Friday, June 9, 2006

it's friday!

Well good morning everyone. I am up and moving very early, maybe that is because I went to bed so early last night.

I spent yesterday working on two baby quilts for some very good friends. I will post some pictures once I mail the quilts. I don't want them to see the quilts before they open the box!

Which brings me to my next point. Why do all of my friends read my journal but never post? I think everyone should start posting! LOL

I am going to spend today trying to get this house in order since Amber's party is tomorrow. I so want to strangle Amber, because she just keeps adding things that she would like to do for her sweet 16. I however am sick of the demands.

All of my u.k. readers need to explain something to me. (please) I do not get the whole tea thing. The last few journals that I read keep talking about having to make tea and not having time to make tea. Everyday I make a gallon of sweet tea, and then if I want a cup of hot tea I make it as I want it. Is tea in the UK like a time for everyone to sit down and chat?

I am sure that my family would like to eat dinner tonight, however I do not want to cook. Can we just skip dinner tonight?

I need to get my day started. Maybe after another smoke and another cup of coffee ! LOL

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michelleartworx said...

Its uk Unfamous artist, we do enjoy cuppa tea for relax, but dinner is at 12-2pm and tea is slang for teatime in evening (evening meal)5-7pm. So if we are saying time to make tea later in the day, its usually tea/time for man and kids. Which I for one hate doing, because its same things over and over and we do not often have time to make anything fancy. Especially when we have to wash up withouit a dishwasher!!!!