. All of the children even Ryan like going down there. Rusty does not walk down to the cliffs with us, but he does stand at the top and laugh at us!

There is something about standing on the edge of a huge rock and looking down into the swirling ocean that just give me a thrill. I really like it when the waves come up and hit us.

I do not have a fear of being knocked into the ocean or being eaten by a shark. I could spend hours just watching the waves.

Lyn from the ukgal, the next time you are in San Diego I would love to take you to the cliffs. I know why don't you just ask hubby to getstationed out here!

I reposted some pictures of the cliffs.

Berkly has always been one of those places that try's to push the envelope as far as they can. Well the city of Berkly has banned the Marines for going to the college to recruit. Berkly also gave a permit for people to block and protest outside of the Marine Corps recruiting office. So the federal government has decided to pull all of the federal funding for the city of Berkly. There will be not money for school lunch's, for roads, no money for anything. The city of Berkly is now rethinking their ban against the marines.

Today I have some more cleaning to get done and then I will need to cook some dead cow for dinner. I am actually thinking about starting to walk the dogs. I know that it would do both of us some good, but I so hate cold weather and it is still cold here. Well cold for us.

I swear I was interviewed for this video. It speaks volumes and I so agree with the words to this song.



lisa41076 said...

Kelli, I love the ocean too, glad Nikki is healing good, have a good super Tuesday, Hugs Lisa

deshelestraci said...

Beautiful pictures!  Who are all of those gorgeous women?  I know you are second from the right.

helmswondermom said...

I love the pictures!  Gorgeous place!
I heard on the radio that California was having some problems at the polls.  I hope Rusty finally got to vote (and to complain to the right person).

plieck30 said...

I like your family spot and I'm glad that cow is going to be dead when you cook it. lol Paula

lv2trnscrb said...

loved Toby Keith's song; I saw him on a news show, I'm going to say Bill O'Reilly's because that's the only one I watch, when they interviewed him about going to entertain the troops and how other stars/performers would turn him down when asked to accompany him; that was so sad to hear that they would treat their fellow Americans like that, no matter what they feel about the war.  I'm glad he at least goes and tries to do what he can.

I love your entries; dead cow for dinner, that's a good one!!

I thought those pictures were from an area I knew, I love the Point Loma area


lanurseprn said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm gonna have to drive down and see that! You look so pretty in the pictures, too!
Love your graphic! Now that's a fantasy I hadn't thought of LOL! Hope you have a good day.

ma24179 said...

Wow! That does sound like a beautiful place to visit! I found you in Paulas journal and just wanted  to stop by and say hi! I am looking for some new journals to read along with my old ones. Hope you have a wonderful week. -Missy http://journals.aol.com/ma24179/MISSYZSTUFF

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))I wish I lived near the beach.Have a nice night.

nelishianatl said...

I voted yesterday but didn't get to have sex there.  I didn't know that was a voter incentive. ROFLMAO  
I do love that song very much and oh, how greatly it applies!
Rusty sounds like a high maintenance man at times. But he's a good guy I'm sure.
And the business about protesting in front of the recruiting office.... alot I can say there.  I wish we honored and respected our troops like we did back in WWII and we should today.  I'm embarrassed to hear that is happening and I'm not even from Berkley.  
I haven't been to the ocean in years.  What you are talking about sounds fun.  I wouldn't be afraid either.


ukgal36 said...

I want to go to the cliffs with you! next time I am in san diego we ARE going to meet up...

tsalagiman1 said...

Nothing from Berkley is surprising.  You're talking about a town where they banned firefighters from flying the American flag on their firetrucks a few years ago.  I think the city may have overstepped their boundaries - the college is owned and run by the state, and the city can't dictate to them who goes there to recruit or anything else for that matter.  I'm glad the government took a stand and got their attention the only way possible - the pocketbook.


lurkynat said...

Dear Kelli,
that is so bogus about banning Marines!
You made me worry about the school kids so I hope that the Fed decides to feed school kids again!