Sunday, September 25, 2005

to everything there is a season

O.K. so I did not mak it San Diego, but I am going to look on the bright side.

On the bright side Rusty and Tony got to spend the evning just hanging out and talking. That is what a friend is for. I am glad that they had the one on one time. I am greatful that I did not go because I would have been a third wheel.

On the bright side Amber and I put all of our cards on the table. We dont agree on everything, but I we did agree on a few things. I am greatful for the chance to talk with Amber.

On the bright side, I slept alone last night. This was the first time since Rusty came home. The up side to that is that I missed him so much that I now cant wait to go to bed and snuggle in next to him.

I like the comment that was posted about us sucking the life out of our parents. My mom will tell you that she was a child of the sixtys, but did not do any of the things that went on durning the sixty's. My father on the other hand.........lived life until I came along. While in th army he learned to skydive. He even continued to skydive until one time my mom got scared. See my mom was prego with me and my mom was on the ground watching my dad jump. Then someone said "his shoot did not open" Well it was my dads shoot that did not open, but his reserve shoot did open. That was the last time he went skydiving. My dad was stationed in Germany and he saved up a bunch of leave time. So he went hitch hiking through Europe for a month!

So I now wonder if my father gave everything up because of me? Or did he give everything for me? Maybe I should ask him. I wonder if he would do it all again?

I so like to live life and try new things. If I could teach my children just a few lessons here is what they would be.

1. love your husband more then you love yourself

2. try something new and over come your fears

3. help other people when you have the ability to. and most of

4. never allow anyone to tll you that youcant do anything.

come to think of it that is what I learned from my father. I still hold true to my favorite sayings. My shoulders are strong so come lean on meand mountain get out of my way.

Well I need to go get cleaned up and get some sleep.

tonight I am thanful that I get o go to bed and sleep next to Rusty

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