Sunday, June 29, 2008

random stuff

Well this is my new tea kettle. I love it.

Rusty was home all last week. He said he was on vacation, I however did not get a vacation. I still had to cook and clean, chase a daughter down in Italy and whatever else a stay at home mom does.

I found this set at a thrift store. I just love it. Nikki comes home tomorrow. I can't wait to see her! Rusty will get to hug her first, because he is going to pick her up from the train station.

I think I have everything ready for her trip to Nicaragua. I even made a quilt for the missionary that they will be working with. Deb asked me to make him a quilt because he will be getting married the day before the team arrives.

I have the anti vomit drugs. I am so hoping that Nikki will not get sick this year.

I scored this awesome piece of Pyrex at a yard sale. I could tell you all the details behind this pot, but that would only prove how dull my life has been. The big coffee cup was part of my mothers day gift.

George pointed out to me that I spend more time talking to my cats then I spend talking to people. So I started paying attention and it is true. HMM.... could Rusty be right? Have a I become the crazy cat rancher?


One of the marines sent me this bear. I was not missing the marines until I got this bear in the mail.

I miss my marines and I want them to come back. I want to cook for them, clean for them, and hug them.

Dustin will be the last marine to leave and he will be leaving in a few weeks.

Last week was very dull for me. I must say that the sex was good. If sex gets better once the children leave then I want them all to move out now!


Saturday, June 21, 2008

can I sleep now?

I found this graphic this morning and I just had to laugh! This is so my house. I have 3 black cats.

Last night my friend Deb told me to go to the Italian restaurant across town. She said the owner speaks Italian.

So, I go over there. I ask a lady if I could speak to the owner. The lady asked if she could help me with something and I started crying. I explained everything that has been going on. Turns out that one of the waitresses is from Rome!

Her name is Anna and I know that she is an angle here on earth. I explained everything to Anna. Anna started calling all of the hotels that were on Amber route.

Amber was no where to be found. The number for the hotel in Rome was wrong.  Anna kept saying this is the wrong number. This number is for Florence. I know this code.

The gentlemen that owns the restaurant finally come out and see's Anna on the phone speaking Italian. So he asks what is going on.

Once he is filled in the gentlemen just looks at me and asks why she did not take travelers checks. Oh that is an easy one. I suggest to Amber that she go get some, but my mother told her that she would not need them. So Amber listened to my mom.

Side note: I have chewed my mother out for this. I think my exact words were " Thanks for contradicting me in front of Amber and telling her that she would not need travelers checks. Now look at the mess she is in." My mom just said well live and learn.

After about 3 hours of trying to get a hold of someone in Italy that MIGHT know where my daughter is.... well we gave up.

Anna said that she is from Rome. So she was going to go home and get on the Internet and try to figure something out.

I was just happy to have someone speaking Italian for me.

I get home and I jump om the computer. Where in the hell is my daughter?

I got the number for the U.S. Embassy in Rome and I was getting ready to call it, but I thought let me try the tour groups hot line again.

I finally got a hold of someone and they were able to give me the correct number to her hotel.

So now I am back to calling Rome. I should know Italian by now! Anyway I ask for someone who speaks English and they track down Amber for me.

Finally after how many hours of trying? I am finally speaking to Amber. I am trying to tell everything she will need to know about getting her money. That was when she says to me  "mom can you please hurry, I am missing breakfast and we are going to see the pope today"

So let me get this straight. You don't listen to me about taking travelers checks. You call me crying because your money got stolen. I do EVERYTHING in my power to help you and this is all you have to say to me.

I hope the Pope smacked her with his wand thing.

Well guess what? I am going to take my sweet time on getting her atm card activated. Maybe I will get around to it on Monday?

Rusty is on vacation next week. So I am looking forward to that!

I think it is time for her to stand on her own two feet or fall on her face. Maybe she will remember something that Rusty told her "If you need anything or if something happens you go to the U.S. embassy and you tell the marine at the gate that your dad is a retired Gunny and they will help you."

Today I am going to go to some yard sales and just chill. I will need to go and talk to Anna, but other then that I have nothing much planned.














Friday, June 20, 2008

stressed out

I am just a little stressed out right now and I am stress eating on top of that.

O.K. so Ambers money was stolen. Now I have to figure out how to get this child some money. This should be easy, but nothing in my life is that easy.

Give Amber money. No problem I will just go pick it off the money tree. Oh that's right we don't have a money tree.

Wait. I was listed on Ambers account when she opened her account. So I go down to the bank with her pass book and her pin number.

