Friday, June 30, 2006

another day

I am so hot! I wish like hell that it would cool off. We went down to the lake today, and that did help for a little while.

So once we got home from the lake I was just so hot that I went and stripped down to my under wear.

Amber just freaks out! I was like what the hell? I am sitting in MY bedroom and you don't like what I am wearing? So I just walked around the house in nothing but my underwear. It did not bother me, but Amber was not so happy.

Nikki did not go to the lake with us. Nikki is letting a boy run her life for the next few day's. Her boyfriend is getting ready to move to Texas, so she is just sitting around hoping that he is going to call her.

Uncle Tony came up today and he brought three new people with him. Now I do not mind having a house full of people however once in a while I would like to have someone to talk to.

So tonight all of these jar heads are sitting around I feel so left out. What the hell am I suppose to talk about? So here I sit hoping for some adult conversation, which I know I will not get.

On Monday we are going to take the children over to the ocean. I just want to spend some alone time with just the 5 of us before the girls leave.

We have started making plans for the fourth of July. I guess everyone is coming over here to cook out and then we are going to watch some fireworks. I think we still have some fire works of our own left over from year, so we may light them off as well.

I guess I should go outside and smile and act like I am having fun.


Thursday, June 29, 2006

so bummed

So I asked Rusty if was ready to start re doing the bathroom. We are taking everything out right down to the drywall!

Rusty tells me no that we will have to wait. What?! I have already a year. Now it looks like I will be waiting another year.

I have not shown my disappointment, however I just want to cry. I put so much time into finding all the right stuff to go into the bathroom. I have spent so many hours looking for just the right stuff at just the right price. I guess everything will have to sit in the garage for another year.

I am sure I will hear about that too. Rusty always makes some comment like if we did not have this tub in the garage.

I don't know I am just so bummed. However I will just keep on going and not make a big deal out of it.

I need to take the girls out to some yard sales in the morning. They still need some last min. stuff.

Anyway, I think I am just going to go crash on the sofa.

Oh! there was on bright spot of my day. I got together with my girlfriend and she colored my hair for me. It turned out really cute!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


So I am watching Oprah today and it is on little ways that we can help save the world.

I sat down with my knitting thinking that I was going to learn a lot, but I was wrong. O.K. maybe not all wrong I did learn a few things.

My husband has called me his hippy since the day we got together. I do things like compost all of our food scraps. I never buy trash bags because I just recycle the bags we get from the store. I buy only energy saving appliances. The list of things that I do is endless.

Little did I know that I was alone! They showed this one house that is totally made from recycled materials! Now that was cool.

I took the girls out to some thrift stores today to get some more clothes for their trip. They actually found some really cute stuff!

Now that the girls are seeing everything gathered on the table they are starting to get excited. The count down has begun. Only 8 day's until the girls leave!

Oh I did find two totally cool shirts for me. There I go again, buying something used instead of it going into the land fill! I am such a hippy.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

getting ready

Well it was another slow day here. I did go to the store and get some stuff for the girls to take on their trip. I think I am almost shopping for them.

I talked to my girlfriend Jacinda today and asked her to die my hair for me. So we are going to get together on day this week and do my hair. I am thinking that I should have purple streaks put in my hair.

Tomorrow I am going to go buy two more of the coats that I bought for our girls. One of our friends up in Oregon has girls the same age, and our friend Tony said that they would love the coats. Anyway, tone gave me the money so I could go buy them and it will make him the cool uncle at Christmas.

I am so tired today! last night I rolled over to touch Rusty and he was not in bed. So I got up to look for him. It is 3:30 in the morning and Rusty is sitting here playing a computer game! He said that he could not sleep. Well I am awake now!

I am off to finish being a couch potato!

Monday, June 26, 2006

it must be monday

Well it was another hot day here. I swear we live so close to hell that we can see the flames! LOL

I had no where to go and nothing to do today so I just sat in my p.j.'s all day. I did however put on some shorts to run the girls to their friends house.

I went to the outlet mall yesterday and I scored the girls some really nice coats! They were on sale 2 for $30! The guy at the store said that they were last years style and he just wanted to get rid of them! So I put the coats up to use as a Christmas gift.

