Monday, June 12, 2006


As a child my parents took my sister and I on a vacation every summer. We NEVER got to go anywhere cool! We never went to an amusement park or to Disney, or anywhere else children might want to go. Oh no we went to the grand canyon, mount Rushmore, and wal drug in South Dakota. Now as a child who in the hell wants to see a huge hole in the ground, or four dead presidents carved in stone, or a ghost town?

So now I was asked if we wanted to go to Eastern Oregon for a mini vacation. At first I was like that would be cool, we can hang out with our friend's and chill for a week.

Now I am starting to come to my senses. I will have to spend 4 day's in a car with my children. I am going to take them to a place where there is nothing to do. O.K. to fair they do have a public pool. I am just not sure if I want to spend that much time with my children.

Rusty does not think that it will be bad. We can go out on the boat and go water skiing or tubing. The girls will have other people teenage girls to hang with. O.K. now what do we do with Ryan? Ryan will not get on a boat, and he will have no one to hang with. So then who has to stay behind and be with him?

Part of me says that we should pack the children up and go for it. Another part of me says that I should just send Rusty and the girls. Another part of me says hell no none of us are going.

I just don't know what to do. LOL

Zoe, I agree that Amber should dump this guy! Guy's are just jerks. I must admit that every time this guy does call I chew him out because is was just so wrong to not even show up.

Today, I am not doing much other then working on another quilt. I just cannot bring myself to get motivated to work out or clean.

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