Friday, September 16, 2005

just hanging out

I just could not get in the mood to do anything today! So now I am sitting here wondering what to do. I dont want to sew. I can't watvh t.v. because friday nights ar rusty's t.v. night. HMMMMM.... I do need to go put clothes in the dryer, oh well they can wait.

On the way to the bank today I picked up a hitch hiker. Rusty does not see the humor of it, but I thought it was kinda funny.

The girls went down to Lisa's and today and Lisa took them out to dinner, then shopping and then to dye hair. I am not sure that I like the color that the girls picked out, but it is not my hair so I kept my mouth shut. Lisa bought Amber a devil costume and boy does that fit her!

Sam and Lisa are going to do a big haunted house this year. Sam asked Rusty to help him build a tunnel, and the girls are going to help scare people and pass out candy. I am just glad that I will not have to take the children to a ton of different neighborhoods this year.

Well I am going to go finish laundry. I know that just sound like so much fun.

Today I am thankful for the time to do nothing.


rtgilmore34 said...

I love the way you nonchalantly add that you picked up a hitchhiker.  I love you Kelli, but, unless you had a loaded .357 hidden next to you AND this person would have died on the side of the road, you have completely lost your fucking mind!  I'm sorry honey, but there are no more butterflies, zebras and moonbeams fluttering by because we are not in the age of peace, love, VW buses and hitchhikers anymore.  You have become too relaxed in your surroundings, my friend.  When you are a woman alone picking up a stranger, everyone is a potential rapist, killer, psycho...

goodwilltramp said...

Hey there Kelli,  Sorry It's been awhile. I've been in the field, and I go back in the field on Monday...and 6 weeks till terminal leave.  I don't need this freakin training I'm telling you.   Well, Dipstick is back home as of last Saturday.  She's good and getting a taste of Alaskan  Autumn.  Well, I'll try to call you before I go back out to the field.  Love you,  later            Elle Belly