Rusty went outside without his shoes on and tore the crap out of one of his toes. So he is limping around. I told him to wear shoe! The worst part is that his blood thinners make him bleed like you would not believe. He will live through this and once again I got to say I told you so! LOL

Rusty wants the two of us to start selling real estate. I am not to sure about it. We have nothing to lose. We are already on a fixed income with a little bit of play room. We are going to go talk to a lady on Wednesday and see what she has to say. Rusty seems to think that we would make a great team. I am thinking that I would have to leave the house even when I don't want to. I am so spoiled.

well I think I am going to go soak in a tub. That sounds relaxing.

Friday, June 23, 2006

yesterday was so boring!

I was so bored yesterday that I thought I was going to scream! All of the children were out with their friends so I was stuck in the house! I could not go anywhere because they all had to be picked up at different times. I do hope that today is better!

Rusty said that he was going to take me out to dinner tonight since I was sick on my birthday. I just do not know where I want to go, so I need to think on that today.

Kevin, our friend in Iraq, called yesterday. It was so nice to talk to him. I made it a point to tell him that I am very proud of him and that we love him. I think I heard his voice crack! LOL

Saturday I am going to go yard saling with some girlfriends. I have not really hit any yard sales this year, so Saturday should be a good day. There is this retirement community by us and they are having their big community yard sale. I am hoping to find some good stuff!

Elle should be coming back to California for a visit! That always makes me smile. I just love spending time with good friends. I told Elle that next tear I want to go visit her in Alaska.

Yesterday I got a lot of comments on my icon. Here is the place I go to once you reach the main page then just type in what you are looking for. If you see an icon that you like then click on it, and then click on it again. Then look for the icon you want and copy and past it into your journal.

Well I do have stuff to do today so I hope everyone has a good day!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

boys can be such jerks

Amber and I were sitting on the sofa yesterday. We were just sitting and watching some t.v. when I asked her what was wrong.

Amber just broke down crying. Here sweet 16 was horrible because the friends that did show up blew her off because they brought boyfriends. Amber said all she wanted to do was curl up into a little ball and cry.

Then her boy friend blew her off and then dumped her.

Then some of her "friends" were making fun of her because she made the "a" dance team and not "THE" dance team.

So Amber no longer has a boyfriend and her so called friends are no longer her friends because she did not make the right team.

So we went and got ice cream and just cried together.

Today Amber is up at the church learning how to work the sound board. I am just so glad that she is not sitting around doing nothing!

I have a long list of things I need to do, but I think I am going to go load the dishwasher and just go lay in the sun and get a tan. House work is so over rated!



Wednesday, June 21, 2006

good morning


Well it is another hot day here in southern California. It is time to turn on the a.c.!

Let's see.... what do I have to do today? I don't think that I have anything that I HAVE to do.

Yesterday I took the girls shopping for swimsuits. That is never really to much fun. I should buy a new swimsuit, however I have ugly legs and I don't like people to see them.

I am thinking about asking the children if they want to go to the lake. I need to work on my tan, so the girls might want to go so they can work on their tan.

I could not sleep last night so I went shopping on the Internet. I found a really pretty necklace and earing set. I liked it so much that I bought two of them so that I could give one set away as a Christmas gift.

Well I think I am going to go work on my tan for a little bit.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

up and moving

I feel really good today! I think I am going to try to put this house back in order now that I am not in a fog anymore!

I think that Nikki's boyfriend is coming over today. She so wants to see him before he moves to Texas. I actually like this boy, I just hope that she finds a new boyfriend who is just as nice.

Rusty and I have talked about going up to Oregon for 14 day's. I think it would fun to get away and do some boating and just hanging out with friends. The only thing holding us back is trying to find someone who will sit with the pets while we are gone.

Well Ambers friend finally finished her quilt. It only took her about 6 hours! LOL The quilt looked so nice, I think it that this gal will make another quilt.

I got an e mail from my girlfriend this morning. ( the one I made the baby quilts for) She said her and her husband just loved the quilts! I wish I could have been there to see the look on her face when they opened the package. I just love making people smile.

Well, I need to go get this house cleaned up. I don't mind doing it today. Since I have not been able to do it in a week.

