Wednesday, November 30, 2005

another bad day

Well, I have most of the Christmas decorations up. That has been about the only good thing that has gone on.

Rusty called me to let me know that our dear friend, James Bond,..... well his mother just died. James is taking it hard. James was so strong when Rusty had his heart attack, and now we are trying to be strong for him. Rusty and I went over to see him and to let him know that we are here pulling for him.

When we pulled up to James house I asked Ryan to be quite and to let the adult talks. Well that did not work. Ryan starts blurting out stuff. He said my mom yells at me, and my dad spanks me if I don't get my math right. I was just so embarrassed! Well yes every child gets yelled at and no Rusty does not spank him for not getting his math right.

Once Ryan and I got back in the car I told him that I will never take him anywhere again. I cant believe that Ryan would say that stuff. What if someone else would have over heard that. Rusty told me that I need to remember that Ryan has a central processing disorder, and that I need to cut him some slack. I told Rusty that there will not be a next time for Ryan to embarrass me. I just want to scream!!!!!!

I went to feed the hamsters tonight, and one of them was dead. Can today go down hill anymore?

I took a week off work and I go back tomorrow so I better get in bed.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

bad day

 Well the picture about sums up my day!

I ended up getting very frustrated with Ryan and I told him to get out of my face before I say something mean to him. Anyone with a special needs child knows how sometimes (as a parent) you just dont understand and then you snap. Well I did that today. I was wrong, but it happened.

The I was going to run to wal mart. I got everything that I needed and then I went to make copies of pictures. After almost an hour of getting the pictures just right the lady behind the counter told me that she would not sell me the pictures. She said they had a copy right on them. I went off on her and told her that they were not and that I was the one who took the pictures and that I wanted my pictures back. She tore them up. I went to the store manager and complained. If I am going to get screwed at least they could have pinched nipples while they did it!

Then I spilled ice cream all over a dry clean vest! This of coarse is only after I had dropped off all the other dry cleaning!

I swear if it were not for smoking I would loose my temper.

On a good note, i did find a pair of boots to go with Ryans marine corps outfit.

very cold here

 I can not believe how cold it got last night! BRRRR! We actually hit freezing, which is very strange for us. BRRRRR.

I think Rusty said that he was going to take Ryan up to see the Chino<SPAN class=spell id=sp-0 title="Click here to replace with: chin, china, chine, chins, chink, rhino, chiton air musiem. So I will finally have some time to work on his Christmas gift!

i have to admit that I am hooked on wife swap. Sometimes it is really stupid, but I really liked last night. I guess I like it because it gives me a little clips into other people's lives. Sometimes my life is so dull. Like today.

All I am going to do is clean, sew, and cook dinner. Oh well I should be thankful for slow days.

Monday, November 28, 2005

back from San Jose

San Jose was great! I finally got to see the Winchester House and it is so strange! The house use to sit on something like 140 acres of land, but now it is only on 4 acres. The city has grown up around it, so we missed it the first time and we had to turn around and go back. I would recommend that everyone go and see the Winchester house.

I did not realize how close we would be to red wood trees! I have always wanted to see a red wood tree, but I did not see one this trip. We were so close..... but no dice. I guess that will give me an excuse to go back to the bay area.

We got home last night and the house was sill trashed from Thanksgiving. So this morning I took huge trash bags and just started throwing everything away!

Amber did get out some of the Christmas decorations, so it is starting to look a little bit like Christmas. It has even gotten a little colder here.

Well, the wedding that we went to San Jose to see was beautiful. I don't usually do weddings, but this wedding gave me an excuse to go see the Winchester house! LOL Anyway, it was a full military honors wedding and all of the marines looked so handsome in their blues.

We met this couple that was from Columbia! They were so much fun to talk to. They talked a lot about their homeland and how great it is. They were saying that it is even cheap to go there. One of these days I want to go to Columbia.

I must say that I am glad that we got talk to this couple. American often thought of as rude, and I guess I can understand that. I am just glad that we learned a little about their country and culture.

