Tuesday, November 29, 2005

very cold here

 I can not believe how cold it got last night! BRRRR! We actually hit freezing, which is very strange for us. BRRRRR.

I think Rusty said that he was going to take Ryan up to see the Chino<SPAN class=spell id=sp-0 title="Click here to replace with: chin, china, chine, chins, chink, rhino, chiton air musiem. So I will finally have some time to work on his Christmas gift!

i have to admit that I am hooked on wife swap. Sometimes it is really stupid, but I really liked last night. I guess I like it because it gives me a little clips into other people's lives. Sometimes my life is so dull. Like today.

All I am going to do is clean, sew, and cook dinner. Oh well I should be thankful for slow days.

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