Tuesday, September 6, 2005

good weekend

We did not do to much this weekend. Elli is back from Alaska and it was nice to see her. She even took her cat. Now the house seems empty! Gunner is walking around looking for his play mate. Oh well he will just have to pla with the other cats.

I had to work tonight and it went o.k ..... I guess. I chewed one of the other office workers out and she left before we even startd! Whats her deal? O.K. to be fair we did have a lot of work lft over from Thursday, so I told them to call me and that we would fininsh it before today. I never heard from them. So I go into work today and they are just starting on it! Then she is taking her sweet old time. I was like listen here chick you need to do it this way so that we can move on. She got her underwear in an uproar and left. For the record I did tell my boss and he just laughed and said that he could not handle her any more any way!

So My boss went camping for the long weekend. After everyone left he told me where he went. He went to somthing called the burning man festival. He said that it made the rainbow people look tame! Hell I want to go an a camping trip like that! Have weed will travel! What more needs to be said?

I am looking foward to doing nothing in the morning. Rusty will be gone most of the day, and the girls will be gone, so it will be just Ryan and I. I am going to kick back and chill once Ryans school work is done. I hope I can even catch one of my favorite shows......Dharma and Greg!

So I have gone off the deep end. I am hooked on the game show network! They show the amazing race! So I will sit and watch it for hours. This is so not like me. I am not a t,v, person, but I love the amazing race! Anyway, then something else will come on and I am watching a show that I watched growing up. Maybe Rusty is right and I am just a little bit out there.

Ryan is signed up to play ball this season. There were not a lot of children signed up so they are going to work on more of the fundamentals of the game. That is cool with me! Ryan jsut loves the fact that he can play baseball.

So my swing project was a bunch of cat quilts for Elli. She was very shocked that I would do that for her. I am glad that she liked them. I spoiled her cat, and her cat has gotten use to sleeping on quilts, drinking milk and eating pea's.

Any way, I am off to bed.

Today I am thankful that everyone actually let me take a nap!


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rtgilmore34 said...

 I read a best-seller called "This is Burnning Man" last summer.  It was pretty cool.  They get all creative in the desert of Nevada in 120 degree weather.  I'll watch from here.  Sounds like fun otherwise though.