Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Can anyone help?

Can anyone please tell me about some place I can go on the web to get free info?..... Let me explain. I am looking for a death record, but I don't want to pay $10 if it is the wrong person! LOL 

I am just trying to do some digging, and I cant see paying for this information


rtgilmore34 said...

The only thing I know is contacting the county coroner's office, get the form, fill it out and they will sell you the correct death record.  Do you know all the vital information?  Time and date of death, and all that?  Then you will get exactly what you want.  Other than that, I'm not really sure.  Good luck.

kamdghwmw said...

No that is the problem. I am trying to dig up the past in a way that my mom wont find out. "The family secret" came out a few years ago but I want to know the rest, so I cant ask anyone any of the vital info. But one person can lead to another person who can finish telling me the family secret!