Thursday, September 29, 2005

more wax?

Well, I coned my husbands ear last night and I am having a hard time believing that there is still so much wax in his ear. I am going to do another cone today because he has to go see the ear doctor. Rusty says that he is not hearing any better out of his ear, but at least it does not hurt any more.

I finished me daughters quilt top yesterday. I really hope that she likes her quilt. As you can tell from the picturesthe cats like the quilt!

I am still working on the bench. I the detail work is taking longer then I thought it would, but that is o.k. I told Rusty ysterday that I am really starting to like working with cast iron. I had a blast grinding the rust off of the bench and the tub. I think what I like the most is seeing all of the "errors" in the cast. Nothing is uniform, so when you paint the item it looks so cool! Errors and all.

I have to work tonight, and for some reason it is not bothering me. I usually just want to go to work. Maybe it is because I know that I wont be there on Sunday! I really should not complain about work because it is paying for christmas this year.

Our son Ryan wants one of these electric motoercycles. I am thinking about buying it for him. When Ryan asked me if he could have one I told him no, but I am thinking that Santa can bring it, as long as Santa brings a helmet! LOL

Well I need to get busy and get the house cleaned up before I go to work.

I am thankful that Rysty's ear no longer hurts

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