Wednesday, November 23, 2005

very busy

Man it has been so busy around here! I took a week off of work just to get everything done!

I think I am ready for Thanksgiving. We are expecting about 25 people this year. I was trying to figure out how I was going to put 25 people in our dinning room, but then I thought wait, why dont we eat outside. So we are just going to line up table in the front yard and evertone is eating outside. We are so red neck! LOL But what the heck we live in southern californina!

Today my girlfriend and I are going to go to the matel wharehouse store. I am really hoping to score some good gifts for all of the little one that I need to buy for. Then on Friday I am going to be getting up real early to stand in line at wal mart to get some more good deals. After all of this I should be done!

This weekend Rusty and I are oing to san Jose for a friends wedding. I am so looking foward to some real down time! Not to mention that the people that are getting married are just awesome people and I am so happy for them.

Last week I mail out a ton of christmas cards to the troops and I have gotten to e mails telling me thanks for sending the cards. I cant believe they got there so quick!

I am off to get dressed and to get busy.

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goodwilltramp said...

Hey there Kelli,  You guys all look great!  I wish I could've been there as a civilian though.  Well, I miss you all,  send my love to everyone...and my smart ass remarks too.   ttyl