Monday, September 19, 2005

it actually rained!!!!

I am so happy that it actually rained here! Not only did it rain, but we also had lighting and thumder as well. I loved sitting outside and just smelling. It smelled so clean.

I tried this new quilting trim that my friend was telling me about, but I messed it up. So I am going to go over to her house in the afternoon and have her show me again. I just love learing new ways to quilt.

We are back to flushing out Rusty's ear everyday. The doctor said that there is still a lot of stuff packed down in there. So today we tried some "alternative" ways to get the wax out. We used the cone method. I was really shocked by how much wax came out of the ear. I am really in shock by how big th ear cannel is!

Rusty has been calling me a cheap ass all day! I found a dress for Amber and I to wear to the ball. and both of the dresses only total about $20, but I am going to wait until Thursday because that is when clothing is half price! Now what is wrong with saving some money when you can? I do still need to look for a dress for Nikki.

Did I mention that someone asked the girls to the marine ball? for some reason I just realized that I might have forgotten to mention that, and now people are wondering why I am looking for dresses.

Anyway I am off to bed.

Today I am thankful for the rain


brattandputz said...

hey kelli who asked he girls to the ball

brattandputz said...

hey kelli who asked he girls to the ball?? and i thought you had to be atleast 18 to go to any of the marine corps balls???