Monday, June 19, 2006

I am finally awake!

I cannot believe that I have not taken a nap today! This will be the first time in almost a week that I have not slept the day away.

The other night I walked up to Rusty and just started crying because my chest hurt so bad! I was having such a hard to breathing.

Rusty turned the air back on and put a ton of fans on me. That really helped.

Then the net day my girlfriend, Jacinda, brought me over some good drugs! I am so glad that she works for one of the big drug companies! LOL

So yesterday I slept most of the day, but today I am awake. I am walking around in a fog, but at least I am not sleeping all day.

One of Ambers friend is over here and I am showing her how to sew a simple quilt. I must say that she is doing very well. I did attempt to try to work on one of my quilts, but I am in such a fog that I cannot sew anything.

Rusty was such a trooper when I was sick. he took very good care of me. I love that man.

I need to go help this gal with her quilt. I hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

still here

Well, it is fathers day and I have not even left the house to get my dad a card! I must really suck as a daughter.

When my dad called me on my birthday I told him that I had been sick in bed since Tuesday. My dad just said said oh well, that stuff never really never meant that much to me.

My dads birthday is on Monday, so I will give him a call Monday night.

I started feeling better yesterday, and was able to get up and do a few little things around the house. Then when night time came and we turned the air conditioner off, I started having breathing problems. So the air conditioner went back on.

Rusty was so awesome while I was sick! He took all of the children for my birthday. Ryan bought me a tea pot with a dragonflies on it and a dragonfly wind chim. Nikki got me a couple of new tops that are really cute, Amber got my this cool dragonfly candle holder. I was very pleased with everything.

I am feeling better today, so I am hoping to get some stuff done around here and maybe finally finish the quilt top that I started over a week ago!

I am just glad that I am not stuck in bed anymore. I can not figure out how some people can watch t,v, 24/7! I was going nuts! I to Rusty that I could never be a couch potato.

I am going to go find something to do. Which by the way, is not hard to do when you have been in bed for several days, and there has has not been much house work done!

Friday, June 16, 2006

its my birthday

yes, today is my 36 birthday and instead of being able to do stuff with my family, I am still in bed. Last night my fever went up to 103.4. I am feeling a little better today, but I am still going to be down for my of the day. I thought that if I got up and maybe walked around and did a few little things that I would be o.k., but I was wrong. So, I am going back to bed.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

friday morning

Well I have just spent two days in bed. I should feel better, and a little bit of me does, but I am just so darn tired!

After my last journal entry I went to lay down and whatever was in my hips spread through the rest of my body! I had no fever or vomiting, I just hurt all over.

Today I am up early and the rest of the house is still sleeping. I do feel better, but I am still weak. So I guess I need to take today very slow and just do what I can.

Rusty was so awesome to me. He waited on me hand and foot! When my mom called she told me that should let Rusty take care of me for  change. LOL

I guess what I want to know is: do moms get sick days?

Anyway, once the rest f the world gets up I need to go find a small piece of flooring for Amber. She says that her dance turns are not good enough to make the team this year. So I told her that we would go buy some type of hard flooring for her to practice her turns on.

I need to fold Ryans laundry before he gets up. I usually let Ryan fold and put away his own laundry, however I want to go through his clothes. Ryan will keep wearing something even  if it is to small or stained up. So I want to do through his laundry and weed out all the icky looking clothes! LOL Am I the only mom that does that?

Anyway, I am going to try to get some stuff done before I run out energy and have to lay down for a while.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The u.c.m.j. stands for uniform code of military justice. This book give all the rules and regulations for our men in uniform. with that said.

Rusty asked me last night what was bothering me. I told him that I still cannot stop thinking about that chick that brought her marine boyfriend to Ambers party.

This marine is wrong. According to the u.c.m.j. this marine can go to jail for being with this girl since she is a minor.

I am not looking to put this marine in jail,  I am however trying to give him a wake up call. There is only one problem, I do not know the guys last name! I talked with my friend Ray and he is going to call this marines company gunny and let him know what the hell is going on.

