Friday, September 30, 2005






go to long beach

Well it is a little after 2 a.m. and I am winding down for the.. morning! LOL

I cant WAIT to go to long beach and see the queen Mary! It will be just Rusty and I alone for two whole days! I have been wanting to see the queen Mary, but now I get to sleep on it!

Work went o.k. tonight. It seemed to drag on forever, but I made it home. That one dude who thinks I hate him is really starting to scare me. He startd talking shit about the white office help as he was coming tword me. I swear Rusty will hurt him if he hurts me.

So not to much else is going on. I am going to grab something to eat and then go to bed. We will be leaving for long beach in the afternoon, so I better get some sleep.

I will chat with everyone when I get home!

I am thankful that I have the chance to spend som alone time with Rusty!


Thursday, September 29, 2005

more wax?

Well, I coned my husbands ear last night and I am having a hard time believing that there is still so much wax in his ear. I am going to do another cone today because he has to go see the ear doctor. Rusty says that he is not hearing any better out of his ear, but at least it does not hurt any more.

I finished me daughters quilt top yesterday. I really hope that she likes her quilt. As you can tell from the picturesthe cats like the quilt!

I am still working on the bench. I the detail work is taking longer then I thought it would, but that is o.k. I told Rusty ysterday that I am really starting to like working with cast iron. I had a blast grinding the rust off of the bench and the tub. I think what I like the most is seeing all of the "errors" in the cast. Nothing is uniform, so when you paint the item it looks so cool! Errors and all.

I have to work tonight, and for some reason it is not bothering me. I usually just want to go to work. Maybe it is because I know that I wont be there on Sunday! I really should not complain about work because it is paying for christmas this year.

Our son Ryan wants one of these electric motoercycles. I am thinking about buying it for him. When Ryan asked me if he could have one I told him no, but I am thinking that Santa can bring it, as long as Santa brings a helmet! LOL

Well I need to get busy and get the house cleaned up before I go to work.

I am thankful that Rysty's ear no longer hurts

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

cleaning up

Last night our water heater sprung a leak. We got that fixed last night but I now need to go get the wet rugs out of the garage and clean up the rest of the mess that we made. This was so not on my list of things that I wanted to do today.

I am just about done with the quilt top for Amber. This blanket is going to be so cute! I am thinking about making a matching pillow case. I just hope that she really likes the quilt.

We will find out on friday if Nikki made the football team. I am so proud of her for going out there and proving to everyone that she can do anything.

I have to go get some more cones today. I am still in shock at how much wax is in the ear. I am just so glad that the cones are pulling it all out. The doc wanted to go into the ear and scrap all of the wax out. OUCH!

I worked on th bench yesterday, but we are not done with it yet. The water heater kinda took all of our attition yesterday.

Rusty ( my husband) told me that his mother called on Sunday. She is going toEngland for Christmas. I did not say anything to Rusty but I was.......I dont know. Rusty has TWO heartattacks and she does not come visit him, but she has the time and money to go visit her other son in England? Whatever. Like I said I dont know how to feel, and Rusty has not really said how he feels. So I am just going to leave it alone.

Anyway, I need to go get the rugs up. I am glad that it is windy today, so at least they will dry quickly.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

getting stuff done

I have been very busy today and it is not even noon! I dont know what has gotten in to me, but..... anyway. I made a chicken pot pie for dinner, started more laundry, and helped Ryan with his school work and it is not even noon yet!

Yesterday my husband I started fixing up this old cast iron bench. I wish we would have taken a picture of it before we tore it apart. But I will post a picture once it is done. So  I need to go get some paint so I can do some of the detail work on it.

Here is a link for everyone who has never heard of ear coning. This really works! Some o.k. a lot of people think that I am crazy because I use alternitive medicine, but hey if it works.....

our youngest daughter, Nikki, called me from school yesterday and asked me to pick her up at 3 because she said that she ws going to try out for volleyball. When I get there I ask her how volleyball try outs went and she said. "I changed my mind, I went out for football" well o.k. I am all for that, but the coach told her that even if she makes the team she will not be able to play in any of the games because it is flag football and someone might "grab" her. Nikki said that she is still going for it because she wants to prove to herself and everyone else that she can do it. Rusty and I told her to go for it.