I am so thankful that I got to see the Winchester house. I can scratch that off of my list of things to see before I die!

Friday, November 25, 2005


Well the new marine that came up last night does graphics. So he helped me figure out how to add some graphics to my journal! Three cheers for me!

Rusty got me a little suprise today. He bought this real little video recorder! Looks like we will be taking it to San Jose!

Julie and I were up and at wal mart by 3 a.m.! We both got everything that we wanted, and were home by 6. I only need to get a few more gifts and then I am so done shopping!

all is good

It is 2:30 in the a.m. and I am up and moving. Julie and I will be heading off to wal-mart soon to get in line for the great deals. On my list this year is 2 bike, a crock pot, some board games, and whatever my little arms can snatch up!

We had another awesome Thanksgiving. I have tried to clean up, but you can yell that we had a party here last night! Kevin brought up a guy I had never met before, and I feel so sorry for him. He had oral surgery done on his mouth yesterday! So he got pumpkin pie and a beer for his thanksgiving dinner! Oh well it did not kill him, LOL

I am so looking forward to this weekend. We are going to San Jose this weekend! I am so ready for a weekend getaway. I also can't wait to see the Winchester house. That is going to be cool!

Rusty said that he was going to install satellite raid in my car today. I hope that he does get around to it. I have only been waiting 3 week's, but since he also has to change the breaks and do a tune up I am very hopeful that it will get done.

Well I am to get in line.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Well, it is going to be another nice Thanksgiving here. The turkey is in the smoker, and everything else that I am suppose to cook is done. The tables are set, and yes we are eating outside!

I love Thanksgiving because I have so much to be thankful for. Every year when our friend arrive we exchange hugs and chill the rest of the day. It is nice to forget about our problems and just spend time with friend.

Yesterday my friend Julie and I went out and did a lot of running around. I told het that I have so enjoyed the day. I for one never spend enough time with my girlfriends.

Rusty called me yesterday amd asked me to bring him another set of clothes. While I was at the post some people loaded our car up with food. Well Julie and I were suppose to be heading out for the day, not packing food into the car. I asked Rusty what he wants us to with the food. Rusty said that he did not care. So Julie and I left it in the car and we went about our day. Then as we were finishing lunch I said " lets go next door and see if anyone is buying a turkey, if so then we will suprise them with a free thanksgiving meal." So that is what we did. We had enough food in the car to give two families a nice Thanksgiving.

The first lady we saw was an older lady, And when I explained that we had to much food and that we wanted to give her a thanksgiving dinner. She was in shock! Then we approached another lady and I once again explained what we were doing and this lady started crying! She said that her mother has been sick and paying for the live in care was really draining them. She was crying so hard that she hide her face in her shirt.

Who knew that these two families were hurting? Julie and I just cried. All we did was give away two dinners, but to those families it meant the world.

We will never see those families agian, and that is fine. But I will never forget this thanksgiving. Julie and both said that we are going to do this again next year. It was so much fun!

Well I am off to spend so much needed time with some friends.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

very busy

Man it has been so busy around here! I took a week off of work just to get everything done!

I think I am ready for Thanksgiving. We are expecting about 25 people this year. I was trying to figure out how I was going to put 25 people in our dinning room, but then I thought wait, why dont we eat outside. So we are just going to line up table in the front yard and evertone is eating outside. We are so red neck! LOL But what the heck we live in southern californina!

Today my girlfriend and I are going to go to the matel wharehouse store. I am really hoping to score some good gifts for all of the little one that I need to buy for. Then on Friday I am going to be getting up real early to stand in line at wal mart to get some more good deals. After all of this I should be done!

This weekend Rusty and I are oing to san Jose for a friends wedding. I am so looking foward to some real down time! Not to mention that the people that are getting married are just awesome people and I am so happy for them.

Last week I mail out a ton of christmas cards to the troops and I have gotten to e mails telling me thanks for sending the cards. I cant believe they got there so quick!

I am off to get dressed and to get busy.