The lady pulled up Ambers account. yep there is money in it. Good I would like to transfer everything from savings into checking.

The bank told me that I could not do that because I was no longer on her account since she is now and adult. I explained to them that my daughter is in Italy with no money! I am not trying to take money out of her account, I just want to transfer money!

One of the tellers finally transferred the money since she knew both Amber and I.

O.K. money gram or western union. Both of them charge an arm and a leg and they would pay the money out in Euro. Which by the way really sucks for us because we are losing .40 out of every dollar!

I called UKgal and left her a message. Then she called me back. Thank you! My question was is England using the pound or Euro? Because I did not want to wire Amber money and then her lose more money because she has to transfer it again.

England is on the pound. UKgal did give me some good tips which I will pass onto Amber if I can ever get a hold of her!

O.K. I got a few text from Amber this morning, but I have not heard back from her.

I called my mom to get one of my Uncles phone numbers. He is from Italy.  Hell child answered my moms cell phone. I just said "Who the hell is this?!" Hell child handed my mom the phone.

Now I am trying like crazy to get a hold of my uncle.

Wait. Dimitri speaks all of these languages. I finally get a hold of him but he does not speak Italian! You have this big brain and you don't speak Italian?

I finally get a hold of my uncle. He is just laughing at me. I am not finding any of this funny! So I was able to get a copy of all the hotels that Amber would be staying at. So my uncle suggested that I go down to AT&T and get an international sims card and then call Italy. I said well before I call Italy does anyone there speak English because you never taught me Italian! Yes, someone there will speak english.

Fine. Off to AT&T. I walk in and this skinny pimple faced kid says can I help you? "I need an international sims card and I need it now" This kid says well... I said " Listen my child is in Italy with no money and I need to reach her. Either set my phone up so I call internationally or I will take my business else where."

The kid pulls up our account only to find out that we are at the end of our contract and that I can indeed take my business else where.

Now I am ready to call Italy. I finally get a hold of the hotel only to find out that their computers are down! So they can't tell me what room my daughter is in or get her on the phone. I was asked to call back in a few hours.

I called my uncle back and asked him if I was asking the right questions. He laughed at me. Now I am really getting sick of him laughing at me. He reminded me that there is a 10 hour difference.

Now I am at the point of just waiting. I have text Amber and I even called her phone and left her a voice mail..... just in case.

So, if anyone wants to call internationally please feel free to come over and use my phone. It only coast 9 cent per minute to call Italy!

Did I mention that I am a little bit stressed out?


Rusty thinks I am crazy

  • KELLI NELSON  :  United States of America  :  1688.03 lbs promised   details

    Promised on 2008-06-20 09:49:24 to keep the following:
    Will recycle all aluminum and steel cans this year. 166 lbs SAVED.
    Will use reusable coffee cups 1 day(s) this week. 0.25 lbs SAVED.
    Will take the train, instead of a plane for 1 short (500 miles or less) trip(s) this year. 205 lbs SAVED.
    Will replace 1 frequently used incandescent light bulb(s) with more efficient compact fluorescent bulb(s). 100 lbs SAVED.
    Will run my dishwasher only when it's full this week. 2 lbs SAVED.
    Will turn off and unplug home computer when not in use this year. 250 lbs SAVED.
    Will take two minutes off their regular showering time 7 day(s) this week. 6.58 lbs SAVED.
    Will either set thermostat one degrees lower (winter) or one degrees higher (summer) for one whole month. 42 lbs SAVED.
    Will wash clothes this week in cold water. 10 lbs SAVED.
    Will air-dry all laundry this week instead of using the dryer. 14 lbs SAVED.
    Will turn down hot water heater to 120 degrees. 550 lbs SAVED.
    Will reduced the amount of unnecessary mail receive by choosing electronic bill payment all my accounts. 37 SAVED.
    Will reduce junk mail by canceling 1 catalog(s) I received regularly, in the mail, but never read. 15.2 SAVED.
    Will recycle all white and mixed paper this year. 273 lbs SAVED.
    Will use reusable or recycled shopping bags at the grocery store this year. 17 lbs SAVED.

This is my promise to the earth. I so want to change my carbon footprint. Now I know that Rusty and many of you think I am to far out there and that I should stop hugging trees and come back to the real world, but I like hugging trees.

Have you guys seen green tv? It is put out by the people at discovery channel. They have a show called life with Ed, and it is about living with Ed beagly. I love this show and this whole channel.