Well, I should be up doing some stuff. I still have some laundry to do, I need to work on the bench, and I could start on Ambers quilt for Christmas. So I am off and running.

Today I am thankful for the energy to get up and get moving.


Monday, September 26, 2005

goofing around

I think I am starting to get this graphic thing down. Thanks to people who have helped!

Today is looking like it is going be o.k. Ryan is doing his school work and I have started cleaning up the house.

When Rusty has his heart attack he blew out an ear drum. So the doctors would not bo anything about the blood that came out of his ear because they could not see how much damage was done to the ear. So here we are two months after the heart attack and we are now trying to get all of the wax and the dried blood out of his ear. Nothing was really working and then a friend told me about ear candles or ear cones.

Now if you have never seen or heard about these thing they really work! I am not sure what it is made of, but it a long cone that you light on fire and then put the other end in the ear. The smokes goes down into the ear an it then sucks all of the wax out of the ear. It is really cool! We have been doing this a couple times a week and I am amazed at much wax and dried blood was impacked in the ear.

Enough about setting my husbands head on fire.

well I am off to finish laundry.

I am thankful for the people who are helping figure out this image thing!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

to everything there is a season

O.K. so I did not mak it San Diego, but I am going to look on the bright side.

On the bright side Rusty and Tony got to spend the evning just hanging out and talking. That is what a friend is for. I am glad that they had the one on one time. I am greatful that I did not go because I would have been a third wheel.

On the bright side Amber and I put all of our cards on the table. We dont agree on everything, but I we did agree on a few things. I am greatful for the chance to talk with Amber.

On the bright side, I slept alone last night. This was the first time since Rusty came home. The up side to that is that I missed him so much that I now cant wait to go to bed and snuggle in next to him.

I like the comment that was posted about us sucking the life out of our parents. My mom will tell you that she was a child of the sixtys, but did not do any of the things that went on durning the sixty's. My father on the other hand.........lived life until I came along. While in th army he learned to skydive. He even continued to skydive until one time my mom got scared. See my mom was prego with me and my mom was on the ground watching my dad jump. Then someone said "his shoot did not open" Well it was my dads shoot that did not open, but his reserve shoot did open. That was the last time he went skydiving. My dad was stationed in Germany and he saved up a bunch of leave time. So he went hitch hiking through Europe for a month!

So I now wonder if my father gave everything up because of me? Or did he give everything for me? Maybe I should ask him. I wonder if he would do it all again?

I so like to live life and try new things. If I could teach my children just a few lessons here is what they would be.

1. love your husband more then you love yourself

2. try something new and over come your fears

3. help other people when you have the ability to. and most of

4. never allow anyone to tll you that youcant do anything.

come to think of it that is what I learned from my father. I still hold true to my favorite sayings. My shoulders are strong so come lean on meand mountain get out of my way.

Well I need to go get cleaned up and get some sleep.

tonight I am thanful that I get o go to bed and sleep next to Rusty

Saturday, September 24, 2005

my child sucks

Well, I was going to roll the dice and leave Amber and Ryan home tonight while we went to San Diego. Amber blew that out of the water. Amber said that she was going down to a friends house, so I told her to be at 7 so we could leave. 7:15 and no Amber. So I sent Ryan down to get her. Well she was not there. I was pissed off that I threw all of her clothes on the front lawn.

She came walking up while I was doing it and asked me what was wrong. I let her have it and then told her to go find a new place to live. Rusty let her back in the house, so I yelled at him.

So I am not going to San Diego. I will not get to see our friend for another few weeks.... if he is here that long. I will not get to go have dinner with Rusty and Tony ( our friend). I will not get to walk through San Diego and see some of the sights. I get nothing but being stuck here with Amber and Ryan.

I wonder if I will ever ba able to have a life. By the time Amber turns 18 Nikki will still have 2 years to go, and unless we can afford a nanny for Ryan we are screwed. I swear to you that I am so sick of missing out on life.

I guess I am going to go sit on the poarch and smoke. Nothing else better to do.

I do hope that Rusty does stay in San Diego and spend time with Tony. They have been friend for so long and  I want that to continue.