Monday, November 21, 2005

busy week

Well I made it through the 6 children! I must admit that the three that were not mine are really good children, they are just 5 and 4! However their dad was not to happy that they were not listening, so the marine gunny came out and put them in line! LOL

Today I am heading down to San Diego to help a friend pick up a donation of light houses. I had here get a few extra for me. For some reason I am really starting to like light houses.

So Kevin askes me the other day if I would like some help cooking Christmas dinner. I am thinking o.k. a 20 year old Marine is offering to help cook? What the heck does he want? Well it turns out that his parents are all upset because he has choosen not to go home for the holidays. So they are coming out here, and then he told them that he is still coming over here. So his mom offered to help me cook Christmas dinner if they could come over too. Well heck, the lady does not have to cook! Sure lets have company come to our house for the first time and then make then cook? LOL So I guess we will be having 3 extra for Christmas dinner. Thats cool

Well can you believe that I got my first response for one of the troops that got a christmas card from me? That is so cool! I mailed them just last week so I did not expect them to get the cards so fast.

Rusty just showed me the pictures that were taken at the ball. Let see if I can get them up here! I will try to get the one of our d-o-g- on there. She is wearing a shirt that says if you cant run with the devil dog then you better stay on the porch!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

I must be crazy

I understand that children have bad days just like adults do. However I have 6 children in the house that are all having bad days and I just want to scream! LOL

Yesterday I got to meet our friends Kevin new girlfriend and she is a doll! I really like her and I think she is good for him.

Yesterday Sara ( kevins girlfriend) and I went to wal mart. We each pulled a name off the angel tree. It is going to be so much fun shopping for the children. The little girl that we got need's a coat, so today I bought her a very nice coat.

On Wednesday two of my girlfriend and I are going to be going up to the matel wharehouse where they sell toys direct to the public! brats doll for $3! So I am looking foward to going up there and scoring some awesome Christmas gift.

Well somehow today one of our cats got lost and it woulf figure that it was the one that does not have a chip in him. So I am going to hope that he comes back. I guess that is all I can do.

Well I have an hour before I have to start getting the children into showers so I am going to try to calm my nerves and look for a cat.

Today I am thankful that I have not strangled any of the children yet.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I have been so busy the last week that I am not sure how I have made it through. But I did!

Let's see where to start? Well I have been working an ass load of hours, but I am not going to complain because the money is good.

Then one night a guy walks into our work and ask's us if anyone would like a kitten. He found it in a trash can! This kitten stunk to high heaven and was so small!. I took the kitten. We gave it some milk and food at the office, but man this kitten was not yet walking very good. So I found the softest blanket and put it in the tub with the kitten. I woke Rusty up and told him to keep the bathroom door closed and to not let the children see this kitten. I go up a few hours later and called a friend who knew someone who did fosterin for pets. So I took this little guy over to them. He should not have been away from his mom yet and the people had warm formula waiting for him. I just wisj that people would get their animals fixed and then there would not be these issues.

Now there is another mother in law issue. My mother in laws friend, Joy, Called to tell us all this stuff that is going on with my mil. I got off the phone with her and I was like someone please her a crown because she is a drama queen. As usual Rusty is in the back ground telling me that he is not home. Last year about this time Joy pulled the same shit. So now two days later Rusty has called his mother and it is nothing like Joy said. So we are going to go see Leslie, mil, on friday before her surgery.

I am almost done Christmas shopping! I am so happy about that! I even mailed christmas cards today!

I got a call today from a friend asking me if I was still doing Thanksgiving. I was like well yes..... I did not realize that in about a week our house will be over run with people. I guess I need to go buy the stuff for dinner.

Well... I am going to go get in bed.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

the family secret

Growing up I knew that my sister could not be my dad's child. She just did not look like anyone in the family. My sister is 5'1" and about 250 pounds. She has blond hair and blue eyes.

One day I asked my mom for something and she said that it was in the bottom drawer of her dresser. So off I go to look for this one item. I could not find what I was looking for, however I did find this really pretty blue clutch purse. I had never seen this purse before so I looked inside. There was a telegram that said Congradulations on your marriage, Don Hann" I closed the purse back up and went on.

