Tuesday, October 4, 2005

got a lot done

well lets see. I got the bench painted today. So now all we have to do is put the top coat on it and put it back together.

I also got a lot of the house cleaned up and I even got down all of the fall decorations. It sure is starting to feel like fall around. During the day it has only been in the 80's and in the 50's at night.

Rusty fixed the water heater so there is no more drip! I so happy that I will not de hauling water out of garage anymore.

So I was watching HGTV and they were updating a bathroom that looks a lot like the one that I want to redo. They even had the same lighting that I want to get rid of. Well took a lamp shade and cut it in half and the placed it over the light. So I am thinking that I can do the same thing and have great lighting for very cheap. I am really trying to keep the bathroom under $1,000. I think I can do this!

Wednesday is going to be a very busy day. Rusty just bought us a new shelving unit, so we will be putting that together and getting more of the garage in order. We will also ned to get the bench put together. Then we need to get up in the rafters and drage a bunch of stuff down so that it can go to the dump. Mt friends think I am crazy because I clean by throwing everything away.

Well the amazing race will be on in a little bit, so I am going to go clean up the kitchen and get ready to settle down for the night.

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