Tuesday, September 13, 2005

not to much going on

Yesterday was a very slow day and I do not have much going on today.

I am going to go do some yard work, help Ryan with his school work and from there who knows.

Yesterday I took the pet quilts down to the shelter. I walked through the kity room, but I did not bring on home. Rusty was actually shocked by that. What can I say, I love my cats.

Ryan had baseball pratice yesterday and he was so happy to be out there. I am glad that we have finally found a sport that he can do. I should re say that. He can do a lot, but not many teams will let him play.

I talked to my mom last night and my dad is doing worse. The have finally found the "germ" that is making him sick, but they cant kill it. My dad has been sick since last January! I tried talking to my mom about doing some "alternative" medicine with him, but she will not hear of it. I know my dad and I know that he found out that rat piss would make him better he would. Oh well there is not much I cn do about it. I just hope and pray for the best because I am not ready for my dad to leave.

I am off to start my day!

Right now I am thankful that I have the chnce to go do yard work.

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