Friday, October 28, 2005

dresses are done

Well I have finally found a dress that Nikki likes. So everyone now has a dress for the ball. I bought all of our dresses for under $20! I am so good at stretching that dollar.

I went and ordered Ryan a set of camies today. I am also going to look for some boots, then he can look likle daddy anytime. Rusty thinks that I should sew name tapes on, but I am thinking that I do not want to put that much work into it.

I need to get busy and start buying some more Christmas gifts. I am just at such a loss of what to buy everyone. Nikki is the really hard one. I will figure something out.

I think I am going to do nothing this weekend. I do need to get some cleaning done and we need to get the weeds in that back yard cut, but I really do not want to go anywhere. I am feeling the need to stay at home and be with my family.

I am off to run Nikki to a friends house and then Amber is off to a football game.

I am so thankful that I FINALLY found a dress for Nikki


tillysweetchops said...

Everyone always seems to have cleaning to get done - Hope you find some time to do something less draining too!


rtgilmore34 said...

Wet your back yard down, and make your kids join you in a weed-pulling party!  LOL!