Right now I am thankful that they still make smokes.

one foot done

Well, I got started on painting the feet on the tub. I have one foot done! I so want to start gutting the bathroom, but I know that there is no way I can right now. I still do not have the sink, the drywall, plumbing for the new tub, or the drywall! I think I found a way to get some tile cheap. My friend Julie has a mold to make tile! So she is going to show me how to pour and file my own file. Rusty thinks that I am crazy, but I think it will be cool. I never would have guessed that I could make my own floor!

Tonight our friend from Italy will be here! I am so looking foward to seeing him. This guy, Tony, and Rusty go way back. When he found out about Rusty's heartattack he called me a couple times a day to check on Rusty. Tony has always been there when we needed a friend. Rusty and I are going to go to San Diego and meet him at the airport. Then we are going to go roam around San Diego and spend the night down there. I am really looking foward to spending the evening with Rusty and Tony.

I got tha material to make Amber her quilt. O.k. actually I only have enough to do the top. I also bought a litle extra to make a matching pillow case. I really hope she likes it!

Not to much else is going on here. I am going to go feed our friends horses and then just hang out here until we go to San Diego.

Today I am thankful that we will be able to spend some time with an old friend.


Friday, September 23, 2005

some days

There are some days when I just really cant stand people. Today is one of them. First of all Rusty got a call aout a marine family that is having a hard time because they took in family that lost everything in l.a. So Rusty asked me if I would call a guy a know who does nothing but charity work for the military. No problem. I told Rusty that I would be willing to drive to wherever they lived and deliver them some food or whatever they needed. So anyway I called the guy that called Rusty and offered my services. He would tell me nothing! Not even the name of the family.... NOTHING! So I told this guy that I could put them in contact with some people that would really help them. He turned me down. I told Rusty about it and he said that he thinks the reason this guy won't tell me is because he want the v.f.w. to get the credit. The whole look at what the veterans are doing for the military. Well that pisses me off. Whatever happened to lets do it because it is the right thing to do? I have lost respect for this man. Now I know that he is only out to make himself and the v.f.w. look good.

Then when I get to work I found out that more paper work has been piled on us. Man I swear I am rally starting to hate paper work. Then I was going through one of the guys paper work and he started questioning ME on how I was doing my job. I just kept my mouth shut. Then he asked me if he could bum a smoke. I told him no that I only had enough for me. Then he got mad and said that I was saying that because he was black. I just went off. Who in the hell does he think he is? That is when my boss stepped in and kicked him out of the office. On a good note one of guys remembered my favorite tea, and brought me in a cup!

I told my boss that with all the drama in the office I will never think of my life a boring again! Who needs to watch soaps? I can just go to work.

Now that we are back on our feet, I am going to start buying Christmas gifts. Amber wants a quilt with tinkerbell on it, so I am going to go buy the material and get it done so I wont have to worry about sewing it when she is out of school.

Most of the quilts tht I do are simple squar quilts and that is why I can get them done so fast. I saw the quilt that rtgilmoore is talking about. The ones that take months to finish. I wish I had the time to do such detailed work. Maybe someday.

well I am off to bed.

I am thankful that I got to make brownies for the children

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

its about time

Some of the back pay from the v.a. has cought up with us!!!!! I was so happy that I could pay off a few bills! I also am starting to pay the bills on line. That is so much easier. However can you believe that I found one place that wanted to charge my $10 just to pay my bill on line? Let me think about that. You are going to charge me money to give you money? I think not.

Today a threw together a quilt for nikki's friend. I could not think of anything else to get this gal for her birthday. The quilt turned out so cute, that I took some of the scraps and made us a small one.

Tonight Rusty is going to take me out to dinner. We are going to go to the casino and do very little gambling. It will be nice to have a dinner..... just the two of us. It is not ofeten that we get to have a chance like this.

I am going to go get ready to go out!

Tody I am thankful for the time to go have dinner with the love of my life.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

More rain!

It stormed so bad last night that I was actually shook out of the bed! Our pets were going nuts, but somehow the children slept through it.

So, Rusty goes to grab the flash light off the headboard but the remembers that it does not work. So I stumble into the kitchen and found a lighter. I thought that I would be smart and go get out the oil lamp. Oh no..... I have the lamp, but I have no oil to put in them. Just our luck. I did manage to find some candles.