This morning I was surfing their web page and I found the carbon footprint promise. My promise is posted above.

This week I have been a quist to see exactly how much trash our family produces. So far this week we have not even filled up one trash bag. Now this is also because I have to go through the trash and pull out all the recyclables because Rusty does not believe in that. We are doing good.

Last week George and I went to the beach on the base. Now every time I go to the beach I walk the beach and pick up all the trash. George thought I was crazy but she went with me on my walk.

I so wish I had my camera. All this week I have been trying to get my hands on a video camera. No luck there.

I wanted to take a video of what I saw there on the beach. I wanted to vomit! Even George was discussed.

What we saw were dead birds. The sad thing is they were right outside the bird sanctuary. Dead birds just laying there rotting and stinking!

We picked up so much trash that we had to carry it in our arms because our trash bag was stuffed. We found balloons and the string that held the balloons together, bleach bottles, shoes, glass, metal, rubber stuff, and worst of all we found Gatorade bottles.

The gatoraid bottles made me mad because they were right out side the tracks where the marines go rolling by. What gives them the right to just throw their trash on the beach?

So George and I walked back up the beach. We finally made it to a trash can only to discover that the trash can was stuffed. It was stuffed with recyclable stuff! So I start to look around and there was no recycling center set up. So then why does the base promote recycling?

I wanted to go walk the beach and take a video of all of this. Marines are just gross.

So last night I was talking to Rusty about this, and he said "The base Sergeant Major will be at the cigar social on Monday, why don't you go with me and you can ask him these question?"

I am going to go watch a bunch of old guys smoke cigars and talk about the good old days just so I can ask some tough questions. Even if I do not get answers for them.

I want people to be aware of the condition of the beach. Most of the best beach's are on Military bases and we should be ashamed of the condition of the beach's.

Onto another subject. I heard from both of the girls yesterday.

Nikki is having a blast and is pushing her limits. The group that Nikki is with was told that they could not walk around and sell t shirts and that they had to stay in their booth. So then Nikki and this other girl started writing "live offensively on peoples arms.  They were that they could not do that. So nikki made a big sign that said "We will pray for you". Then people started swarming them!

Amber called me in tears. Someone stole most of her money! So she will not have enough money to make it 2 weeks.

Great. this is just what I did not need. I check western unions web page and they can wire money to Italy, but I have to go into a western union to do it. I do not know what the conversion rate is but I was told that the money would be paid in the Euro. Does that mean that I am getting screwed?

I am going to call and try to activate Ambers atm card. I use to be on Ambers account, and I hope that I still am.

I am trying to get a hold of my uncle who is from Italy, but so far I am not having much luck. I do not even know where in Italy this girl is!

Oh my brain hurts.

O.K. my day is waiting and I have a lot to do.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I love summer

Summer is in full swing for me and I am loving it!

I get up and do my normal house stuff..... I am still wearing that little thing that I wore to bed the night before.

Then it is time to head down to the lake. So I put on my swim suit and head down to the lake. I feel so much better about my self because I see bigger women then me wear a bikini.

I come home and take a shower and put on another little thing.

Just think a few weeks ago I was worried because I did not have any Capri's. Next week when Ryan goes to school..... I am going to be nude!

I talked to Nikki today and she is doing much better today. The group is doing so good and they are having a blast. Nikki has also be invited back next summer! So what we are talking about is Nikki touring longer and then going to Fiji for her missions trip since Fiji is later in the summer.

For what ever reason I was not able to log onto the computer today. So by the time Rusty got home I was going through withdrawals! I am not sure what he did, but I am just so glad that I have my computer back!

I will try to get all of my alerts. Just be patient with me.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

missing my girls

O.K. lets hope this works!

Here is a picture of us with Amber on the night she graduated and the rest of the pictures were taken down at the cliffs. In one of the pictures you can see my head as I am climbing up the side of the rock. Then in the next picture I am at the top.

Lets see. Nikki is in Ohio and Amber is on her way to Europe. Ambers first stop will be Rome.

Today I am going to just stay at home and clean up the house. I don't think I am even going to get dressed.

Well I found my scissors! I finally got that damn curtain made. I really like the way it turned out. I chose a Japanese pattern. I want to go get more material and make the rest of my curtains out of the same material. But it will have to wait. I can't believe how expensive material is getting.

Yesterday Amber and I spent a lot of time talking about her trip. I am so happy that she is going on this trip. Yes, I am still upset that I paid for most of it, but on the other hand I am glad that she is going and doing these things.

