Monday, June 26, 2006

it must be monday

Well it was another hot day here. I swear we live so close to hell that we can see the flames! LOL

I had no where to go and nothing to do today so I just sat in my p.j.'s all day. I did however put on some shorts to run the girls to their friends house.

I went to the outlet mall yesterday and I scored the girls some really nice coats! They were on sale 2 for $30! The guy at the store said that they were last years style and he just wanted to get rid of them! So I put the coats up to use as a Christmas gift.

Rusty went outside without his shoes on and tore the crap out of one of his toes. So he is limping around. I told him to wear shoe! The worst part is that his blood thinners make him bleed like you would not believe. He will live through this and once again I got to say I told you so! LOL

Rusty wants the two of us to start selling real estate. I am not to sure about it. We have nothing to lose. We are already on a fixed income with a little bit of play room. We are going to go talk to a lady on Wednesday and see what she has to say. Rusty seems to think that we would make a great team. I am thinking that I would have to leave the house even when I don't want to. I am so spoiled.

well I think I am going to go soak in a tub. That sounds relaxing.

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jules19642001 said...

I hope the heat settled down for you eventually. Selling real estate sounds like fun, I hope you both succeed........Jules xx