I wanted a cup of coffee at 2:30, but we had no power. Then I remembered that we have a gas stove. Good old Pyrex to the rescue! I busted out the stove top coffee pot and we had coffee. I bet Rusty wont be laughing at my pyrex collection any more.

I feel so lazy today. The only reason I got dressed was because some people were coming over. It just felt like a lazy day.

today I am thankful for the chance to be woken up by a storm....... that does not happen often where we live!

Monday, September 19, 2005

it actually rained!!!!

I am so happy that it actually rained here! Not only did it rain, but we also had lighting and thumder as well. I loved sitting outside and just smelling. It smelled so clean.

I tried this new quilting trim that my friend was telling me about, but I messed it up. So I am going to go over to her house in the afternoon and have her show me again. I just love learing new ways to quilt.

We are back to flushing out Rusty's ear everyday. The doctor said that there is still a lot of stuff packed down in there. So today we tried some "alternative" ways to get the wax out. We used the cone method. I was really shocked by how much wax came out of the ear. I am really in shock by how big th ear cannel is!

Rusty has been calling me a cheap ass all day! I found a dress for Amber and I to wear to the ball. and both of the dresses only total about $20, but I am going to wait until Thursday because that is when clothing is half price! Now what is wrong with saving some money when you can? I do still need to look for a dress for Nikki.

Did I mention that someone asked the girls to the marine ball? for some reason I just realized that I might have forgotten to mention that, and now people are wondering why I am looking for dresses.

Anyway I am off to bed.

Today I am thankful for the rain

Sunday, September 18, 2005

lazy weekend

I did as little as any one person could do. Saturday mt friend Julie and I went to some yard sales. I did find some really great deals, so I was very happy about that. Then I just sat around all saturday night. I did let the girls go to the football game over at the high school.

Today all I have done is work. I must say that work did go well, so I have nothing to bitch about there.

Rusty asked me on saturday if I wanted to go to the post for breakfast, I shot back with a no. Someone has screwed me and I just dont have the energy to find who. Now I should explain how I got screwed. Hazel should have ben fird when the third complaint got filed against her, but she is still there. So a couple of things could have happened. 1. doug was wrong when he said that it took three complaints to get a person fired. 2. Rusty did not file the complaint. 3. no one took complaint to the floor. I do not care who dropped the ball, but I will not step foot in that place again until hazel is gone. I also want nothing to do with them since someone asked for the post to help us. Rusty wrote a nasty letter that should have been in the news letter, but it never did make it there. I have very little respect left for the v.f.w.

I talked to mom today and my dad is doing much better. They finally put him on a really old drug and it is working! For almost a year now the docs have been trying all of these fancy drugs, and a basic old drug is working.

I asked my mom to ask my dad if I could borrow his jump suit. I have finally found a friend who will sky dive with me and I think that it would cool to wear the same suit that my dad wore when he jumped. My mother is less then happy to think that I am going to jump out of a perfectly good airplain. I know in my dads heart that he will understand.

Well I am of f to bed!

today I am thankful for the fact that nothing really happened today. A slow day is a good day.


Friday, September 16, 2005

just hanging out

I just could not get in the mood to do anything today! So now I am sitting here wondering what to do. I dont want to sew. I can't watvh t.v. because friday nights ar rusty's t.v. night. HMMMMM.... I do need to go put clothes in the dryer, oh well they can wait.

On the way to the bank today I picked up a hitch hiker. Rusty does not see the humor of it, but I thought it was kinda funny.

The girls went down to Lisa's and today and Lisa took them out to dinner, then shopping and then to dye hair. I am not sure that I like the color that the girls picked out, but it is not my hair so I kept my mouth shut. Lisa bought Amber a devil costume and boy does that fit her!

Sam and Lisa are going to do a big haunted house this year. Sam asked Rusty to help him build a tunnel, and the girls are going to help scare people and pass out candy. I am just glad that I will not have to take the children to a ton of different neighborhoods this year.

Well I am going to go finish laundry. I know that just sound like so much fun.

