Sunday, October 9, 2005

our house is trashed!!!!

Our cook out was a big hit and now the house is trashed! Oh well, it will cleaned.

The children had a blast horse back riding! I rode will all of the children and then I waled the horse around for a while. The horse was getting really angery because the the horses were eating and he was working.

Then we painted the pumpkins. I am not sure if there was more paint on the pumpkin's or on the blanket they were sitting on. but the important thing is, is that they children had fun.

So I got up this moring, and I could not see the kitchen counter, the front yard still has the blanket on the grass and garage smells like smoke, because of the fire pit. oh well.... I cleaned up some of the kitchen, and brought the blanket in, and the rest will wait until some other day.

I have to go to work, so I am really not in the mood to clean right now.

I am off to finish getting ready for work.

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goodwilltramp said...

Thanks for the food Kelli,  It was delicious.   I'm gonna miss you guys when I go to Alaska.  You better come visit me Kelli.