If this 16 year old girl gets tired of him she can yell rape and his ass will be in jail so fast. If the gunny has a heads up as to what is going on then at least the gunny can go to bat for him.

On to another subject. My hips hurt! The weather is not calling for rain, so I do not know why my arthritis is acting up today. I am going to take some pain medicine and just take it easy the rest of the day.

Rusty is down at base today. He is going to go have lunch with some friends and then try to find someone who will teach me how to reppel!

My birthday will be here soon and I so want to repel for my birthday! I may be getting older but my spirit is getting younger.

well everyone it is time to go take some pain pills and go lay down.

Monday, June 12, 2006


As a child my parents took my sister and I on a vacation every summer. We NEVER got to go anywhere cool! We never went to an amusement park or to Disney, or anywhere else children might want to go. Oh no we went to the grand canyon, mount Rushmore, and wal drug in South Dakota. Now as a child who in the hell wants to see a huge hole in the ground, or four dead presidents carved in stone, or a ghost town?

So now I was asked if we wanted to go to Eastern Oregon for a mini vacation. At first I was like that would be cool, we can hang out with our friend's and chill for a week.

Now I am starting to come to my senses. I will have to spend 4 day's in a car with my children. I am going to take them to a place where there is nothing to do. O.K. to fair they do have a public pool. I am just not sure if I want to spend that much time with my children.

Rusty does not think that it will be bad. We can go out on the boat and go water skiing or tubing. The girls will have other people teenage girls to hang with. O.K. now what do we do with Ryan? Ryan will not get on a boat, and he will have no one to hang with. So then who has to stay behind and be with him?

Part of me says that we should pack the children up and go for it. Another part of me says that I should just send Rusty and the girls. Another part of me says hell no none of us are going.

I just don't know what to do. LOL

Zoe, I agree that Amber should dump this guy! Guy's are just jerks. I must admit that every time this guy does call I chew him out because is was just so wrong to not even show up.

Today, I am not doing much other then working on another quilt. I just cannot bring myself to get motivated to work out or clean.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

we survived

Amber had her sweet sixteen party last night. I think it went well, but I do feel bad for Amber.

Only three of Ambers friends showed up. Can you believe that her boy friend did not even show up? What kind of crap is that?

One of Ambers friends brought her boyfriend who just so happens to be a marine. So they were outside hanging with us. Now keep in mind that Ambers friend is 16 and this chicks boyfriend is a 20 year old marine. I was so pissed. I did keep my cool, but what in the hell are these two thinking?

I guess Amber found out who here true friends were.

Anyway, Amber and Nikki got their phones so they are both so happy. I must admit that I am happy for them.

All of the adults (except the girls) got drunk last night. So it was the usual a bunch of drunk jar heads sitting around. I think that marines are more fun when they are drunk.

I am going to go sit and watch a little t.v. and just chill out.


Friday, June 9, 2006

it's friday!

Well good morning everyone. I am up and moving very early, maybe that is because I went to bed so early last night.

I spent yesterday working on two baby quilts for some very good friends. I will post some pictures once I mail the quilts. I don't want them to see the quilts before they open the box!

Which brings me to my next point. Why do all of my friends read my journal but never post? I think everyone should start posting! LOL

I am going to spend today trying to get this house in order since Amber's party is tomorrow. I so want to strangle Amber, because she just keeps adding things that she would like to do for her sweet 16. I however am sick of the demands.

All of my u.k. readers need to explain something to me. (please) I do not get the whole tea thing. The last few journals that I read keep talking about having to make tea and not having time to make tea. Everyday I make a gallon of sweet tea, and then if I want a cup of hot tea I make it as I want it. Is tea in the UK like a time for everyone to sit down and chat?

I am sure that my family would like to eat dinner tonight, however I do not want to cook. Can we just skip dinner tonight?

I need to get my day started. Maybe after another smoke and another cup of coffee ! LOL

Thursday, June 8, 2006


I just wanted to share these pictures with everyone. Then it is back to my sewing!

Wednesday, June 7, 2006


Well it is hump day and I have a busy day.