A few years later my sister is getting married. My sister askes my mom where her wedding pictures are. My mom said that their were no pictures. So I went to the attic and pulled down a picture of my mom in a wedding dress. The look on my moms face was priceless! However she gave no answer as to how come there is a picture of her in a wedding dress.

About a year later I needed my birth certific for something. So after my mom gave it to me I noticed that under my mothers surname was "hann". HMMMM? Hann? so I asked my mom about it. She said that the hospital made a mistake when they typed up the certific. Sure because the names Hann and Young are so close. (Young is my mothers surname) Another piece of info tucked away.

For some odd reason my sister and I were at our parents home. We have never been close so to have her speak to me was a shock. My sister said " I want to find my real dad, but I asked mom and dad to unseal the adoption records and they wont." ( they are still sealed to this day)

I just smiled and said I know who your dad is. I swear the look on her face was priceless. I told her that his name was Don Hann and that I tought he was in the navy because of the telegram. Then I told my sister where to find the telegram.

My sister was hot! She called every living relative on my moms side of the family but no one would talk. So she finally got a hold of someone who would tell her where Don was living last. When got the number she called it and it was Don's mother on the other end of the phone. So my sister left a message.

Don did call her back and she even went to visit him. Don is remarried and has one son. My sister however said that she could not see any of him in her.

My sister has taken it upon herself to make my dad as unhappy as he can be since he will not agree to unseal the adoption records. To this day she treats my father like ass, and plays on my mother to get everything that she wants.

I was really down and out at one point in my life and I ended up living back at home. i asked my mom to keep the girls so that I could work, but she told me no because she was done raising her children. However my mom now raises my sister's child and my sister could do this for herself, but why when she can guilt my mom into doing it for her.

I was going through a nasy child custody case and I asked my mom one time if her custody case was a nasty one. She said no because Donn is not your sisters dad! What? then who the hell is?

To this day my mom is at my sisters mercy not be guilted into anymore stuff. And she still treats my father like shit.

Now, her I am trying to find anyone who might know who my sisters "real" dad is. My mom was an only child and all of her parents are dead. ( both real and step) However my mom did have a step sister by the name of Rita Rakes. I would love to find her and ask a few questions.

I want this information because once my parents die I will be able to tourture my sister with my information. I want her to suffer the way she has made my dad suffer. If both of my parents die together then I am going to take their death certifics and go down to the court house and get those damn adoption files. Then I am going to buy my childhood home and board it up and move back to cali.

She if I have these thing then I have "everything". So I am sitting her trying to search through record to find one person! I dont want to pay for an ass load of records that are not even correct.

There is our family secret. I am going to blow it all out of the water one day! :0)

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Can anyone help?

Can anyone please tell me about some place I can go on the web to get free info?..... Let me explain. I am looking for a death record, but I don't want to pay $10 if it is the wrong person! LOL 

I am just trying to do some digging, and I cant see paying for this information

good ball

Well today went real good! I did spoil myself. I got my hair colored and cut! Igot so much cut off that I swear I have lost ten pounds.

The marine that we went with said that he could not wait to see me all dressed up. The only thing he ever sees me in are USMC sweats and over all's! LOL So I got dressed, and thenI remembered that I had a bunch of my grandmothers glove. So I found a pair of little black gloves to wear. Then I Rusty get the black pearls out that Tony bought me. My out fit was very simple, yet so many people told me that I looked nice.

The girls at first did not have a good time but once the music started they were having a blast. Rusty and I even went out danced. I must say that I shocked the girls when I did this cha cha dance with them. When we were told to go as low as we could I went all the way down. The girls did not even make it that low! Well I guess the yoga really pays off!

Before the ball started I met the units new Chaplain.  For the life of me I cannot remember his name, but this man was very interesting to talk with. He got orders only four days ago to go from Virginia to California and then be at the ball tonight! I asked him who he liked serving with better the Marines or the Navy? He said that he liked the Marines better because the Marines treat the Chaplains with respect! That is so true.

