Monday, June 5, 2006

everyone is gone

As of this very moment I am all alone! I really need some alone time right now. I have done nothing but run for four day's so I am really enjoying this time.

My parents are gone. I am really sad to see them go. I just hope that my dad goes on and lives a few more years. I would really for him to see his grand daughters get married. I know that I am living in fantasy land, but for right now I am going to stay there.

I had a ton of phone calls to make today, and I got them done, so now I should be getting dressed to go do all of my running around.

I have to go to the school board office and fill out a transfer so that I can keep Nikki in the same school next year. The school district is opening a new middle school and they want Nikki to go there, But I do not want to make her change schools when she only has one year left of middle school. I have a feeling that I will have to drive her to school, and that will suck, but I might not have a choice in the matter.

Amber went out on a date last. I am not so sure about this kid, but I guess everyone deserves a second chance. This kid has been kicked out of school because he was caught with pot. I just think that Amber and this boy could really find trouble to get into.

I did speak with the boy's mom and told her my concerns, and we have agreed that these two will not be left alone.

I must laugh. Rusty told the young man that this is not a drive through. He may not pull up to the house honk the horn and drive off with his daughter. So to the young mans credit he did come to the door.

I guess all we can do is take a step back. We have taught Amber right from wrong, and yes she has made some bad choices in the past, but.... Well I guess it is time to start letting her go.

I need to get busy and get out the door.

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zoepaul6968 said...

I feel for you about your Dad it must be heart wrenching,it would hurt like mad for me too,there is not much I can say to ease pain,but I think to not mention the subject is worse,keep in touch with him as long as you can,its not the memories at the end that count,its the memories from the beginning that you need to focus on,be true to them to get you through this awful time for you hun,my thoughts are with you xxzoexx.