Today we have to go back to the post off and re do Ambers passport application. We forgot to sign one little spot, so now we have to start over! I swear the state department is so picky! LOL

Rusty is going to take Amber out to let her pick out her cedar chest. We ordered Amber one, but when it got to the house I about lost it. The one we ordered turned out to be a real cheap one, and I wanted something real nice for her.

Yesterday I went out with my friend Jacinda. We were suppose to go to the commissary, but they were closed for remodeling. So we just hung out and I got to play with the baby. I love playing with babies!

Amber's sweet sixteen party is this Saturday. We ordered a jolly jumper for Ambers birthday so she should be happy. I do still need to go get some snack food and soda for the party, but that is a little thing.

Well unless I want to go to the post office looking like I just got out of bed I will need to go get a shower. I hope everyone has a great day!


Monday, June 5, 2006

everyone is gone

As of this very moment I am all alone! I really need some alone time right now. I have done nothing but run for four day's so I am really enjoying this time.

My parents are gone. I am really sad to see them go. I just hope that my dad goes on and lives a few more years. I would really for him to see his grand daughters get married. I know that I am living in fantasy land, but for right now I am going to stay there.

I had a ton of phone calls to make today, and I got them done, so now I should be getting dressed to go do all of my running around.

I have to go to the school board office and fill out a transfer so that I can keep Nikki in the same school next year. The school district is opening a new middle school and they want Nikki to go there, But I do not want to make her change schools when she only has one year left of middle school. I have a feeling that I will have to drive her to school, and that will suck, but I might not have a choice in the matter.

Amber went out on a date last. I am not so sure about this kid, but I guess everyone deserves a second chance. This kid has been kicked out of school because he was caught with pot. I just think that Amber and this boy could really find trouble to get into.

I did speak with the boy's mom and told her my concerns, and we have agreed that these two will not be left alone.

I must laugh. Rusty told the young man that this is not a drive through. He may not pull up to the house honk the horn and drive off with his daughter. So to the young mans credit he did come to the door.

I guess all we can do is take a step back. We have taught Amber right from wrong, and yes she has made some bad choices in the past, but.... Well I guess it is time to start letting her go.

I need to get busy and get out the door.

Sunday, June 4, 2006

parents are leaving

My parents are leaving today. I am so sad because I know that I will never see my dad a live again.

I am however very great full for the time I have spent with him.

Yesterday we all went and got some old time pictures done and that was fun. I will now be able to look at the picture of all of us and remember the good times.

There has been no arguing with my mom and for that I am so great full. It has been nice to spend this time with them.

Amber had her final dance performance last night and she did awesome! I am so proud of her.

There is a new middle school opening up next year and Nikki is suppose to go to it. I need to go talk to the principle of the school where she is and find out what I need to do in order to keep her where she is. Nikki only has one more in middle school and I don't want to have to move her to another school. I do know that I will have to pay for her busing! Which will suck because it will cost us almost $300, but I think it is worth it.

Ryan has a baseball tournament today so I need to go get him ready to go.

I hope everyone has a great day!

Friday, June 2, 2006

parents are here

My parents arrived and so far our visit is going very well.

There has been no mention of my sister or her evil child so that is good.

My mom and I have been talking about my dads condition and....well my dad is bad.

My dad is talking very slow and his speech is slurred. My dads short term memory is going, but he can still crack a joke with the best of them.

My mom says that she does not think that my has totally given up yet. She just thinks that he does not know what to do with his life now.

I mentioned to my mom and dad that maybe they should get a dog. My mom really likes the idea since it will give my dad someone to care for. So they are going to go look at the animal shelter when they get home. I know they can find an older mellow dog for my dad.

Today we are going to spend the day just hanging out by the pool. Amber has to dance tonight so we are going to eat an early dinner and then just chill the rest of the night.

Last night was Ambers sweet 16 birthday. I cannot believe that she is 16!

We took Amber out to dinner at a very nice restaurant. And then we gave her her gifts. We gave Amber a huge piece of Amber that she can have cut down into anything that she would like. We also gave her a topaz that she wants made into a ring. My mom and dad gave her a necklace with a maple leaf on it.

The maple leaf was made from a pin that my grandmother was given by her mother on her 16th birthday. So I guess you can say it is a tradition.

well I hope everyone has a great day. It is time to go get some sun!