Wednesday, November 2, 2005

o.k. day

I actually got up early and did some running around. I had to go get some more ear candles. Man I can believe how much crap is still in Rusty's ear. On a good note Rusty can now ear out that ear. Then Amber said that her ear hurt so I did an ear candle on her ear. That ear was also full of wax! Those ear candles really work!

We said our good bys to Elle today. I am so going to miss her. I loaded her up with some snacks and energy drinks. Then Rusty check all of the fluids on the car. Then it was time to say our parting words. That sucked!

Yesterday I got a package from my mom. It had the jump suit in it! So we are going sky diving the first week end in december. That is going to be so much fun.

We also got a letter from the ex. I read the letters and then gave them to the girls. They read them and walked away. I am not sure if they are going to write back or not. I do think that I am going to have another court battle on my hands. I think that he is going to try to take me back to court to get visit's. So I am going to hit him where it hurts..... the pocket book. he is ordered to carry medical ins., but does not and I have let that go, but not anymore. I asked for it before and then he ended up not working because he could not afford child support and paying for ins. So I am going to give him a little less money to take me to court with. Am I being a bitch? Oh thats right I dont care!

We finally got our dsl hooked up and I am so happy about that! Man the internet is so much faster!

Our friend is going to keep the children so that we can go to San Jose for another friends wedding! I am so looking foward to that. While we are up there we are going to go see the Winchester house. I have been wanting to see it for a while and since we are going to be in San Jose anyway..... Anyway if you have not heard of the Winchester house here is the link to check it out.

I am off to chill out for a while. Actualy I have to stay up so that I can switch the girls laundry around. Why these girls cannot do laundry at a normal hour is beyond me.

I am thankful that Elle came into our life and has left nothing but good foot prints on our hearts.

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