Monday, October 31, 2005

what a day!

There is a rule in our house. If you are asked to clean your room and you do not do it then I get to clean your room the next day. When I clean I  use trash bags. Nikki was asked to clean her room, but she did not, so today while she was at school I did the cleaning for her. Nikki is very up set, but oh well at least we can see the floor of her room now. Heck we even went and bought her a new dresser and she is now really mad because her dresser will hold all of her clothes. LOL A rule is a rule.

The children are having a blast tonight. I took Ryan out trick or treating, and the girls went down the steet to help our friends out with the haunted house. Nikki got to stand in the coffin and she was dressed as a dead bride. Amber hid in a corner dressed all in black and jumped out at little kids. So then Nikki left there and went trick or treating with some friends so I stood in the coffin as a dead marine.

The girls wanted to go tonight so I think that I am going to let them.

Elle gave me some cami's and boots, so I came out of the bathroom dressed as a marine and Rusty about died laughing! Then Rusty fixed up the uniform and gave me some of his dads rank for the collar. I thought that I looked good. I must say that I was fine until I put the boots on. Those things are heavy! I am going to have leg muscles just from walking

So today a card comes in the mail. It is from Tammy.... the ex's new wife. She just wanted to let me that he is fine and that they sent the girls a package with some pens and paper in it so that they can write. Kissing up to me gets you ......NOTHING. I did the right thing and I was nice to her on the phone, but come on? What am I suppose to just forgive and forget and sit and have tea with this lady?

well I am off to do nothing. LOL


rtgilmore34 said...

You lost me.  You said Elle gave you camis and "he" died laughing.  You referred to Elle as a "he" three times in a row.  What's up with that?  Is there something about Elle that we don't know or did you skip something important?  LOL!

kamdghwmw said...

I will go back and fix it right now. People were bugging me while I was typing last night! LOL