Today I am thankful for the time to do nothing.

a good day

so Rusty went and talked to his vet rep today. not only are we getting 10% back pay for a year we are also going to be getting dependents pay for that same year. It looks like I have made it through another storm.

I had to work tonight and for a thursday night it went very well. I do not mind working, but sometimes dealing with the public is a pain in the butt. One very ummm.., different thing happened tonight. My boss comes back from getting dinner and he is talking to man that I have never seen before. I knew he was not a signiture gather, but that was all I could tell. So he sits down next to me and askes me to show him what I am doing. O.k. no problem. Then he askes me how I came to for John. o.k. told him that. Then I asked him how he knew John. He did not answer me. I asked him what type of work he does and he just smiled at me. I said o.k. let me guess it is like 007.... you will have to shoot me if you tell me. Once again he just smiled. In the mean time my boss is busting someone for fraud. So this guy leaves and I ask John who he was. It turnes out that he is the fraud investigator for the state!

Nikki called me and told that she was going to be late getting home from school. When I asked why, she told me beause there was a fight on the bus, and she was not involved. After talking to another bus driver and Rusty talking to Nikki it seems that this was more then a little fight. The fight was started over race, bus windows were broken and the police were called! All of this on the side if the road. I swear the schools are getting so bad, or are the children just getting meaner?

I sold another quilt today and I have not even made it yet! This is kinda cool. I have my own little quilting biz. going on the side and it has been from word of mouth. One of my friends is also a quilter so I am going to have her show me some new stuff. I have a picture in my mind of the quilt that I want to make for jason and his girlfriend. I told Rusty that it is going to be expensive and very time consuming, but friends deserve special quilts! LOL

I should be going to bed, but I am not sleepy right now, so I am going to go clean up the house for a few, and then go to bed.

Today I am thankful that Nikki was not hurt in the fight.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I am not touching this!

A few years ago Rusty's dad died. Rusty called his brother in England and they just hung the phone up without saying anything. So o.k. it is the middle of the night there, so Rusty calls back. The same thing happend. Once again rusty calls but this time the line is busy.

So Rusty flies out to help his mom settle everything. Rusty did finally get a hold of his brother only to find out that he could not be bothered to come help Rusty and oh by the way the reason the line was busy is because they did not want to wake the baby up? baby? They were not able to have children. The "baby" is 2! Did they ever think that MAYBE Rick would have liked to have seen his other grandson bfore he died?

So Rusty is very done. He wants nothing to do with his brother and they have not spoken since their dad died. The out of the blue yesterday rusty gets n e mail from his brother, and his brother wants their moms and our phone numbers. I asked Rusty this morning if he had answered the e mail and he said no. He went on to say that he does not know his mothers phone number and our phone number has not changed in 6 years. I am so not touching that.

I have no room to talk. I hate my sister and I will never forgive her and my mother for somethings that they did to me and the girls. Thats another story. I do not know my sisters phone number, how old her daughter is, where they live.....I know nothing and that is fine with me.

Ryan just got all of his 2,s right on multiplication! I am so proud of him.

Well how about some up dates. Elle picked up e4 and I am so proud of her. Elle is doing so well, and I am going to miss her when she moves back to Alaska!

Jason is still getting married, but a little sooner now. His girlfriend is 6 weeks along. He is so happy. I am also happy for them! I want to spoil other peoples children and then give them back!

Matt and Jen are doing good. It seems that they are like us.... an old married couple with nothing going on! LOL But I know that nothing going on is good! I miss both of them and I am just happy that they are finally able to spend sometime together!

Today I made a traditional Irish dish called shepherds pie. Everyone loves that dish, so tonight I actually made everyone happy with what I cooked. I even made a smll one for a gal down the street who loves shepherds pie.

The gal who likes sheperds pie in named Alexis. Wekk this year she is in ffa, and she is going to raise a sheep.So Alexis is trying to come up with good name for this sheep. I told her that she should not name her food. Tonight when I take her pie over to her I am going to tell her that a true traditional shepherds pie is made with lamb, so when she kills her sheep, I will use the lamb to make her another pie.

Today I am thankful that I have learned when to walk away from something that does not involve me.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

not to much going on

Yesterday was a very slow day and I do not have much going on today.

