Thursday, November 24, 2005


Well, it is going to be another nice Thanksgiving here. The turkey is in the smoker, and everything else that I am suppose to cook is done. The tables are set, and yes we are eating outside!

I love Thanksgiving because I have so much to be thankful for. Every year when our friend arrive we exchange hugs and chill the rest of the day. It is nice to forget about our problems and just spend time with friend.

Yesterday my friend Julie and I went out and did a lot of running around. I told het that I have so enjoyed the day. I for one never spend enough time with my girlfriends.

Rusty called me yesterday amd asked me to bring him another set of clothes. While I was at the post some people loaded our car up with food. Well Julie and I were suppose to be heading out for the day, not packing food into the car. I asked Rusty what he wants us to with the food. Rusty said that he did not care. So Julie and I left it in the car and we went about our day. Then as we were finishing lunch I said " lets go next door and see if anyone is buying a turkey, if so then we will suprise them with a free thanksgiving meal." So that is what we did. We had enough food in the car to give two families a nice Thanksgiving.

The first lady we saw was an older lady, And when I explained that we had to much food and that we wanted to give her a thanksgiving dinner. She was in shock! Then we approached another lady and I once again explained what we were doing and this lady started crying! She said that her mother has been sick and paying for the live in care was really draining them. She was crying so hard that she hide her face in her shirt.

Who knew that these two families were hurting? Julie and I just cried. All we did was give away two dinners, but to those families it meant the world.

We will never see those families agian, and that is fine. But I will never forget this thanksgiving. Julie and both said that we are going to do this again next year. It was so much fun!

Well I am off to spend so much needed time with some friends.

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