Friday, September 23, 2005

some days

There are some days when I just really cant stand people. Today is one of them. First of all Rusty got a call aout a marine family that is having a hard time because they took in family that lost everything in l.a. So Rusty asked me if I would call a guy a know who does nothing but charity work for the military. No problem. I told Rusty that I would be willing to drive to wherever they lived and deliver them some food or whatever they needed. So anyway I called the guy that called Rusty and offered my services. He would tell me nothing! Not even the name of the family.... NOTHING! So I told this guy that I could put them in contact with some people that would really help them. He turned me down. I told Rusty about it and he said that he thinks the reason this guy won't tell me is because he want the v.f.w. to get the credit. The whole look at what the veterans are doing for the military. Well that pisses me off. Whatever happened to lets do it because it is the right thing to do? I have lost respect for this man. Now I know that he is only out to make himself and the v.f.w. look good.

Then when I get to work I found out that more paper work has been piled on us. Man I swear I am rally starting to hate paper work. Then I was going through one of the guys paper work and he started questioning ME on how I was doing my job. I just kept my mouth shut. Then he asked me if he could bum a smoke. I told him no that I only had enough for me. Then he got mad and said that I was saying that because he was black. I just went off. Who in the hell does he think he is? That is when my boss stepped in and kicked him out of the office. On a good note one of guys remembered my favorite tea, and brought me in a cup!

I told my boss that with all the drama in the office I will never think of my life a boring again! Who needs to watch soaps? I can just go to work.

Now that we are back on our feet, I am going to start buying Christmas gifts. Amber wants a quilt with tinkerbell on it, so I am going to go buy the material and get it done so I wont have to worry about sewing it when she is out of school.

Most of the quilts tht I do are simple squar quilts and that is why I can get them done so fast. I saw the quilt that rtgilmoore is talking about. The ones that take months to finish. I wish I had the time to do such detailed work. Maybe someday.

well I am off to bed.

I am thankful that I got to make brownies for the children

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rtgilmore34 said...

Because he was BLACK????  You are the LEAST racist person I have ever met.  You do shit for people no matter what color they are.  So, this asshole is throwing the race card around to bum cigarettes?  How pathetic.  No wonder racism exists and thrives in America.  Didn't I tell you Kelli, that the VFW doesn't want to be bothered?  Tell them you need them for a parade!!  LOL  I know, your quilts rock.  Logan has one.  He loves it to death and would never part with it.  I wasn't knocking your quilts, I was only saying that it would kill the "quilters" that you can put out piles of really cute, functional "rocking" quilts in a fraction of the time.
Tell that guy at your job that low-life vultures that mooch cigarettes come in all colors.  Say it with a smile.
----Love, Renee