I am going to go do some yard work, help Ryan with his school work and from there who knows.

Yesterday I took the pet quilts down to the shelter. I walked through the kity room, but I did not bring on home. Rusty was actually shocked by that. What can I say, I love my cats.

Ryan had baseball pratice yesterday and he was so happy to be out there. I am glad that we have finally found a sport that he can do. I should re say that. He can do a lot, but not many teams will let him play.

I talked to my mom last night and my dad is doing worse. The have finally found the "germ" that is making him sick, but they cant kill it. My dad has been sick since last January! I tried talking to my mom about doing some "alternative" medicine with him, but she will not hear of it. I know my dad and I know that he found out that rat piss would make him better he would. Oh well there is not much I cn do about it. I just hope and pray for the best because I am not ready for my dad to leave.

I am off to start my day!

Right now I am thankful that I have the chnce to go do yard work.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

short day at work

So my boss called me and asked me to come in early today. For going in early, I am also home early! I only worked 9 1/2 hours, so I should get to bed before midnight.

Yesterday I just sat around and sewed some pet quilts. I am going to take thm down to the shelter one day this week. I hope some kitty and little dogs stay warm.

I think I was right about Hazel. Rusty came home and did not mention a thing to me about it. So she is still working, and being given the chance to hurt someone else. Oh well not my issue anymore.

I cant wait for our friend from Italy to come in! I want to go out dancing. We also have our weekend up on the queen mary coming up. I am so looking foward to these two events.

Anyway there is not to much else going on, so I am going to head off to bed.

Today I am thnkful that I got to see Rusty before he went to bed.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

up early

So Rusty has been wanting hotcakes for breakfast for so long. I tottaly shocked him by getting up early and making him so hotcakes! He was so happy and h ate them like I have never fed him. So I even cooked up some special ones for the children. The children love hotcake with so chocolate chips in them, so that is what they got for breakfast.

Rusty had to go to the post this morning for two meetings. Today should be the day that Hazel gets fired, but deep in my heart I know she won't. I have thought about asking Rusty if she did indeed get fired, but I am just going to let it go. I don't want to start another argument. I figure that if she does get fired he will tell me. However I am sticking to my guns and I will not have anything to do with them as long as she still works there.

Amber made it home on time last night. Rusty was very happy to see her walk in the door with 3 min. to spare. I was lso happy, because she is starting to earn a little trust back, but it will be a long time before she earns it all back.

Last night it was so cool in the house that Rusty and I actually went to bed and cuddled. The amazing part is that we did not break out into a sweat! I am getting use to only being able to cuddle, and then Rusty says hay baby want to fool around? lol Well we all know the answer to that!

I guess as a person I am growing. I no longer look at sex as something to do and I no longer take it for granted. I am discovering a lot of new way's to show Rusty my love, and he is doing the same.

It is funny how people change. I never thought that I would be happy just sitting outside or watching a movie, or not going out. Now I am just happy to be with Rusty.

I was talking with my friend Lisa last night and she told me the place that she works is hiring. I thought about going and applting, but there is something in the back of mind that say's don't do it. I don't know what it is, but I just have a bad feeling about it. So I am going to think about it for a while. I can work both jobs so that is not the issue, but I just dont know.

Last night while I was cleaning Rusty's ear some more dried blood came out. I want to know just how much stuff is packed down in there. Rusty did say that since we gor a lot of the crap out of his ears that the rest of the stuff is finally moving. He has not been able to blow his nose or caugh anything up for  a long time. Poor man.

Today I think that I am going to do some cleaning, and maybe watch a movie or something. It is going to be cool again today so I just might be able to get some work done outside.

Right now I am thankful that I got up and made Rusty hotcakes.

Friday, September 9, 2005

good day!

Man today was an awesome day! It was so cool here that I actually opened up all the windows. I just hope that it stays cool.

Ryan is really picking up on his math. We started multiplication this week and he seems to get it. I am so happy to see him learning. Now dont get me wrong he has always been able to learn, but the "teachers" did not push him and they just let him fall so far behind.

