Friday, June 30, 2006

another day

I am so hot! I wish like hell that it would cool off. We went down to the lake today, and that did help for a little while.

So once we got home from the lake I was just so hot that I went and stripped down to my under wear.

Amber just freaks out! I was like what the hell? I am sitting in MY bedroom and you don't like what I am wearing? So I just walked around the house in nothing but my underwear. It did not bother me, but Amber was not so happy.

Nikki did not go to the lake with us. Nikki is letting a boy run her life for the next few day's. Her boyfriend is getting ready to move to Texas, so she is just sitting around hoping that he is going to call her.

Uncle Tony came up today and he brought three new people with him. Now I do not mind having a house full of people however once in a while I would like to have someone to talk to.

So tonight all of these jar heads are sitting around I feel so left out. What the hell am I suppose to talk about? So here I sit hoping for some adult conversation, which I know I will not get.

On Monday we are going to take the children over to the ocean. I just want to spend some alone time with just the 5 of us before the girls leave.

We have started making plans for the fourth of July. I guess everyone is coming over here to cook out and then we are going to watch some fireworks. I think we still have some fire works of our own left over from year, so we may light them off as well.

I guess I should go outside and smile and act like I am having fun.


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rtgilmore34 said...

I'm playing the CD of all the country songs we used to listen to on Music Choice when me and the boys were living with you.  My sister burned them onto a CD when I first moved into my apartment.  It reminds me of you.  Run around half-naked Kelli.  Burn your bra if you want to!!!
Love ya,