Friday, February 29, 2008

So it seems

\Well everyone the kettle is on so settle down for a long entry.

Ryan is fine and is back to school today.

Nikki has taken her name off the list for Nursery and Sunday school and is trying very hard to keep her distance for physco mom. So far we have not gotten any more phone calls from her.

Out land lord/property manager stopped by yesterday. It seems that the lady that owns the house has stopped making the payments on it and is going to let it go into foreclosure.

Tim, our land lord told us that we can live here rent free until we have to move out. The property has not been posted yet, so Tim is guess we will have until May or June. Tim feels so bad about this.

After a long talk with Tim we have come up with a plane. Tim is going to take the deposit that we put down on this house and just roll it over to another one of his properties. Tim will give us the keys to our new place a few weeks early so we can slowly start moving in.

I am at peace with this and have been since I first suspected this was happening. The extra money will come in handy.

I am going to go get new contacts and glasses and take Ryan in to get new glasses as well. I am going to pay off a few bills, and put money aside for Egypt.

Rusty is not happy. Rusty did say that this time we are getting a u haul.

I had also talked to Nikkis other mom yesterday and told her what happened. She just laughed. I said " Why are you laughing? You helped us move and you know what a hassle it is."

Nikkis other mom just said because I was praying for you guys the other night. I know that money is tight for you guys and I wanted to make sure that Nikki would have the money to go on her mission trip.

I said "Deb, every year I sign Nikki up for these trips know that I don't have the money. Every year we raise the mony. Every year Nikki goes. Please stop praying for us. Nikki will be fine and now we have to move".

Deb justlaughed. I know that the money will be there for Nikkis trip because every year I take a leap of faith and every year the money appears in Nikki's account.

I was reading another journal the other day and this lady was talking about saying good bye to her husband as he left for Iraq.

Flash Back: The year is mid 2000. Rusty had just come out of the field. I was so happy to see him, but I knew that I would not have him for long. A few weeks later he was told to pack his bags that he was going to Iraq in 7 days.

Rusty pulled out his sea bag, and started packing. Like a robot he knew what gear to take and to make it all fit with a little room to spare. Rusty closed up his sea bag and put a lock on it. There is sat by the front door.

The sea bag sat there as a reminder that in a few days Rusty would be leaving.

Rusty said " I will be back in 6 months." I said "You will be back in a year."

While I wanted to spend every waking minute with him, I knew that I could not. I wanted to hold him and never let him go. I wanted to make love to husband and I want that to never end.

Everything did end. Rusty came home and told me "I have to be at the armory at 4:30 in the morning to draw my weapon". My heart sank.

I went about making dinner and cleaning up the house while Rusty spent some time with the children. After everyone was tucked into bed, Rusty went and took a shower. He then put on a new pair of cammies and said "Well there is no point in going to bed."

I sat on the bed smelling Rusty's dirty shirt. I just wanted to remember that smell. The smell of Rusty. I have washed his clothes and always complained that he stunk, but now I wanted that smell to last forever.

Rusty sat and played a computer game while I tucked cards into his back. I was hoping that when he found them that he would smile.

The ride down to base was way to short. I just sat in the passenger seat holding Rustys hand and holding back the tears. I can't cry because that would show weakness, and I have to be strong.

When we arrive at the armory Rusty turns the truck off and says "well baby I will see you in 6 months." I said "well I see you in a year."

Rusty grabbed his bag from the bed of the truck and started to walk away. I said " What I do not even get a kiss?" Rusty came back and hugged me and gave me a kiss. Then he said " You better get home, the children will be up soon and they will need you."

I got into the truck and drove away. My last day with Rusty was so brief yet so special.

Looking back I now know that Rusty had detached himself and had his mind set on war. Rusty did what he had to do. I went home and did what I had to do.

At he end of this entry I will give you guys a link. Please stop by and show your support for a military wife that is having a hard time right now.

Back to the present.

Jake called me yesterday and everyone that left with him made it o.k. Yesterday the final group left. I sat in the back yard yesterday wondering which air craft they were on. See I live in the flight pattern for a base, so I can see them coming and going.

Today I am going to go help a gal Cathy pick up some stuff for her rescue group, and I need to put the finishing touches on some quilts and do some cleaning up around here.






lv2trnscrb said...

I'll stop by and leave a word at that journal; so was it a year that he was gone or six months??

I think Tim is an honorable man and is trying to do what is right with you guys being tenants and that house going into foreclosure; most people wouldn't know what was happening until someone was at their door telling them they had 3 days to move


lisa41076 said...

Kelli, glad Ryan is feeling better, I will stop by later and visit that journal, Hugs Lisa

glensfork4 said...

well was it 6 months or a year????

Inquiring minds want to know.


plieck30 said...

God bless Rusty for serving our country and you for being there and waiting for him plus all the others who have served and are serving. Paula

helmswondermom said...

I bet is WAS a year or more, wasn't it?
I'll certainly go by that link you gave us.  I'm so sorry you guys have to move again, but I hope that it will be a nice place, and at least you will be saving a bit of money.  Make sure all those marines have your new address so they'll know where to find home when they get in!

zoepaul6968 said...

things are going slowly but in the right direction,you are so well organised and i know things will be ok hun zoe xxx

lanurseprn said...

I am sorry you have to move again. But, at least you know you already will have a place and it won't be as stressful as last time.  Maybe you'll be able to pack things up slowly and prepare for the move with less stress.

I don't know how you survived sending your husband off to war. You are a strong woman! I read this and got tears in my eyes. I just don't know how people survive that. Sending sons, daughters, husbands, wives, friends off to war....not knowing when/if you will see them again.
That's HELL...plain and simple. I commend you for your courage. Thank you for sharing this with us.

lanurseprn said...

Oh ..I forgot to say I LOVE your quilts! You are very talented.

gehi6 said...

I was in my teens when all my cousins and uncles were fighting in
World War II, and there is nothing worse than hearing someone close in the family is missing in action. That really affected me, and my aunt, his wife, never really got her life going again. I felt lucky that so many of my uncles and cousins came home safe.  I do feel very very sorry for you because you have to move again, although that was another thing I would do so often in my younger years.  I had it down to a science.  I will try to go to that person's journal who is suffering from a loved one going to Iraq.  A spirit visitor, Reed, came to visit me online yesterday and made me feel better.  He was insistent until I tapped into his spirit, and it really did help me  I was stuck in a very flat place.  Gerry  

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))I am sorry you guys have to move again.But I am glad your at peace with this.

loverobin32 said...

Everytime I see the doggie pic I laugh thinking that would so be Cato if he could get out the door..LOL!!! Huggs, Robin

lurkynat said...

nice job Kelli with the quilts!
love the teddy bear quilt the most! the quilt with the insects is beautiful too! I love your graphics! I hope that everything goes well with the move.
How much does she still have to raise?