Tuesday, June 27, 2006

getting ready

Well it was another slow day here. I did go to the store and get some stuff for the girls to take on their trip. I think I am almost shopping for them.

I talked to my girlfriend Jacinda today and asked her to die my hair for me. So we are going to get together on day this week and do my hair. I am thinking that I should have purple streaks put in my hair.

Tomorrow I am going to go buy two more of the coats that I bought for our girls. One of our friends up in Oregon has girls the same age, and our friend Tony said that they would love the coats. Anyway, tone gave me the money so I could go buy them and it will make him the cool uncle at Christmas.

I am so tired today! last night I rolled over to touch Rusty and he was not in bed. So I got up to look for him. It is 3:30 in the morning and Rusty is sitting here playing a computer game! He said that he could not sleep. Well I am awake now!

I am off to finish being a couch potato!

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