For my birthday I got a rose from Ryan, a starbucks gift card from Rusty, a cat tee kettle, and some green bags for my produce. I think the bags were actually my mom ways of laughing at me! LOL

I just got an e mail from another j lander. She had offered to take Amber out when she got to the UK. Thanks in advance for showing my daughter a good time!

Can I admit that I miss my daughter already. Can I admit that I wish I was with them, watching them explore this big new world. Do I sound like a big baby?

My day is calling me. Maybe if I keep busy I won't miss my daughters so much.



Monday, June 16, 2008

yes it is Monday

Yes it is Monday.

I can't find my sewing scissors and I want to sew.

I had to take Amber out to finish getting all of her crap done for Europe.

It is hotter then heck.

Did I mention that I can't find my sewing scissors?

Today is my 38th Birthday. So far today I have cleaned out the litter boxes, done laundry, ran the children around, lost my sewing scissors, and most of all I am missing my dad.

My dad was born on June 19th. For as long as I can remember I would always celebrate my birthday with my dad.

My father was in jail the night I was born. This is a true white trash story.

While my mom was in labor with me, my dad went to have a drink. He got arrested for drunk and disorderly. My mom bailed him out of jail on his birthday. It also happened to be fathers day.

I need to go get busy. I am just going to have to break out the quilting stuff so that I can cut some material. I bought this really cool material and I so want to get a curtain made today. Is that to much to ask?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

lets laugh

I must laugh at some of the things that my mom did to drive me nut. I must admit that I did things back that drove her up a wall!

One day we were getting ready to leave the lake and my mom told Ryan to go throw away his water bottle. I stopped Ryan and reminded him that we recycle and that I thought we should go pull all of the recyclables out of the trash cans. So we dug through trash on the beach.

I had stacks of boxes in the garage. My mom was looking at them and decided to go put them in the trash. I stopped her and I put them out front and then went and put an ad on craigslist for free moving boxes. I said " Why are we throwing things away that other people could use?"

My mom asked me if we had any popcorn. So I broke out the hot air popper. I got the dear in the head lights look and then my mom asked why I did not have microwave popcorn. I just explained that I use only organic popcorn. My mom is so not into organic.

My mom stayed in Nikki's room. Now Nikkis room was not unpacked and it was in a state of disaster. Whatever. We moved in a week ago and now Nikki is gone. My mother told me that I needed to get some curtains, some shelves...... oh the list was endless.

So we went to some yard sales. I was able to buy everything that my mom thought Nikki needed for about $10. Now that is recycling! My mom called me cheap.

My mom asked me what type of protein I was going to eat since I refused to eat the meat that she cooked. I opened up a bag of unsalted all organic sunflower seeds.

O.K. maybe I am a little out there and very set in my way. Yes I still dig through trash cans and pull the recycling out. That is just what I do.

O.K. so I don't use paper towels. I don't believe in buying something, to use only once and then to throw it away.

I am glad that my earth wise attitude got to her.

Well Nikki is having a blast! She spent a few days up in Pennsylvania, and then they went to the Ozarks. Today when she called she said that they were heading to Ohio to see the creation center.

So far this summer Nikki has gone rock climbing. She climber 70 feet straight up! Went cliff jumping, got in a mosh pit and is now looking forward to her next big adventure.

Who ever said that Christian children do not have fun? Nikki is on fire and is just loving the fact that she is out there doing so many things and yet is still spreading the word.

I must admit that I miss her. Every time she calls I want to tell her to come home. I want to hug her and fight with her. I want to do her laundry and I want to hear her stories.

I am just so proud of her. Nikki is my light.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

It is so not worth it

There is a tee shirt that the marines wear that say's " "pain is weakness leaving your body". If that is the case then I am getting stronger right now.

My mother left today and her visit was very painful to me.

My mother criticized me in front of my friends. My mother sat there in front of Elle and Beth and told me that I was wrong for not allowing the girls to go to Egypt. Then Elle asked me how long it had been since I had a vacation. I told her that I have not had a vacation in over 20 years. My mom offered to pay for half of each of the girls trips.

I got up and walked away. I did not want a fight.

Everytime I told Amber to do something my mother would contradict me.

My mother told me that she would not be coming out for this Christmas. She said that she just can't be away from my sister and hell child. Well thanks for sharing that info with me.

