Tuesday, September 20, 2005

More rain!

It stormed so bad last night that I was actually shook out of the bed! Our pets were going nuts, but somehow the children slept through it.

So, Rusty goes to grab the flash light off the headboard but the remembers that it does not work. So I stumble into the kitchen and found a lighter. I thought that I would be smart and go get out the oil lamp. Oh no..... I have the lamp, but I have no oil to put in them. Just our luck. I did manage to find some candles.

I wanted a cup of coffee at 2:30, but we had no power. Then I remembered that we have a gas stove. Good old Pyrex to the rescue! I busted out the stove top coffee pot and we had coffee. I bet Rusty wont be laughing at my pyrex collection any more.

I feel so lazy today. The only reason I got dressed was because some people were coming over. It just felt like a lazy day.

today I am thankful for the chance to be woken up by a storm....... that does not happen often where we live!

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rtgilmore34 said...

Lucky you!  My gas stove doesn't work when the power is out because it has an electric ignition.  If we think our power is going to go out, we turn our burners on before it happens.  The storn woke me up this morning too.  Wasn't it great?  As long as it passes right on by, I love it.