Wednesday, June 7, 2006


Well it is hump day and I have a busy day.

Today we have to go back to the post off and re do Ambers passport application. We forgot to sign one little spot, so now we have to start over! I swear the state department is so picky! LOL

Rusty is going to take Amber out to let her pick out her cedar chest. We ordered Amber one, but when it got to the house I about lost it. The one we ordered turned out to be a real cheap one, and I wanted something real nice for her.

Yesterday I went out with my friend Jacinda. We were suppose to go to the commissary, but they were closed for remodeling. So we just hung out and I got to play with the baby. I love playing with babies!

Amber's sweet sixteen party is this Saturday. We ordered a jolly jumper for Ambers birthday so she should be happy. I do still need to go get some snack food and soda for the party, but that is a little thing.

Well unless I want to go to the post office looking like I just got out of bed I will need to go get a shower. I hope everyone has a great day!


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