Sometimes I wish that we could go back in time. I want to smack all the Navy doctor's that said he would never walk, he will ride a bike, he will never be normal! I also wish that I would not have waited so long to find "alternative medicine". Since we have cut out all perscription drugs he has not even had a cold. I sometimes wonder about these so called doctors. I guess thats why they say praticing medicine.

Nikki is at a "fun night" at her school. The middle schools ar not allowed to call them dances, so..... that is why it is called a fun night. Amber also got to go to her dance..... without us. Rusty gave her a watch and set it to his watch and told her to be home no later the 9:30. So we will see if she can be trusted to do this.

Rusty got some good news and bad news from the government today. He has been bumped up to only 70% disabled. However that does not include all of the heart attack paper work. So on Monday he is going to call his vet rep and file yet another claim.

Well I am off to go get Nikki and then sit down to watch the amazing race.

Today I am thankful for the ability to open up all the windows and not have the house turn into a sauna!

settling down for the night

I jsu got in fromwork. I made myself some chi tea and put on mu warm bathrobe! Soon I will be ready to crash.

Work actually went very well today. I did not yell at anyone, or piss anyone off, and I today was payday so that is really good! LOL

My friend Ray called me today. It is so nice to talk to friends. Sometimes life just gts so busy that we dont even think to stop for a momnet and call a friend. I can tell Ray anything because, well I just can. He can relate to problem children, and yet e can laugh about it too.

Rusty is just about back to him old self. It has not been super hot so he has been able to do more during the day. We are still washing his ear out, but so far no more hearing. We have gotten some crap out, but I think there is still more crap to come out.

Amber wants to go to the school dance. Rusty and I still do not trust her, so we are going to ask if one of us can go to the dance with her. We are still all over her, and we will continue to be until she can win some trust back. ray suggested that we scare her by bringing in a drug dog. That wont work because the dog would me!

As I am siting here writing I am bing watched by Mrs. Cleo. All of our critters come and greet me when I get home, and they dont go back to bed until I go! The cats are the worse, but what can I say they know who butters their bread.

I am still on the hunt for more stuff for the bathroom, but so far nothing. I know I will find everything when I stop looking.

Well I am off to get some sleep.

Today I am thankful for having all of my critters.

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

a calm day

Today was so quiet! I helped Ryan with his school work, cleaned up the house and changed the hampsters cage. I also got a quilt done. I am in shock that nothing has really happened today!

I think all of the cats are going to turn on me. When I took the hampsters out of their cage all of the cats came to watch. Then I took the hampsters and Rascle out side. Boy were the cats pissed! They have been wanting to go outside and I wont let them. I just know that they are going to turn on me one night while I am sleeping.

Rusty called the v.a. to find out what the hell is going on with his claim. The said that there has been a ruling, but the person he spoke with did not know what it was. So now Rusty is going to call tha d.a.v. in the morning and they should know.

So I have two quilts that are ready for sale. I hope they sell. I would not mind making a little extra money. After all Christmass is right around the corner. It is hard for me to sew for someone that I dont know. So I just hope that someone likes them.

I am saving all of my scraps and making some pet quilts. I am going to take them to the animal shelter. I am sure the dog and cats will love them, after all I can't get our pets off the quilts!

I have to go check out the Dr, Phil web page. I can't find him on any of the channels. I am going through Dr. Phil withdraws!

I am off to work on some pet quilts.

today I am thankful for a day of nothing happening.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

good weekend

We did not do to much this weekend. Elli is back from Alaska and it was nice to see her. She even took her cat. Now the house seems empty! Gunner is walking around looking for his play mate. Oh well he will just have to pla with the other cats.

I had to work tonight and it went o.k ..... I guess. I chewed one of the other office workers out and she left before we even startd! Whats her deal? O.K. to be fair we did have a lot of work lft over from Thursday, so I told them to call me and that we would fininsh it before today. I never heard from them. So I go into work today and they are just starting on it! Then she is taking her sweet old time. I was like listen here chick you need to do it this way so that we can move on. She got her underwear in an uproar and left. For the record I did tell my boss and he just laughed and said that he could not handle her any more any way!

So My boss went camping for the long weekend. After everyone left he told me where he went. He went to somthing called the burning man festival. He said that it made the rainbow people look tame! Hell I want to go an a camping trip like that! Have weed will travel! What more needs to be said?