I asked my shrink why in the world she is even California. My shrink said that she is looking for an anchor. Hmm

The night Amber graduated my mom and one of my friends were talking. They were talking about how children return to the nest. My mom looked at me and said "They all return". I just snapped back " and some of us move to California because we can't afford to live in Samoa"

Today I took my mom down to the train. That's right. I did not even take my mom to the air port. I took her to the train station.

On the way down there I gave her all of the girls account information. I said " here is everything that you will need to pay half on the girls trip. I will pay the other half of Nikki's. Amber is on her own. If amber does not come up the money for the rest of the trip then that is between you and her. I do not want to see pictures, and don't bring me anything back and I defiantly don't want to hear about it."

My mom tried to convince me that I should get a job and pay for my trip. My mom does not get it.

Right before my mom got on the train I said "Well I will see you when ever you come back."

My mom said "well we will talk."

 I just smiled and said " there is nothing to talk about."

Oh I so want to cry. I want to scream. I don't want to be a mom any more.

Rusty and I sat down and talked about all of this tonight. The girls are going to Egypt and I am staying home. I guess good mom's do things like this for their children. Rusty is not happy.

Rusty had no real answers for me and that was fine. I just wanted to vent.

I did however come to the conclusion that I need to keep my mom at a distance. I cut her off for 10 years before. I think it is time for her to be cut off again. I just can't handle the stress that she brings into my home.

I told Rusty that if we had medical insurance that I would be on anti depressants! Rusty just laughed and said " You are stronger then that". I am glad that someone thinks so.

So here I sit tonight. I have no real answers and I am still holding back the tears.

I would like to say that you to everyone who sent Amber a card. We will be getting thank you cards out this week.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

up but not moving

Well, I am up early today and I don't know why. I could not turn my brain off last night, so I laid in bed thinking about all the stuff I needed to do.

I noticed something while I was laying there in the dark. When we moved into this house someone gave us a very nice king size bed. So Rusty and I are not sleeping separate beds anymore. But why? The bed is so big we don't touch anyway. Then I tried to move and noticed that sleeping between Rusty and I was Butter, and the kittens. At my feet I two more cats and another cat on my other side. Did we really get a bigger bed so more animals could sleep with us?

I had a very interesting conversation with Abers not boyfriend Sam. I am still not sure why they broke up. I heard one of the fights and Amber was in the wrong. Anyway they have been hanging out a lot more. So Sam and I were talking about Amber. Sam finally said "you know I am putting so much time and money into this relationship and it is getting me no where. I am not even getting sex out of all of this." I just laughed and said "Welcome to married life". Why I am discussing my daughters sex life with her not boyfriend?

Last night Rusty and I went to dinner. I told Rusty about the conversation that I had with Sam. Rusty just laughed and said " well even a good dog needs to be petted once in a while. He will learn."

Then Rusty shocked me and said that he was going to talk to his boss about not going out of town next weekend. I laughed and told him that I had made a comment about this in my journal. It scares me sometimes that Rusty and I can be thinking the same thing and we do not even know it.

Today I have some running around to do. Also Today our friend Elle is coming in! I can't wait to see her. I have not seen her in over a year. Elle said that she wants to spend a lot of time in the sun, so that way she can go back to Alaska looking all tanned and refreshed! That sounds like a good idea to me.

Well I better get moving, I want to have a lot of stuff done so that way when Elle comes in tonight I can just sit and enjoy having an old friend back in our home.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

packing it up

Yesterday I finished all of the laundry. For that I am grateful! One of my friends that I had not seen in a while stopped by, so while we chatted I had her help fold all that laundry.

Today I have to go dig out a sleeping bag and get it washed. I have to find this pad thing that my husband use to use. It goes under a sleeping bag and Nikki likes it. Then I have to go find all of our luggage.

Tomorrow Nikki is going to pack all of her stuff for her month long trip and then she is also going to pack for her trip to Nicaragua. Since she will only be home for three day's between trips I think this is a smart move.

We went through a long check list.

Inhalers... Nikki's asthma really acts up when she goes back east where it is so muggy.

Saint Christopher medal... got that. He is the saint of travelers and most of the marines wear it so it also reminds her of them.

Boys underwear..... she wears these because they are long and absorb more sweat.

pads, tampons, baby wipes, toilet paper, shampoo and conditioner...... Oh I hope we have everything. I am sure that I will be at wal mart Thursday night picking up all the last minute things.

Looking back to when I was in high school..... man my children have so many more opportunities then I had. Travel wise I mean. I am glad that our children do take advantage of these oppertunities, but sometimes I wish I would have those same oppertunities. Oh well.

