Thursday, November 3, 2005

I am going to Riverside

So I called child support enforcement this morning, and it turns out that we are no longer allowed to talk to case workers. If we would like to speak with them concerning a case then we have to go there! Great, Like I have time to drive all the way up there to spend five min. with this lady! Oh well, you do what you gotta do and that is life.

The girls are going to be busy this weekend. Amber has a dance on friday, and then Nikki has a lock in at church. On saturday Amber is going to be a face model for a gal who is having a make up party, and then I will have to pick Nikki up sometime Saturday morning. Some where in all of this I still need to take them shoe shopping, and to get hair cuts...... Life with girls.

Rusty is not here right now so I am going to go work on his quilt. I will chat with everyone later!

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