I wil post some more pictures from the ball when I get the film developed, but for now I need to get some sleep. At some point in the morning our friend are dropping off their three children for the night, so I am going to need all the energy that I can muster! LOL

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

our Christmas family

I talked to the gentlemen of the family that we are going to adopt for Christmas! He sounds so nice. I just love being able to spoil people.

We have a ton of food and some other stuff. Now I get to start shopping for their child. A BABY!!!!! I love shopping for babies.

Well I need to go vote so I will cjat with everyone later! 

more marine?

Well here it is. The week of the marine corps birthday. Everything is all about the marines this week. I am about marined out. Marine balls, marine cake, marine's giving speeches! I am so sick of it all and it is only monday.

I swear I am going to scream if I hear more quote about marine. I guess thats what I get and I should know by now that everything revolves around the marines birthday.

My husband comes from a long line of marines and they talk about it all the time. My family was not like this. Here is another area where Rusty and I are so different.

We grew up with a flag outside. We were never allowed to talk bad about this country, and w were to defend her at any time. However we never talked about my dads service in the Army....well not much anyway. We were not allowed to mention Vietnam in front of my two uncles who served there. All of my grandfathers served in WWII, but once again that was never talked about.

It was not until two years ago that my mother mentioned to me that my grandfather landed at Guadacanal. Heck I did not even know he was a Marine! Then Rusty tells me that he was lucky to have made it home.

My grandfather was not a big tuff marine. He was the one who fed me m&m's before dinner. He was not some proud war hero, he was the man that would rinse out a beer can and refill it with water so that I could have something to drink. To me he was my grandfather, who loved me with all his heart.

As I head off to the ball I will think about everyone who has served this great country. I will remember those who have died for this country, and I will no longer be sick of marine stuff.

I am keeping the girls out of school, so that I can take them to the beauty shop and get their hair done. The girls are so excieted about this evening comming up. Heck we even told them that they do not have to go to school the next day!

As for me. I will do my own hair. I will get dressed up and I will smile. I will walk tall and I will do all the proper things. All the time I will be thinking to myself please get me out of her.

For some reason I never have a goodtime at the ball's. Could it be because I am usually the one driving drunks home? Could it be that because when marines get together I melt into the woodwork and Rusty forgets that I am there?

Then again this day is not about me. It is about the marines. So I will suck it up.

To everyone that has served and is still serving I do want to say thank you.

I am thankful that my grandfather did return from Guadalcanal. I believe that is where I get my spunk from

Saturday, November 5, 2005

spiced up

A dear friend e mailed me and told me that I need to spice up my journal entries. So I thought about it and said o.k. Here some of the other things going on in my life.

After the first of the year we are going to pull my ex's credit report. A friend of ours work for a loan company, so he is going to pull it for us. This will tell us how much money he is making, all of the names of his new wife and so on.

I told on of my friends about this so she is going to do the same thing. She will never get any back child support, but her 19 year old son wants to kick the shit out of the guy.

When I go to work on Sunday I am also going to look up another dead beat dad. I have acess to every registered voter in the state of california!

Maybe I should start charging for my tracking services?

What else do I do that I have not mentioned??? I smoked some weed a few days ago, simply because Elle was leaving and we could. I did however put the weed in rusty's safe. Hell our whole could burn down, but we would still have guns and weed!

busy day

Well today was shopping day with the girls. That was so not fun. First Nikki said that she did not have a dress to wear to the ball. What? She had 8 to choose from! I know that she wanted me to buy her a "new" one. But that was not happening. So I told her that I guess she does not go. She has changed her mind.

Then we had to buy shoes. Amber really has some big feet, so we went to about 4 different stores and we could not find anything in her size! Then she says to me well I guess I can wear the ones I wore to homecomming last year. I so wanted to strangle her. Why dident she mention this 2 hours ago!