My day has begun and I am need to keep up a good pace if I want to get everything done. If there is no rest for the wicked then I must be very wicked!

Oh last night Rusty tells me that he will gone next weekend for yet another business trip! O.K. now I know he is just doing his job, but damn he should just go back on active duty because at least then the money is tax free! Lets see Rusty is up and out of the house by 7 and then he is usually home by 7 in bed by 9 and he is gone every other weekend. Yep just like when he was in the military!\

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

no rest

Here is sit with my first cup of coffee. I have so much to do today. I have 10 loads of laundry to fold. I have thought about leaving it because my mom loves to fold laundry. But since everyone has to jump over the laundry to get to some of the bed rooms I think I should go fold it.

I need to go clean up the kitchen. Ick.

Last night Rusty and I went back to the other house. We had to pick up a few remaining things. So I told Ryan to take everything that was on the kitchen counter and go put it in the trunk of my car.

That was when I noticed Ryan had on dirty sock.

Me: Ryan why are you wearing dirty socks?

Ryan: Because none of my socks are clean.

Me: are you suppose to wear dirty socks?

Ryan: no

Me: what are you suppose to do when your hamper is full?

Ryan: bring it out to be washed.

Me: then why haven't you done that?

Ryan: blank stare

Me: you use to have 20 pairs of socks, so why are you wearing dirty socks?

Ryan blank stare

Me: What did I say would happen if I caught you wearing dirty clothes again?

Ryan: I would get in trouble.

Me: You are grounded from play station and t.v. for a week.

I am not sure why I bother having these conversations with Ryan. We have had these conversations a million times. I am not sure why I bother disciplining him because he does not respond to it anyway.

I was so hoping that one day he might get it but I think I should just forget it.

Then I told Ryan to go get all of the stuff out of the trunk of the car and place everything on the dinning room table.

I walk into the kitchen and there stands Ryan putting everything on the counter.

Me: Ryan where did I say to put everything?

Ryan: on the table.

Me: well is this the table?

Ryan: no

Me: then take everything off the counter and go put it on the table!

Why do I bother? Will he ever be able to follow simple instruction?

Then I got a call from the place that Nikki will be traveling with. It turns out that Nikki will be leaving Friday instead of Saturday. What? I have to pick my mom up in San Diego on Friday. Nikki will be leaving from Orange County!

Some how some way I will figure all of this out.

I forgot to get Ambers car smogged. So I had to get a temp sticker for her car. I will add this to my long list of things to be done.

Well I better go pull something out of the freezer so I can cook dinner tonight. Then I will hit the ground running. I am on my second cup of coffee, so I should be good soon.


Monday, June 2, 2008

well we made it!


Well we are all moved in and for the most part unpacked. I am not as sore as  was yesterday, but I am still little sore. I cant shave my legs because I have nasty looking cuts on them. The sad thing is I did not lean them when it happened and I can't remember when my last time I got that one shot. I guess we will figure it out when I get lock jaw.

Yesterday was Ambers 18 birthday. My oldest daughter is 18!

Amber was born June 1, 1990 at tripler Army medical hospital, in Hawaii.

Amber was taken by crash c section, and was born with group b strep. ( did I spell that right)

Today you would never know that she was so sick when she was born.

We call Amber our little turtle. My dad gave her that name. So Amber has a lot of turtle stuff. Amber is even doing her room in a Hawaii theme and she has her turtles everywhere!


Like this mother, I am sure that our children will not give us the mom of the year award.

Last night Nikki was late coming home from church, so we called her. She was at the boys house!

Rusty hit the roof. So Nikki comes home and Nikki and Rusty started fighting.

I was sitting five feet from them playing on the computer. I figured that this is their fight and I was going to stay out of it.

Then Nikki called Rusty and ass hole and she called me a liar! So Rusty sent Nikki to her room.

Oh that was so not going to happen. I went thought the house the other way and cough nikki in the hallway.

So here we are in the hallway. I have one foot in her stomach and the foot on the floor. Since we were both pinned up against the wall I took the opportunity to tell what I was thinking and brain dust her a few times.

Rusty pulled me off of her and told me to stop because the cops were next door.

Oh the joys of my life.

Today I need to go down to AAA and get Ambers car registered. Then I have to meet Rusty over at the other house to get a few last items and clean up just a little bit.

This week is going to be very crazy for me. Our friend Elle comes in on Thursday, my mom comes in on Friday and then Nikki leaves on Saturday. I can see my pocket book screaming because of all the gas I am going to be spending on gas. Ouch.