I am looking foward to doing nothing in the morning. Rusty will be gone most of the day, and the girls will be gone, so it will be just Ryan and I. I am going to kick back and chill once Ryans school work is done. I hope I can even catch one of my favorite shows......Dharma and Greg!

So I have gone off the deep end. I am hooked on the game show network! They show the amazing race! So I will sit and watch it for hours. This is so not like me. I am not a t,v, person, but I love the amazing race! Anyway, then something else will come on and I am watching a show that I watched growing up. Maybe Rusty is right and I am just a little bit out there.

Ryan is signed up to play ball this season. There were not a lot of children signed up so they are going to work on more of the fundamentals of the game. That is cool with me! Ryan jsut loves the fact that he can play baseball.

So my swing project was a bunch of cat quilts for Elli. She was very shocked that I would do that for her. I am glad that she liked them. I spoiled her cat, and her cat has gotten use to sleeping on quilts, drinking milk and eating pea's.

Any way, I am off to bed.

Today I am thankful that everyone actually let me take a nap!

Saturday, September 3, 2005

quilt day

I found out yesterday that the local tatoo shop is collecting stuff to truck to the gulf states. Ford and Chevy both donated the containers!

O.K. now this is awesome news for me. I have been wanting to give, but I did not know who in our are was doing anything. So I sat down today and made 6 baby quilts. The were not fancy by any means, but they were warm! Then I raided all of stashes of toys and off I went to donate! Then I was told that the containers were full! So they set up another collection point and were waiting on more containers to show up.

So I had to drive to the other side of the lake. When I got to the drop off  location I was shocked! Other people had brought in new toys, cribs, play pens, clothing, anything you could think of was there. It felt really good to help. I hope that 6 children will stay warm when they get wrapped up in one of the quilts that I made.

W went to the opening game for the new high school. Dateline did not show up because they are down in the gulf states, but man our team sucked! We lost 60 somthing to nothing! All of the kids thought it would be easy to beat a deaf team, boy were they wrong.

Well I am off to bed. today I am thankful for being able to help someone else, and the ability to sew straight lines.

Friday, September 2, 2005

watch your t.v.

So Amber calls me and asked if she could buy a ticket to the football game because Dateline is going to be there! Ambers school is going to play an all deaf team from Riverside. That is so cool. When I find out when it will be I will post it.

I went to big lots today and got Ryan some new leap pads and I put a few up for Christmas. I also got him the costume that he has been wanting. So this ear he will be going as the "scream". Rusty said that I am such a mom.

We are now able to start flusing out Rusty's ear. He says that it feel real strange, but we are hoping that once we get all of that dried blood and wax out that he will be able to hear again.

We also found out today that Rusty's package is at the review board. So we should know soon just what the government is going to do.

One of our friend who is in Italy asked me what I wanted from Italy, so I told him a tall, dark man. He ofered himself instead. So I asked for a funky purse. He asked what funky meant. well....... right now I am using an ammo bag for a saw! It looks really cool. I added some pins to it so now it dos not like something Rusty to use.

Today I am thankful that it is not so hot, and that the gardener comes!

Thursday, September 1, 2005

not to much going on

Yesterday was real slow day. I needed a day of nothing happening! Rusty got the box for the built, so now the phone is locked up.

I did manage to finish a baby quilt and a duck pillow for a gal at work. Can you belive that she said she has never had a homemade quilt! That just shocks me.

I feel for the people who are in the gulf states. We donated some money, so I hope it will help someone. I told Rusty that we are very lucky. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose everything! We are very blessed.

I have to work tonight. I just hope that everything goes good since there will be someone other then our boss running the office. Oh well no since in worrying about something I can't controll.

Last night Rusty and I sat out and talked about taking some dream vacations. We are so different in this area. Rusty wants to tour the battle fields of the pacific. I want to tour the castles and churches of europe. We both want to go to Africa. Rusty wants to go so he that he can hunt big game. I want to go so that I can see everything running free. Weare so different, yet we are so connected.

Well I need to get moving. I have to go to the bank, get Ryans school work done, clean up the house and go to work.

Today I am thankful for a place to live. God bless the people in the gulf states.