Now Rusty is not home, and he told me that he would be home to take Amber to a make up party. So it looks like I am the one stuck doing that. I am so frustrated! I told Rusty that I did not want to be out running all day, because Nikki is not feeling good. Well so much for that!

I still need to get the house cleaned up, and cook dinner, and I have a super long day at work on Sunday. Do you think that if I leave the house dirty that little maid's will come clean it for me?

Friday, November 4, 2005

another night

Well it is 2:16 a.m. here in California. I am just in from work and I am getting ready to drink some hot chai tea. Work is really picking up and I am so happy. Lets face that just means more money for Christmas!

I am also going to be hitting the streets to get some sig's. Heck the petitions are paying really good right now, so I think I am going to cash in on some of the money.

After Christmas I am going to save up for two solar powered attic vans, and two sky lights. The fans will really help to cool our house down in the summer, and the sky lights are going to go in the garage. I know that they will more then pay for themselves in the first year. I wish that we could go total solar.

Elle called me today. She was telling me how nice it is to see seasons. I must admit that by living in southern cali we dont really have seasons. Lets see... we have hot, to hot, and way to hot, the we have rain. I do miss seeing the leaves change colors and feeling the chill in the air.

Anyway. Elle is doing good on her drive. She is meeting her dad on friday and he will have snow tires for her. Then she is going to the car on a boat and end up in Canada. Then she will be driving the rest of the way to Alaska. I really wish that I was on this road trip with her!

The Marines are kicking off the toys for tots drive this weekend. I think that I am going to take the children down to toys r us and let each of them pick out a toy to donate. I really want my children to have a giving spirit, and the best way for them to learn that is by my example.

Well I better get some sleep.

I am so thankful that Elle is safe.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

I am going to Riverside

So I called child support enforcement this morning, and it turns out that we are no longer allowed to talk to case workers. If we would like to speak with them concerning a case then we have to go there! Great, Like I have time to drive all the way up there to spend five min. with this lady! Oh well, you do what you gotta do and that is life.

The girls are going to be busy this weekend. Amber has a dance on friday, and then Nikki has a lock in at church. On saturday Amber is going to be a face model for a gal who is having a make up party, and then I will have to pick Nikki up sometime Saturday morning. Some where in all of this I still need to take them shoe shopping, and to get hair cuts...... Life with girls.

Rusty is not here right now so I am going to go work on his quilt. I will chat with everyone later!

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

o.k. day

I actually got up early and did some running around. I had to go get some more ear candles. Man I can believe how much crap is still in Rusty's ear. On a good note Rusty can now ear out that ear. Then Amber said that her ear hurt so I did an ear candle on her ear. That ear was also full of wax! Those ear candles really work!

We said our good bys to Elle today. I am so going to miss her. I loaded her up with some snacks and energy drinks. Then Rusty check all of the fluids on the car. Then it was time to say our parting words. That sucked!

Yesterday I got a package from my mom. It had the jump suit in it! So we are going sky diving the first week end in december. That is going to be so much fun.

We also got a letter from the ex. I read the letters and then gave them to the girls. They read them and walked away. I am not sure if they are going to write back or not. I do think that I am going to have another court battle on my hands. I think that he is going to try to take me back to court to get visit's. So I am going to hit him where it hurts..... the pocket book. he is ordered to carry medical ins., but does not and I have let that go, but not anymore. I asked for it before and then he ended up not working because he could not afford child support and paying for ins. So I am going to give him a little less money to take me to court with. Am I being a bitch? Oh thats right I dont care!

We finally got our dsl hooked up and I am so happy about that! Man the internet is so much faster!

Our friend is going to keep the children so that we can go to San Jose for another friends wedding! I am so looking foward to that. While we are up there we are going to go see the Winchester house. I have been wanting to see it for a while and since we are going to be in San Jose anyway..... Anyway if you have not heard of the Winchester house here is the link to check it out.

I am off to chill out for a while. Actualy I have to stay up so that I can switch the girls laundry around. Why these girls cannot do laundry at a normal hour is beyond me.

I am thankful that Elle came into our life and has left nothing but good foot prints on our hearts.