Monday, June 19, 2006

I am finally awake!

I cannot believe that I have not taken a nap today! This will be the first time in almost a week that I have not slept the day away.

The other night I walked up to Rusty and just started crying because my chest hurt so bad! I was having such a hard to breathing.

Rusty turned the air back on and put a ton of fans on me. That really helped.

Then the net day my girlfriend, Jacinda, brought me over some good drugs! I am so glad that she works for one of the big drug companies! LOL

So yesterday I slept most of the day, but today I am awake. I am walking around in a fog, but at least I am not sleeping all day.

One of Ambers friend is over here and I am showing her how to sew a simple quilt. I must say that she is doing very well. I did attempt to try to work on one of my quilts, but I am in such a fog that I cannot sew anything.

Rusty was such a trooper when I was sick. he took very good care of me. I love that man.

I need to go help this gal with her quilt. I hope everyone has a great day!

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